Unlimited genocide of wolves on private land is part of global Enclosure

Are people next?



A Slaughter of Wolves Like This Hasn’t Been Seen in a Century
Jan. 17, 2022

Credit...John Conrad/Getty Images

By Thomas McNamee

Mr. McNamee is the author of nearly a dozen books, including two about wolves in the greater Yellowstone region of the West.


LIVINGSTON, Mont. — A slaughter of wolves is underway in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming that has no precedent in the past 100 years.

Hunters in Idaho can shoot or trap as many as they like year-round on private land. They can lure wolves within gun range by putting out bait, run them down to exhaustion using A.T.V.s and snowmobiles and stalk them after dark using night vision technology.

Baiting and night hunting are also allowed on private land in Montana, where an individual can kill up to 20 wolves a year by hunting and trapping them. Both states allow bounty payments on dead wolves, which incentivize the bloodshed. In Wyoming, there is no limit on the number that can be killed across 85 percent of the state.

This is all legal. Lawmakers in those states have resumed their longstanding war on gray wolves now that the federal government no longer protects them as threatened with extinction in the region. In all three states, even wolf pups can be killed."

After Americans are stripped of their homes (land) the next step is pushing them off the rest. By privatizing everything. Roads are being targeted. New construction is not supposed toi be public, unless it is subject to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement which is covered up by lies, particularly US politician lies.

What government spending is subject to AGP's national treatment and Most Favored Nation rules? All spending above modest thresholds, done by Federal, state and municipal governments and quasi government institutions.

If wolves, who mate for life, and live in close knit family groups, are targeted for slaughter so that puublic lands can be used to subsidize US meat farmers, so that their products are artificially lower in price, at the wolves expense, something is wrong with this country and it treatment of our canine citizens, which is arguably genocide and murder and should not be subsidized because we are putting foreign meat farmers out of business.. Wolves mate for life and are the progenitors of mans best friend, the loyal dogs, With whom we have been friends for tens of thousands of years..

We are next in line, because people use resources too.

How can they get away with slaughtering hundreds of thousands of wolves who have no means of discerning human "property lines"?

They are trying to create a legalprecedent for slaughtering people for no reasons, simply because they are "on land" or drinking water thats claimed by some international entity that has seized it.

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