The role of empathy in human thought. How did we evolve separate value systems?

The human mind is not as flexible as we might like to think. The most obvious place to see this is in the political sphere. Knee jerk responses to frames are the norm, not the exception. The most common place to see this is in the mass media. Political propagandists have known this for centuries.

Calling Out Culture Nannies and Cognitive Dissonance

Alright, time to man up, Snowflake…

What is the equivalent of Snowflake™ in terms of culture?

People who use the term snowflake are always whining about all kinds of crazy shit — starbucks hates Christmas, the WAR on Christmas, happy holidays hurts my fee-fees, protest peacefully, peaceful protest is terrorism, get your government hands off my medicare. omg, he didn't even capitalize GOD!!!

Outside Society

 photo religionvtransgender_zpsmyazjh4s.png

As we approach a time of year which is holy for most religious for one reason or another, the Pew Research Center has taken a look at where transgender people stand in relation to them.

As we can see from Pew's handy-dandy summary image, the Episcopal church, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist Church and Reform Judaism have all issued specific edicts saying that transgender people should be included in the life of the church and that they can be ordained as ministers.