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If you Demand to Open Carry, I demand Clearing Barrels (DMW TOP Salvage)

I hear you Responsible Gun Owner.

I get it. You want to carry your gun around. You feel that you're responsible enough to have it close at hand and that nothing should dissuade you from your task.

That's fine. But here's the thing. I have this little issue with you carrying it around loaded.

Is This Campaign Real? Is This Happening?

This entire campaign has got to be some kind of hallucination.
2000 people outside CNN in Hollywood, protesting the free media Trump has received by the network, compared to Bernie. That's not news. Did that even happen? Did that tree even fall in that forest? Maybe we need to make a louder noise.

BNR Letters to the Editor roundup for 4-4-16

I am BACK! With the LTEs! And some awesome new graphics by LoneStarMike - and I am NOT LoneStarMike, or LieparDestin, or Don Midwest, or Jalus. I'm just crossposting things that got posted in the comments section over at GOS. (I will be posting the ones I missed later today and tomorrow in separate posts.)

Now that that's out of the way, I now start you off with important voting information for the Wisconsin primary tomorrow, care of Jalus!


Bernie's Magic Carpet Ride: NY Primary Poll Tracking

It may be useful for us to feature the NY polls every day until the election in two weeks on 19 April. NY has 247 delegates at stake. Plus, the little matter of momentum and narrative. I think it could be very exciting to see the graph every day until then. Below are the graphs from Huffpo and RCP. Also, Steppenwolf. And if I forget, please remind me. I lose the track a lot. TY.

Only Hillary Can Save the Republican Party

This article in HuffPo by Seth Abramson sounds bowel-wateringly accurate:

The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election

Please read the whole thing and assure me that somehow Seth is wrong. Worrisome observations:

First he points out how Drumpf has a good chance to lose the nomination, then in point 2:

Obama’s Endorsement Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz Brings In Serious Money... For Her Challenger

For those who are not in the know, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the DNC who is infamous for her purposeful "bungling" of the 2016 Democratic primary, has a primary challenger she has to face this year. DWS's opponent is a progressive law professor named Tim Canova

Tag, You're It: Learning How To Use Tags Effectively

Good morning my dear friends. There's an awesome, ahem, feistiness here this morning, very cool. Being from the 70s, the only tag I know of is the childhood game. I'm trying to learn how to use them better. For a number of reasons that might help our own article-writing skills and also help site effectiveness in terms of search, cross-linking, finding community and so forth. More below. Also, Allan Sherman. Just saying.

Birds in the viewfinder

Greetings Earthlings; I come in peace.
I've been meaning to post a promised photo essay for quite awhile but master procrastinator that I am here it is April already and I haven't posted so much as a thumbnail for several months. But thanks in part to Boriscleto's beautiful bird pic essay I was inspired to finally put something together tonight. I introduced myself here with a similar photo essay a few months back but for the new members here who don't know me, I'm here because I followed some of my favorite people over here from DK last year. Those of you that followed Backyard Science may remember that a few years ago I posted nature related diaries pretty regularly. Although I continued to read BYS and the Daily Buckets I pretty much stopped writing a couple of years ago. I haven't written much here either, leaving that to the better informed and sharper minds of the more talented writers here. I'm an ace reader though!

Observation report: Shared 52yrs after T.I.

First of all, I had made some comments to expand on in the Gerrits' Easter-Bunny as well as the anti-capitalist thread by Mr. Jaytee, and maybe a few others. This first initial part may start folks wondering about my mind, my sanity, or not, it may astound confound confuse and amuse. Some people never feel right in their own skins, most are usually gender related or rather gender identification. Myself, I do not identify my spiritual form as "Human".

Help me out here. Need links for How America Lost its Job.

You have been told that America lost its jobs because of Unions, and Regulation made it too expensive to manufacture in America. Well, this is not actually why or how it went down. You see there are many pieces to this puzzle, and I will try to show them to you and help you connect the dots.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: The Revolutionary Class Of The Future


The desire for revolution lives at the beating heart of anti-capitalism. There may be differing visions of how that revolution will be conducted and on exactly whose terms the new-born society will be ruled, but in the end our mission is to overturn the power of Capital and remake the world for the benefit of the masses.

News From The Easter Bunny: TEPCO's Fukushima Ice Wall

Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch? If you've forgotten about Fukushima because American media is filled with Trump and Clinton, the Easter Bunny just brought out the last best hope to save Japan, Far-East Asia, and the Pacific Ocean from the ongoing creation by the stricken plant of radioactive material. See below.

I got annoyed

So I wrote a diary responding to the 'Why Hillary is Winning' stuff.

Here it is for those of you who won't see it over there.

If you really want to understand why Clinton may very well not win

Pretty much everyone agrees that she had every single advantage a candidate could wish for going into this campaign. Yet, here we are in April and she doesn’t have it locked. In fact, the momentum is going against her. Why is that? Why?

Resistance: Nation of Islam Says FTS - Backs Down Facists

This is how you stop armed fascists from destroying your constitutional right to life and liberty, as stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

From the Dallas Morning News 2 April 2016

Armed with a shotgun, Krystal Muhammad stood guard with other members of the New Black Panther Party outside a mosque Saturday in South Dallas. (Jae S. Lee/Staff Photographer)

More below:

Education and Dyslexia: Why So Few Get It

Putting this in context at the start - My husband and I are both retired educators and we unschool/homeschool our teenage children (daughter, age 17, and son, age 14). This is not for religious reasons, although in Texas you might not want your children exposed to the religious ideas actively promoted in public schools. My children have dyslexia. Both attended public elementary school.

There is a Bronx based news/opinion site that you should see

It really does a great job of covering Billery Clintons.

The Yang part of the equation is reportedly having billy goat tantrums because the Yin boss (Huma) is limiting his access to his worse half, especially when he calls to bitch about poor decisions by Hill's top aides. Like Huma.