Tulsi NY town hall today...

Just a drive by piece...

When Bernie ran in 2016 I watched almost every speech. This season I'm a bit more jaded, but I must admit to being inspired by Tulsi's sessions. Thought some of you might enjoy this gathering today in NYC. (32 min)

And a way to get out the message that I found interesting...(5 min)

(I find this site to be quite helpful)

Those of you who support Tulsi, have to be the media for her. The MSM smears and misrepresentations are rampant. They are suggesting she sold out to wall street...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6QGUr0ckMA (16 min)

Considering the Piketty study... (hat tip gjohn https://caucus99percent.com/content/economist-thomas-piketty-showed-cent... )
Trump will win in 2020 if the dims nominate a centrist...

"Piketty's basic thesis is that poorer and less educated voters were historically the kind of voters who voted for left and left-liberal parties. These voters understood that their class interests did not align with the right-wing parties of the rich; thus, historically, the "high-income, high education" voters picked the right-wing parties. This shifted in the past 70 years: "high-education elites now vote for the 'left',
Yet the Democratic Party and their mouthpieces at major newspapers are clearly not heeding Piketty's prophecy. Rather, TV pundits and op-ed writers of every major newspaper epitomize how the Democratic establishment has already reached a consensus: the 2020 nominee must be a centrist, a Joe Biden, Cory Booker or Kamala Harris–type, preferably.
Piketty's paper is an inconvenient truth for the Democratic Party. The party's leaders see themselves as the left wing of capital — supporting social policies that liberal rich people can get behind, never daring to enact economic reforms that might step on rich donors' toes. Hence, the establishment seems intent on anointing the centrist Democrats of capital, who push liberal social policies and neoliberal economic policies. History speaks to Piketty's truths."

Here is the data dense study...

Looks to me, based on this data, Bernie, Tulsi and (maybe) Warren are the only dims who stand a chance against T-rump. Would Tulsi run in a third (people's) party? I hope so, because Bernie had to pledge not to do so (and he, as we have seen, is a man of his word).

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Thank you so much for posting this. I am a big fan, and want her to win. I hope she does very well in the debates.

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...who have not donated to her to do so...just a dollar or so. The DNC is moving the bar to 130,000 donors and 2% in 4 polls for the second round of debates.

We need a people's controlled debate instead of a DNC (no climate change) debates, and the same for the general election (DNC/RNC controlled)...why no greens nor libertarians...nor DSA ...nor Communists party? I would like to hear all those platforms and approaches, but that is not allowed by the duopoly is it? I think they are scared we might approve other messages. I'm thrilled to see the way Tulsi's anti-war message is resonating when people tune in to the thought. Both sides of aisle (the bulk of Americans) like the anti-war theme.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

@Lookout Yes, I have donated several times, and encouraged others. I also joined a gathering of supporters here in Seattle.

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Thanks for posting this as I think Tulsi's message is extremely important and something we need to be talking about now. I have been volunteering for Tulsi setting up banners at various locations (e.g., UC Davis, UC Berkeley, CA Sacramento Capitol) with much favorable reaction. She's such an easy sell and all I have to do is reference her position on war & peace.

Also want to confirm your suggestion that the address http://www.presidenttulsigabbard.org/ is absolutely fantastic. Many resources are provided including contact information for supporters in various states. My hope would be for many to sign in here to facilitate a more collaborative effort among volunteers such as myself.

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for these updates. People need to know about Tulsi and her policy positions. If they did, many would be supporting her, regardless of political affiliation. Like no other candidate, she has the ability to appeal way beyond party lines.

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and do it successfully, I think it would be Tulsi.

She's already said the reason she's running as a Dem is that she feels right now that's where she can make the biggest difference. (Jimmy Dore asked her a direct question about it when she was on his show).

She's already shown that she's willing and able to defy the DNC and walk away when necessary.

And she seems to have crossover appeal.

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Whether pro or con Brexit, that party in about two months has become the dominant vote getter in the UK's Europarliament delegation. It now commands, according to recent UK polls more votes than Tories plus Labour, at >30%.

Tulsi's anti-war stance and obvious toughness will appeal to progressives and Libertarians. It would be truly magnificent if she does so, but this might require at least hints of overt DNC anti-Gabbard mischief for her to have a "legitimate" reason for breaking with the Dems. In my opinion, she already has many.

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@Alligator Ed
Karma yoga

Your work is your responsibility,
not its result.
Never let the fruits of your actions
be your motive.
Nor give in to inaction.

Set firmly in yourself, do your work,
not attached to anything.
Remain evenminded in success,
and in failure.
Evenmindedness is true yoga.

—Bhagavad Gita, 2.47-4

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chuck utzman

TULSI 2020

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My partner does yogurt but I take walks in the woods. Nature calls to me and is my release.

Loved the Bhagavad Gita, 2.47-4...for finding balance on our path is key. Let's all work on moving forward along our path toward peace!

We do as we can...

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”