What Evils *Don’t* Lurk in the Heart of Vladimir Putin?

“Why is he smiling?  Did he put Novichok in my Chardonnay?”

We all know that Putin poisoned the Skripals with Novichok either dobbed onto a door handle in liquid or…later maybe a gel form, or by way of a perfume bottle left under a park bench for Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess to poison themselves with.  Additionally the po-po believe that the nerve agent may have been concocted in a public bog in the QE Gardens.

But whew!  He’s gotten away with this one, the clever sod‘Couple who fell ill in Salisbury not exposed to novichok, police confirm’; Nationality of pair not revealed after a witness on Sunday reported they were Russian, the Guardian, Sept.16

Of course we know that Putin’s trying to kill the EU as well  (his Tweetie bird)

@guyverhofstadt  “Europe has a fifth column in its ranks: Putin’s cheerleaders who want to destroy Europe & liberal democracy from within: Le Pen, Wilders, Farage, Orbàn, Kaczynski, Salvini use Kremlin money & intel. Like Farage’s friend Arron Banks, who colluded w/ Russians to deliver #Brexit

But: the GRU agents Putin sent to Salisbury to Novichok poison killers sent by Russia for Salisbury assassination ‘practised nerve agent attacks for months’, EXCLUSIVE: British military intelligence sources told the Mirror it is feared ­Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bochirov have practised nerve agent attacks for months before the Salisbury operation, mirror.co.uk, Sept. 5, 2018

“We also learned the pair are likely to have been on undercover missions across the West, Europe and Britain several times before they came in March.

The two crack soldiers – recruited from the Red Army and trained for years to gather ­intelligence on enemy forces and launch kill missions – were tonight in hiding in Russia.

Their commanders are thought to control Russia’s nerve agent stockpile and its nuclear capability, contained in a briefcase carried by military chiefs and President Vladimir Putin.

The GRU is also suspected of being behind the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner MH17 as it flew over East Ukraine in 2014, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

(One ex-British military ­intelligence source told the Mirror):

“We should be deeply concerned that the GRU appears to have control of Russia’s Novichok supply as well. It could mean the domestic security forces have relinquished control of it.”

You might want to click into the Mirror link if  for no other reason to read the vast ‘stories’ and photos of the ‘Novichok Assassinations’  on the right sidebar.

Bellingcat ‘all-volunteer’ online investigative services agrees, strangely enough.  Skripal Poisoning Suspect’s Passport Data Shows Link to Security Services’, September 14, 2018   (I love this though):

Read The Insider Russian report on this same topic here. (in Russian, I assume)

Teh awesome, award-winning bellingcats on Twitter.

Who shot down MH17?

Vladimir Putin Should Take Responsibility for the MH17 Shootdown; It’s pretty obvious that the pro-Russian rebels did it, though it’s not certain yet. Yet Putin refuses to look in the mirror’, Bob Dreyfuss, July 18, 2014, the nation.com

Rats! Maybe…not:  ‘Russia reveals the MH17 ‘smoking gun’, Defense Ministry provides missile engine evidence, shifting blame to the Ukrainian military, pepe escobar, atimes.com, Sept. 18, 2018

Of course Bellingcat investigative services disagree: ‘Addressing the Aeroflot MH17 Conspiracy Theory’ August 8, 2018, and here on Twitter.

Wasn’t bellingcat on the Not side of the Prop or Not list?  If so, it figures.

Bellingcat on the Twit Machine; epic agitprop.

And last but not least (h/t Snoopydawg):  ‘British Police Find Putin’s Passport at Scene of Salisbury Poison Attack; We’ve been wrong, Putin really did it, The Postillon a German parody news website, via russia-insider.com, Sept. 11

“According to Prime Minister Theresa May, the passport was only now found in another search of the scene, as it had been hidden under a fallen leaf.”

““Russia has 24 hours to extradite Vladimir Putin for questioning in London”, according to a statement issued by the British government. “Refusal will be taken as admission of guilt.”

Please add your own Putin.Did.It. satire at will; I know there’s so much more.  Including WikilLeaks’ revelations brought to you by…Putin’s Roosisans.

