The Upside Down Propaganda Nightmare We Live in

Michael Moore:

We want to build a monument to our unspeakable depravity.

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may resonate with many of us here. Obviously, it did for me. Pissing away our tax dollars to celebrate what, exactly.

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of our political system. How can we not be proud? What was that saying? Something like "the beatings will continue until our patriotism improves"?

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What, we are supposed to have a sad
for another concerted effort to destroy
all life forms on this planet
except for bankers and acceptable
politicians? Empathy and compassion
just doesn't work that way.

Thanks for posting NYCVG Wink

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@QMS Cuomo's final defeats in NYC were when the local City Council Members and the public joined hands to block any more Cuomo memorials in Lower Manhattan. He wanted to put his name on them and the community stopped his ass. Families with babies and toddlers camped out in front of the bulldozers Cuomo sent in.

I covered this at the time it was happening.

So glad you appreciate my work.

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And the magic of spending the taxpayers money on corporate welfare. And friends of the powerful.

How sleazy.

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It gets in the way of the very important core message he's trying to convey - and as he knows as well as anybody, it's not easy.

Political-correctness/'anti-jingoism'/'intersectional' bollocks regurgitated from the honorless-graveyards of the '70s and '80s...just when Americans were recovering from the jingoism I worked so hard to stand up to in the '000s, this shit gave them the perfect excuse to apologize for nothing.

"Our European ancestors"...Michael, old friend, you don't know me, but I believed in you and stood up for you even when everybody else felt it was mandatory to vocally hate you, and now just let me say...speak for yourself and drop the atavistic antics.

How is this supposed to come across to readers whose ancestors never set foot in the Western Hemisphere until the 20th Century? Does the fixation on European-Americans mean maybe it'd be okay for Morgoth to continue raping and pillaging everything in sight just as long as all the soldiers and CEOs are of African/Asian (and what percentage ancestry makes the cut?) descent? What about mestizos and mullatos??? Are Jews European? Sicilians? Greeks? Slavs?? Turks?!?

Part of it's a generational thing; Baby Boomers need to acknowledge their successes, that they changed the world for their children, and the time has come to stop fighting for it and start living in it...otherwise, it'll all have been for nothing. It's sort of like cooking: Precisely timing and predicting the shift to the next step matters. A very nasty thing I see is 'generational segregation', when the generations ought to be coordinating. You'd think the Hippie Generation, of all generations, would've understood and foreseen this.

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In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

To paraphrase Jodie Foster: Human is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.

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