Digital Poorhouse

UN: "World stumbling zombie-like into a digital welfare dystopia, warns UN human rights expert"

This is what I have been warning about. Its a trick, the way international law has been set up, because people will lose their current eans of support and will not have any alternatives. The intent is a totalitarian total control in a world of corporate ownership of everything, all common goods and rights are being stolen in a systematic manner, by stealth. The US is leading this huge theft from the human race, by means of permanent trade instruments, that nullify the world's democracies.

Organization trying to shut down freedom of speech?

Since there is clearly an organization trying to take over the world actully several interlocking organizations are, and they all express contempt for democracy . I think coming to a conclusion that they are arrayed gainst online free speech and trying to destroy it by dirty tricks, is quite reasonable. I just wanted to post out that this group seems to me to likely be associated with prominnt Democrats or ex-Democrats. (they are certainly not Democratic) If you care about democracy,.