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Putin has surely impaled people on long poles and mounted them like trophies outside his castle in Russia.

And those two Russian agents who practiced nerve agent attacks for months were truly successful. They must have immediately killed both Skripals after that much practice.

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(i'd never known vlad the impaler was also 'vlad dracula'!) thanks, edg.

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Putin is an evil Neptune.
Organism 46B : Putin Developing Killer Octopus beneath Antarctica as Secret Weapon for Russian Army

Documentary showing how Russians caused American racism after trolls found Tweeting BLM.
Russia's Plot to Make America Racist

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those were two of funniest videos i've ever watched. the first 'un wasn't even the onion or the Postillon! miz.bot.voice.

bravo on the Moderate Rebels; dudn't get much more righteous than that: ken burns, shelby foot and WOLF BLITZER!

ah, thanks; i needed the choking laughter, mr. webster. might i take them to the café in case anyone reads this over yonder?

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@wendy davis

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except the alt codes or stars i downloaded don't seem to work oddly enough.. . these'll have to do, lol. ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

and how silly of me, i'll take your vids to the café as they're many who follow the site, but just lurk.

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i'd been spelunking in theresa may's twitter feed (she's veddy busy virtue signalling her commitment to 'public housing' issue given the abject failures of the sameold total tory failures...and hosting a party at 10 downing street for haute couture clothing designers), this:

@theresa_may “We will not tolerate such barbaric attacks against our country.” (tweet url)

with a subtweet


tonight's closing lullaby's got to be playing for change, world peace thru world music. g/ night; i rise at 4:44 and turn into a pumpkin early. g' night.


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under a leaf. Just one leaf and only one leaf. edit.

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Stop Climate Change Silence - Start the Conversation

Hot Air Website, Twitter, Facebook

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me, too; but the intentional satire is one thing, but the others are just as potent. how many times did masive numbers of UK police sweep the park and miss the wrapped perfume under the park bench where rowley and sturgess just happened to find it, open it, and use it?

as mr. webster had noted: it's all beyond satire any longer. including 'russia's novichok' of which craig murray had said he'd witnessed the destruction; how many other labs keep it around for experimenting, how many times does 21st century wire have to reprise this?

'REVEALED: Pentagon’s $70 Million Chemical & Biological Program at Porton Down in UK’, March 28, 2018 By 21wire

having read some recent questions on the mueller investigations (ig'rant as i are) and the oreders from trump to declassify x, y, and z, i realized i'd forgotten this key part of the 'putin did it' meme, as in:

putin paid wikileaks to hack the dnc and podesta emails because assange preferred Boss Tweet, etc. did he pay wikileaks to hack the catalanian leave referendum, too?

anyway, jennifer robinson just surfaced, and i figured i might spread this around a bit:

Ecuador pledged to not kick out Assange, but threat of US prosecution still serious – lawyer to RT’, (17 min. interview with Jennifer Robinson) 20 Sep, 2018

he was an idiot, she was as eloquent as ever. oddly, wikileaks doesn't even have it yet, those slackers. ; )

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‘Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK
Tentative plot to whisk fugitive from London embassy on Christmas Eve was considered too risky’ the Guardian, sept. 21, luke harding et.al: (the guardian has learnedand others agree!...) charts! floor plans! and schematics, oh my!

“The involvement of Russian officials in hatching what was described as a “basic” plan raises new questions about Assange’s ties to the Kremlin. The WikiLeaks editor is a key figure in the ongoing US criminal investigation into Russia’s attempts to sway the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. “

and this discredited horse pucky retread again as well:

“This is not the first time Assange has apparently considered seeking refuge in Russia. The Associated Press reported this week that the WikiLeaks founder tried to obtain a Russian visa. He signed a letter in November 2010 granting power of attorney to “my friend” Israel Shamir – a controversial supporter who passed leaked US state department cables from Assange to journalists in Moscow. Shamir would deliver Assange’s passport to the Russian consulate, and collect it afterwards, Assange wrote.”

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