Obama Consultant Blasts Dems for Ossoff's Loss, But For the Wrong Reasons

Surprisingly, CNN published this attack on the Democratic Party for running a lousy campaign and wasting money on Ossoff. Here's what Drew Westen, a longtime Obama and Dem consultant, and resident in GA-6 had to say:

On The Whole, I Think Things Are Going Rather Well

I confess to being blindsided by the wholesale exuberance with which the Republicans have embraced killing off wide swaths of the undeserving electorate, unencumbered by even ritualistic expressions of regret for the carnage they hope to legislate with their healthcare “reform”. I suppose It must be exhilarating for them to throw off the weight of the pretense of humanity they have shouldered while living and moving among us these last few decades.

To Those Who Said The Dems Could Not Be Reformed

I've been waiting to see how much progress the various groups attempting to reform the Dems - Our Revolution, Justice Dems, Brand New Congress - would make before finally throwing the towel in. For the simple reason that if the Dems could be taken over by the voters then our path to overall victory would be much easier. If.

Bob Swern Paints Himself With Honey And Lies Down On Daily Kos Ant Hill

May I doff my hat in admiration to one who so often wades in regardless of shark fins, who marches into the lions den, and who rips off his sunglasses to expose the whites of eyes to his adversaries? Bob Swern, there aren’t enough metaphors to honor you today.

Democrats Dumb Enough to Confirm Gorusch?

Short and sweet: Politico is reporting that mostly unnamed Democrats (although it sounds like both Coons and Manchin are in this group of approximately 6) are looking to cut a deal where they confirm Gorusch in exchange for...Republicans not eliminating the filibuster next time around, which is just about the most idiotic thing they could exchange their votes for.

No Ballot Left Behind or, Is Our Voters Learning?

This is an open discussion to ask:

What were your own biggest lessons/ takeaways from this last election? I'll kick off with a few of my own:

1. Who could have ever predicted that we would have an election that culminated in the selection of two candidates from both major Parties that subsequently found themselves in the center of FBI investigations? Good job, Democrats and Republicans!

Inside the Hangar, the Experts Have Reassembled the Clinton Bus

Is it wrong of me to confess that I have enjoyed the countless articles reliving the shock and horror of the election, with everyone recalling exactly when they became personally aware that the Clinton campaign bus had stalled on the tracks with the Trump train bearing down on it at full speed?

Why Did Both Bernie and Trump Resonate with Voters and Why Is This the Key to Future Success?

The first question in the title isn’t all that difficult to suss out. The weft in both men’s narrative tapestry was that neither was beholden to Big Money, one because he was too rich to be bought off and the other because he was too ethical. One touted using his own money and the other touted using only small donor money.

When Even Symbolic Resistance Is Too Much

Quite honestly, at this point, the Democrats have nothing left to lose. Given that fact, you would think that a Party in such extremis would finally throw caution to the winds and take out the desiccated and expired metaphorical gunpowder they have been saving lo these many years in coffee cans in their backyards.

Jimmy Dore: On Chuck Schumer, The Death Of The Dem Party, And WTF Bernie

Jimmy gets a tad excited on this one (warning: generous use of the F-Bomb). He talks about: What the Dems learned from the election (hint: Effing Nothing!!); Dems picking Wall Street Whore Chuck Schumer to lead the Senate Dems; And gets on Bernie's case for going along with the whole charade.

2009: The year the Democratic Party died (Ryan Cooper in The Week)

I read Ryan Cooper's article 2009: The year the Democratic Party died and I was awash in a melancholy nostalgia, not the happy kind of nostalgia of first puppies, high school proms, big promotion, etc. but the kind of reminiscence of the sort prompted by your doctor asking "when did you first notice this?"When did you get the first awful twinge that all may not be as you hoped?

Whitewashing at DKos?

So I'm picking over the carcass of my comment history over at TOP, which died last May when I finally bailed for the season.

I noticed a diary I had commented effusively about on May 22, titled "Hillary's problem with Independents".

Now wouldn't that be a very intriguing read now 6 months later? Why was I so enthusiastic about this diary? I bet there are some prognostications in there that would be helpful in our moment of deep introspection, right?

CEO and CFO out at the DNC

One small step for integrity, one giant leap for the DNC.


About friggin' time. Of course, they'll probably just be replaced by more able and subtle corporate DNC shills, but maybe Tulsi gets in there. Donna Brazille is a step up from DWS, though a small one.

Loincloths for the Oligarchy

It comes to me at moments when the anger begins to reach a tipping point. Election "irregularities", Media Collusion, Federal Appointments to Donors. The Lies, The Hubris, The Corruption, and the impunity with which they do all these things

A fantasy of revenge against those who have acted in bad faith and have suborned our democracy. This would include donors, the media, the DNC, the campaign, and the candidate.

Am I leaving anyone out?