Tulsi Makes Her $1 Million Warchest Today

Today, Tulsi will reach her $1 million campaign warchest goal for "keeping competitive" with the rest of the Democratic candidates in the early primary/caucus states. As of right now here is the total:

She will be using this for television and digital ad buys, as well as other forms of media--including her traditional billboards. Her stated goal was to make that amount by the end of this year.

It is expected that she will spend the majority of this money in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where she has been rising in the polls lately, and where there is some evidence for a significant percentage of undecided voters yet. In one of the most recent New Hampshire polls, Tulsi got 6.2% of the votes, and in that same poll a full 22% of voters were undecided. Her goal is to convince as many of those undecideds as possible to support her in order to get to the 15% threshold for gaining actual state delegates.

A tall order, for sure--but you may have noticed that Tulsi is particularly persistent.

Tulsi has been campaigning in New Hampshire for the past few days, and has events scheduled in New Hampshire just about every day from today through January 8th. She really wants to win that state!!!

She'll now have the money to make more of an impact. February 11 is the primary date for that state.

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Want to keep her anti-war voice and candidacy going!

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I think she is doing a very wise thing--focusing on her areas of strength (NH, SC) and leaving the other states for the better-funded candidates to spend money in.

If you think about it, the bigger-name candidates need to campaign everywhere to fight for each and every delegate in each state--especially with the 4-way split at the top right now (Bernie, Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg). Tulsi can spend 100% of her time in NH, whereas all the others can only spend a quarter of their time (or pick whatever percentage based on numerous factors) in that state.

It could work if she really makes an impression to a lot of people . . .

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Siege warfare is quite difficult for both parties. The besieged must have adequate provisions, a strongly strengthened fortification and a determination to not be defeated. The besieger must have fighting spirit, determined warriors and adequate provisions.

Two basic methods of siege are available, with variations. One is the starve-them-out siege. Very effective if the besieger has adequate provisions plus no attackers from the rear.

The other form of siege warfare is to continually harass the enemy, searching for weak points. Weak points can be either discovered or produced. Feints are help to draw the besieged away from the true main point of attack.

This second siege type is a probing, alternatetively a reconnaissance in force. Probe-sieges end faster, through quicker exhaustion of the defender and / or attacker. In such manner the defenders may not be able to get reinforcements from the attackers rear quickly enough.

Tulsi has launched a reconnaissance in force against her enemy (which enemy is the enemy of us all). First she put an arrow into the heart of Engaging Paul Ryan, whose slow but inevitable demise was plain for all to see.

Another brief engagement, with no losses, was the destruction of The Prosecutor. This painful, embarrassing death by financial exsanguination began forthwith, much to my selfish delight. The Camel retreated to the High Desert, where undoubtedly she will console herself with Tupac tunes and weed toking.

Strongest raid by Tulsi, the Besieger, came after a misspent assault by the Evil Queen, Rodentia Magna Regina. Tulsi aptly characterized the stench from such an unhinged foray by identifying the stench of the decaying '16 figurehead. Then Tulsi called HER out to the field of battle. Are we surprised?

Now begins a series of sieges: NH, IA, SC, NV. Provisions must be provided. But two of the three necessities are present still: fighting spirit and determined attackers. I have donated to her several times.

After the DNC shamelessly robbed Bernie 3 years ago, to whom I contributed the max, I determined never to donate to a political campaign again. Tulsi takes the better parts of Bernie, not all mind you, and combines them with the strength of the warrior--which she is.

Do not let her calm demeanor lull anyone into thoughts of weakness. "Never mistake Aloha for weakness"

Like a Hurricane, baby. Like a hurricane.

You are like a hurricane
There's calm in your eyes

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I just bought some more bracelets, a bumper sticker and a 5 dollar donation.

Fuck the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And fuck the Democratic Party for hating this woman so much it inspired me to fall in love with her and her campaign for the presidency.

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The United States of America is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez and Emma Lazarus.

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difficulties to listen to the pledge, which her supporters were asked to sing at the very start of this campaign event:

I support Tulsi's efforts, but the singing touched me the wrong way. I guess that's because I am not a veteran and haven't been into war myself personally and was not raised in the US, but in Germany as a young person.

Aloha Tulsi, I come to your campaign with respect over the intertubes, but would not be able to sing the pledge, if I were in person at this campaign event. And I would never carry a flag as well.

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“Trauma is not what happens to you.
Trauma is what happens inside you,
as a result of what happens to you.”
— Dr. Gabor Maté

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@mimi where the audio plays?

It would be nice to actually hear about what you're complaining about.

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The United States of America is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez and Emma Lazarus.