Where the college protests notched wins (so far)

I think that it is important to note victories, especially when all of the PTB are aligned against the antiwar movement. Especially when the crackdown has been so unnecessarily brutal (and costly), which has actually caused this antiwar movement to spread and intensify. Top universities in the UK have begun joining in.

For the first few weeks of protests this was strictly a U.S. movement, but has recently became a global event.

Overseas, students at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, have ended their encampment after school officials agreed to divest from blacklisted Israeli companies that have ties to the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

In Spain, the Senate of the University of Barcelona has approved a motion to break institutional and academic ties with Israel.

Back in the States, the talking heads in the media assures us that it is impossible to divest its investments from Israel, yet some colleges manage to do this.

Sacramento State is one of at least seven universities nationwide to agree to at least some of student protesters’ demands regarding complicity with Israel’s violence in Palestine...
Students and administrators at Evergreen State College, a public college in Washington, also reached a consequential agreement in the wake of an encampment protest...
On the East Coast, both Brown University and Rutgers University agreed to discuss their investment processes with students. The commitments from Brown, where students had previously staged a hunger strike and sit-in protests, were more concrete and include a board vote in the fall on students’ divestment proposal and a guarantee that campus affiliates who participated in the encampment protest will not face expulsion or suspension. Rutgers, meanwhile, acknowledged that a divestment proposal offered earlier was undergoing a university investment review process, and said administrators will meet with student representatives to discuss the request.

Other colleges that have negotiated with the students include Northwest University and University of Minnesota.

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I have been happy that my alma mater, Northwestern University, has been in the vanguard of getting divestment agreements, and with no hoorah. I really believe that many more universities and colleges will adopt these positions.
The more I learn, historically and currently,the more certain I am that Israel needs to be totally revamped .

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