Trump is getting smarter! Sends Bolt-on to Mongolia

I'm on fire, folks, ignited by Tulsi. She is political Thermite. Her directness powers through all opposition. We have witnessed her total destruction of Tim "Flying Taliban" Ryan. More to come. Killary knows after watching Tulsi speak in public that Hillary will decompose into the latent pile of shit which she is.

Trump: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

I hope this article at Antiwar, about an article at the Wall Street Journal, emphasizes the divide between our military and the warmongers in the administration.

Trump Rejected Attacking Iran: ‘We Don’t Need Any More Wars’

Trump about to dump Bolton

Perhaps Darnold Trump is beginning to get educated about his self-perpetuated deep state/neocons. In the words of former president Shrub (43) "don't misunderestimate me". We all are learning about those plants made by others, such as Stefan Halper, including Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and many others. The sole purpose of these persons was to undermine Trump's presidency, even before it started.