Dems Like Losing

Democrats like to lose. That's my thesis for today.

When I was a young man, I came to the realization that the political parties weren't operating in good faith. Republicans were perfectly willing to thwart plans they previously championed if there was a chance a Democrat was going to get the credit for it. And when it comes to successful economic measures which would lift society up from poverty ... forgettaboutit!

Sanders/Warren Threatening Shutdown #TaxScam ?

Ralph Nader said the Dems should have occupied the Senate when the Republicans pulled their shitshow Friday night. Sounds good to me. Dems have run ads against the tax fail but the Republicans spent more. Bernie Sanders has held rallies in several cities as part of efforts to get organize more grassroots oppo.

Climate Change - Permafrost - Perma-What?


This is part 3 of my multi-part Essay Series on Climate Change. Again, this was originally published at TOS, but I have cut the up original, edited it and have changed some things a bit editorially (broadened vocabulary, less expletives). I'm just being upfront about it's "content" differences with the original at TOS.

Sunday Evening Bernie Open Thread

So, Symone Sanders quit today as press secretary:

Symone Sanders quits as national press secretary for Bernie Sanders
LOS ANGELES—Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary, one of the most prominent women of color and young people in presidential politics, said Sunday that she has left the campaign.

BNR - 'Sanders Is Set To Meet With Obama & Reid' & 'Bernie's Influence Is Evident'

Obama On The Battle Between The Campaigns

President Obama said the primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was a “healthy thing” for the Democratic Party and that his role going forward will be to remind people that the job of being president “is not reality TV," in an interview with “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

BNR: 'Bernie Is Enormously Optimistic About The Future Of Our Country' & 'Sanders Soldiers On'

"I Am Enormously Optomistic About The Future Of Our Country"

Sen. Bernie Sanders is not dropping out of the presidential race, he told supporters at a rally Tuesday night, following Hillary Clinton's projected primary wins in New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

Bernie News Roundup: 'In San Francisco Sanders Urges Supporters To GOTV' & 'Bernie's Boost To Democrats'

Sanders Rallies In San Francisco

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) held one of the last rallies of his California primary campaign in the Bay Area on Monday, where he defied the Associated Press projection of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee regardless of Tuesday’s result.

A C99% Bernie News Roundup

Hello friends! I am so glad to see you are back up and running! I woke up extra early this morning to try and make a crosspostable BNR to share with you all who (rightfully) do not go over yonder! I truly am sorry I could not do more sooner, (dk5 is a big kospiracy..... middle of primaries 'upgrade' that makes things worse?). I certainly plan on posting original content here at c99% in the future, as well as doing some crossposting Anyways... lets hope this works... and if it does not..