Ruling Class Treason

"We don’t grasp internally what an oligarchic class is finally about, or how venal and morally bankrupt they are. We need to recover the language of class warfare to grasp what is happening to us. And we need to shatter this self-delusion that somehow if, as Obama says, we work hard enough and study hard enough, we can be one of them."
- Chris Hedges

No. She was much worse than that.

Turns out Hillary's Campaign was pushing the DNC (and it seems, in coordination with them, Media) to get the Republican Party to select the most extreme candidate possible.

Yes, they wished to see a right-wing extremist as the other choice for President of the United States. Presumably, because that would scare the electorate into running to Clinton. She called it the "Pied Piper Strategy."

From Athens to Burlington: The Line Not Crossed

I started writing this as we awaited the joint Bernie-Shillary 'rally' in NH on 7/12….torn between posting it this very evening before, or waiting until just after the ...Event.

Odd to begin a piece with a Digression, but in this circumstance it seemed warranted. So, I wish to remind us of something which happened (ironically) almost exactly one year ago: the rise of the Greek Socialist Syriza Party, and their challenge to the EU.

I have to thank Obama for making so many things clear today

I am ashamed of myself for taking the bait eight years ago. I knew better but I shut that all down and got swindled again. There were those who saw him for what he is back then but I ignored them. "Hope and Change" turned into Monsanto people being appointed right away and then the sell out on the banks and so much more.

I deplore the republicans for their racist stupidity because if they had any integrety at all they could have nailed him legitimately so many times.