Twitter suspends account of James Woods because - wait, is this a joke?

I'm gobsmacked and nearly without words. Yesterday, Twitter locked out actor James Woods from his twitter account because of a meme he tweeted back in July, citing a violation of its rules, arguing the tweet had the “potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.”

This is Liberal Insanity. Liberals no longer get to poke fun with rightwingers-are-stupid-rednecks memes. It reminds me of another meme about overly sensitive pantywaist ninnies...

I'm not callow enough to claim this is a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. Twitter is a private entity; this wasn't an act of Congress. But it is censorship of the most mundane variety, and clearly reflects Jack's partisan leanings. It seems everything the Democrats do these days makes me want to support the Republicans.

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When Think Progress was basically censored by FB on an article, The Weekly Standard which ratted on them used the principles of Newspeak over the word "said" that took the word in a literal way removing a way of using it that is not literal. Wikipedia says of Orwell's Newspeak "Newspeak influences and limits thought by decreasing the range of expressiveness of the English language".

All the devices of humor and satire will be the censored types of speech they rely on every twist and twirl of language where saying "A" really means "not A".

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Don't use twitter.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

and especially for saying,

It seems everything the Democrats do these days makes me want to support the Republicans.

I hate the fact that the same thought has been going through my mind. I spent this morning driving and therefore listening to my car radio, which is set only to NPR or leftwing stations, and everything being said about the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations made me more and more in agreement with Republican Men!

Several issues are in need of attention from this. One is that we live in a country in which anyone can be accused of a crime and then named and accused in publications, in print and in broadcasting, before the person has even been tried, much less convicted. I think that needs to be ended.

Another is that, as true as it is that sexual assault or harassment or gender discrimination are all crimes, they need to be reported and charged, and the perps need to be convicted before the punishment takes place. I know, as does every woman who lives in our culture, that reporting such experiences is fraught with problems. But we can't establish justice if we throw out the process of bringing someone to justice. It just won't work.

And also, the issue of whether Twitter and Facebook are, for all intents and purposes, public utilities at this point needs to be sorted out. Especially the Internet itself, in which the various private contractors can't control content if they encourage their products to be used as a public forum of communication.

End of disjointed rant induced by listening to public radio.

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Too many corporataions are hiding behind the "we're not the government" line to censor speech that doesn't conform to their party line. Big Tech is doing Big Brother's dirty work for him. Principles are principles, regardlesss of whether it's the government or Mark Zuckerburgh.

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A PROUD Hillary hater since 1993

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I'm not callow enough to claim this is a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. Twitter is a private entity; this wasn't an act of Congress.

Congress did lean on FB, Twitter and Google to make sure that no one uses their platforms to influence the election. There was a recent gathering of those CEOs about this and they excluded groups that were for the public.

Corporate Tech Giants Invited, But Consumer Advocacy Groups Shut Out of Senate Hearing on Data Privacy
The Atlantic Council is working with Facebook and it is funded and stocked with the neocons that helped set foreign policies. Albright and Kissinger being on it gives a clue to their agendas.

What I believe is happening is that we are being gently exposed to censorship and it's starting with the far fringes so that people don't get too upset. Alex Jones has been spouting his message for decades and yet it's imperative that he stops doing it right damn now! We already saw the social media sort of censor alternative websites when they changed their algorithms. Where did they get the idea to do that? And look at how long it took George to censor James. So why now?

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