Tulsi On Point for Puerto Rico

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been joining in the protests in San Juan against the current governor of that territory, and she is calling for the governor to resign.

She sent out a number of tweets with videos, including an interview on CBSN (I assume that is CBS news online). She also breifly addresses the situation with Iran and the oil tankers.

Join me in calling on all Democrats running for President to come here to Puerto Rico and show support for our fellow Americans here who are taking a stand against corruption. We must stand up against corruption, even when that corruption is within our own ranks.

Personal Message Tweet

I would have liked her response on *what* she would do about Puerto Rico's situation as president to have had some specifics, which she really didn't answer. I understand that she'd need to consult with experts on the situation first (progressive experts), and that people--even presidential candidates--can't know or have thought through every situation in detail. But at least some directional specifics would have been better.

Having said that, she seems to be one of very few bringing the situation in Puerto Rico into view and is calling on the governor to resign more loudly than anyone else it seems. Joining in the protests is another good thing--I like an activist president. A leader always has to start the focus on a situation, and she is definitely shining there.

CBSN Interview Tweet

By the way, Tulsi has 435,000 followers on her Twitter account. That's a lot of eyes! Not too bad!

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About 100,000 people have given to her campaign.

That means more than 300.000 of these Tulsi fans have not figured out how to give her a $1 donation.

If 10% of these "followers" would cough up one dollar, she meets 130k donor requirement for September debate.


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Watching for a tweet to jump on? I know for a fact that many Trump twitter followers follow for that reason.

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We are so screwed.

@The Voice In the Wilderness

I would guess the number is small.

but that is only a guess.

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@The Voice In the Wilderness seem to be on the same page when it comes to corruption and PR.

Trump mentioned PR corruption months ago, but here is some more recent info.

From earlier July:

From April:

A couple of days ago:


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@The Voice In the Wilderness that are in violation of Twitter terms of use, but they never suspend his account. Hypocrites.

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much hoping that my ol' Senator (Gravel) will make an endorsement. It would probably have more weight if he were able to participate in the Debates, but, even so, he is widely respected in many quarters.

Including my own! Biggrin

Have a good one.


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Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.

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The democrats have changed the rules to meet the third debate requirements = she will need the donor number plus poll at least 2% in a couple of hand picked polling companies.


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130k alone won't do it. And the poll number is the tricky one.

I just meant 130k test itself should be no problem if even small number of 435,000 followers make $1 effort on her behalf. At least that part should not go down to the wire.

Got to hope that 2nd debate will pick up poll numbers.
But yeah, ""hand-picked polling companies."


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Not secret. Blazingly obvious to all but the most brain-washed Hillbots (including the first ex-Mrs. Gator). Billions spent--but wither goest the lucre? Lining pockets and bank accounts Cayman and elsewhere. Don't doubt for a moment that Billiary has glommed onto to hoards of cash.

Please excuse the following, which is not meant to thread-jack:
Why aren't more people trying to immigrate to the U.S. via PR as their first stop?

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