Brief thoughts I think are too important to wait for a topic

I was just watching a Youtube video ( ) about the authoritarian personality. At first I thought it was going to be more woke babble, why we are better than those Republican/conservative troglodites, but no, he's better than that.

Poisonous Pedagogy and our Culture of Violence

(a reprise from December, 2012)

As often happens when a diary grows too long for comfortable reading, I’ve found it necessary to rewrite it, and edit out all but what seem to be the most important themes.  While considering the inherent difficulties of reducing firearms violence in this nation by the most prevalent ‘fixes’ discussed in the media and in the liberal blogosphere: gun control and mental health ‘help’, I collected a lot of links to facts and opinions on both.  Most data collection and op-eds were spurred, of course, by the heinous mass murder of innocents at Sandy Hook elementary.  Rather than loading this post up with worthy considerations, allow me to shorthand most of it with links.

The Most Consequential Debate In Human History

... at least you'd think so for all the heated discussion it has spawned.

Sigh. Once there was a dream of a site where a community of smart, kind and decent people gathered to organize and make change.

I've been reading through the various threads from Sunday this morning debating whether the word "bitch" should be verboten on this site. One side of the debate is adamant that its use is hurtful and sexist. The other side of the debate is adamant that it is their "right" to use it, regardless of whether it offends people.

Both sides expect the site moderation to side with them and enforce their rights.