Update - This is a serious question: Is Trump a traitor?

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I didn't see gjohsit's essay about Mueller's indictment report. So I redact all of this. Sorry.

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the entire Repub party are traitors. In the time el Rushbo has been on the air, some 30 years, the Repub party has not written or passed one sentence of legislation benefiting the country as a whole or its citizens. Instead has mostly done the opposite, harmed the country and/or its citizens. Hang 'em all.

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Among other things. Not because of this Russian collusion bullshit that Risen writes about. He's, like Obama, Bush and Clinton before him (I could go on), a traitor to the citizens of this country and to humanity itself. He's a war criminal who has ordered the murder of children and has committed many war crimes. He's an oligarch who has stolen the people's wealth and transferred it to the rich. But I've not seen any evidence that he gained the presidency thru collusion with Putin because there isn't any.

It's a question that distracts from the real or more important issue, like this entire Russiagate thing, which is the presidency and this political system completely serve the rich and powerful and their corporations, banks and financial institutions and that democracy in this country is a sham, an illusion. And it serves to paint Russia as an enemy which is only in the minds of the One Percent and their "interests" in world power and not in the interests of the regular people of the U.S. and Russia.

Risen and the Intercept are simply acting as agents of the ruling class and anyone playing this game is either in on it or falling for the lies and false narratives.

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@Big Al

Risen and the Intercept are simply acting as agents of the ruling class and anyone playing this game is either in on it or falling for the lies and false narratives.

"Risen" and "the Intercept" are merely interchangeable placeholders representing the players involved in the psy-ops carnival of egregious evil and all that needs to be said in reply to anyone blathering away about the 2016 Election.

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I have no way of knowing how accurate this legal analysis is, but it describes legislative limitations that were imposed on the final result of "findings" from a Special Prosecutor:

That lack of independence extends to what happens with the prosecutor’s ultimate findings. Under the current regulations, the special counsel is required to report findings directly to the attorney general. He or she must provide an update on the investigation’s status 90 days before the start of each fiscal year, and a “confidential report” at the conclusion of their work.

What happens with the findings from there, however, is in the attorney general’s hands. He or she is required to notify ranking members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees when the investigation has concluded, and is only required by law to provide a description and explanation of instances in which he or she believed the special counsel was “inappropriate or unwarranted” under established departmental practices.

The attorney general, however, is not required to make the prosecutor’s findings public, but must decide if the reports would be in the public interest.


That might explain why Mueller is preceeding so cautiously. Beats me.

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@Meteor Man
Müller has much more in his sleeves and that there will be a part 2 to the part 1 of the current report.

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or will they have to create a new one ?
This will be our third Red Scare.
Red Scares always end up destroying innocent people.

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