Dems told to lie and say they are for "Medicare for All" (not Single Payer)

Dem candidates are being instructed by the donor class to lie and say they support “Medicare for all” in order to jump on the Bernie Bandwagon without committing to an actual Single Payer system. What they intend to give us instead is a Big Pharma friendly updated version of the ACA.


To Those Who Said The Dems Could Not Be Reformed

I've been waiting to see how much progress the various groups attempting to reform the Dems - Our Revolution, Justice Dems, Brand New Congress - would make before finally throwing the towel in. For the simple reason that if the Dems could be taken over by the voters then our path to overall victory would be much easier. If.

Bernie Faith getting very Creative these days

I was actually planning on laying off of the essays for a while, but I recently read a piece by Caitlin Johnstone, a writer I respect and enjoy quite a bit, regarding how Bernie is still important to the the forwarding of Progressive change.

It's here:


They are no longer begging for my money, now just for me to go and

vote for them.

I received this in my email box from a failed primary challenger today.

Subject: We're not done

Dear Anthony,

I know that your inbox is filling up quickly with fundraising emails. That’s why I wanted to go ahead and let you know now that this is not one of those emails.

"A Lone Protestor Production"

My partner went to the Dem convention, to protest outside. She went with a good friend of both of ours, who has been videoing all sorts of protests and injustice for the last several years. She has a pretty slow internet connection, and finally had the time to get this video posted. Think of it now as an historical record, a view that most of us didn't see, outside the convention.

Again the Democratic Party Rejects progressives. Chooses DWS.

Well, the primary election has completed here in Florida last night, and as suspected, every progressive candidate in the state that was challenging the Corpocratic Party incumbents were soundly defeated.

This makes my #DemExit now completely justified (as if it wasn't before).

Why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton

I suspect as November draws nearer we will get more and more reports about voters who have chosen to vote 3rd party or even abstain altogether.

Each of these reports will be accompanied by the usual splainin' and wild ass guessin'. They will attempt to deliver a definitive reason why we won't be voting for Hillary.

Some interesting Trends on Google, Check out these trends in search results.

A couple days ago I mentioned in passing that I wondered what the Google Search results were looking like for a couple key terms.

So, me being me I started poking around.

Let's just say, I don't think the DNC is gonna be particularly happy with their decision making process this election

Should we move our #DemExit day forward? I'm leaning towards yes.

I for one see no reason to wait till after the convention now.

I actually see one potential benefit to doing it beforehand, and that will be to put ALL of them on notice that if they ever want to see Progressives support their party again then they need to revert back to the core beliefs and principles that the party was supposed to stand for.