Tulsi Enters the Roaring 2020s!!!

News aplenty for Tulsi, entering into the new numerical decade . . .

Tulsi Raises $3.4 million in Q4 2019

This was her best quarter yet.

In comparison, in Q3 she raised $3.0 million; in Q2 she raised $1.6 million; and in Q1 she raised $2.0 million.

Of course, other candidates raised more--for example, Booty-gig announced yesterday raising $25 million or thereabouts.

Julian Castro Drops Out of Race

Okay, not really Tulsi news, but this does affect her seeing as Castro was one of her opponents. Another one bites the dust! Maybe some of Castro's voters will be persuaded to switch to her.

Castro Drops Out

Tulsi Yard Signs Vandalized En Masse in New Hampshire

Hammers and sickles anyone?!? Seems it is all the rage in this new decade!

Tulsi Swims in the New Hampshire Ocean with a Burly Man

Actually, quite a touching story.

Tulsi Becomes First Presidential Candidate to Surf in New Hampshire

Looks like a dry suit to me! Damn, that must have been invigorating!!!

Tulsi Denounces Continued Illegal Occupation of Palestinian Territory by Israel

At a gathering in New Hampshire, she laid it out in the most clear terms yet, which was good to see. Even implied that withholding military assistance might make Israel change its mind.

Michael Tracey Tweet

Adam Carolla Thinks Tulsi Might Win It

This was one of the people who early on predicted Trump's victory in 2016. Now, he thinks Tulsi could take it in 2020.

Best Democrat to Beat Trump

Tulsi on Democrats Abroad Primary Ballot

As of the turn of the year, Tulsi is now on the ballot for Democrats Abroad.

Democrats Abroad and American Samoa are two contests on SuperTuesday (March 3) where Tulsi has a really good chance of winning delegates. Democrats Abroad has 13 pledged delegates to win, American Samoa has 6 pledged delegates to win. Tulsi is half-Samoan, so hopefully she has an "in" there, especially with her strong stance on native rights, which is a huge issue for a lot of Samoans.

Other future races after SuperTuesday where Tulsi may have a better-than-average chance of scoring delegates include:

Puerto Rico (she was very visibly involved in the protests to oust the governor, 51 pledged delegates there)

North Dakota (she was very visibly involved in the Standing Rock protests, 14 pledged delegates here)

Alaska (15 pledged delegates), Montana (16 pledged delegates), Idaho (20 pledged delegates) (conservative states who have a streak of libertarianism and progressivism, and who are heavily involved in sending troops, sons and daughters, abroad in the military)

Hawaii (her home state--Tulsi remains very popular there, and there are 22 pledged delegates there)

A 15% primary result in New Hampshire would net Tulsi about 5 pledged delegates. A 15% primary result in South Carolina would net Tulsi about 9 pledged delegates.

Just starting to analyze potential delegate outcomes here! If she gets in the top 3 of either NH or SC or both, look for her to shoot upwards in popularity in other states!!!

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Good and bad...

There is a supposed Bernie supporter named Pat and Carol who is saying horrible things about Tulsi. One for her surfing and another on this tweet. People are giving her lots of crap for it.

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“You know me. Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?” - Joe Biden 8/31/2020


Sounds like someone doesn't like the truth.

Get all our troops out now. Close down the monstrous Iraqi embassy. Let the Iraqis govern themselves.

We bombed two brigades of the Iraqi military, called them Iranian terrorists, and are surprised when the Iraqis attack us?!?

Pat and Carol can f*&k off, in my humble opinion.

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@apenultimate Yes, Pat and whoever can fuck off if they actually exist. In silly season, one should wonder and verify who they really are and if they might just be Brockian or whatever agent provocateurs.

Meanwhile, Bernie has taken a strong stand against Trump's military interventionism against Iran and endless wars:


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WBEZ ? (PBS): Complaining that (gasp!) New Hampshire and Iowa are WHITE! Not Fair!

Doesn't Iowa have their fair share of Latino farm workers? I'll bet they prefer Bernie to Castro.

Don't let the door hit you in the butt, Julian! And take Mayo Pete with you, please.

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We are so screwed.

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It looks she far out-raised any expected numbers. She kept telling me she wanted to surpass $1million in her e-mails and she raised more than $3 million? Good for that hot anti-war chick. I knew there was a reason i liked her.

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The United States of America is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez and Emma Lazarus.

Touching indeed.

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That is great news about the overseas ballot. Also good news that yesterday, that she qualified for the Washington state ballot as well. I would like to be a delegate for her.

She has a committed group of supporters here in Seattle. All of us agree that Bernie is our second choice.

I personally think that Tulsi is more prepared to go against Trump than Bernie. She is a warrior for sure. Go Tulsi!

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… the DNC screw job with respect to the Jan. debate cutoff dates. Only "qualifying polls" in the Nov. 14 - Jan. 10 time frame count. We are now one week away from the deadline, and guess how many such polls have been conducted in NH, the first primary state? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Guess which state is Tulsi's best state, poll number wise? Yes, it's NH, where she's fifth in the RCP average and has hit 5-6% in the only three non-qualifying NH polls taken in the relevant time frame. Coincidence? I doubt it.

This should be a big deal covered by the news media, but of course they ignore it. Andrew Yang sent a letter to the DNC but that's gotten little coverage as well. To me, there are only three candidates that have had anything interesting to say in the DNC debates this fall: Tulsi, Bernie and Yang. And it looks like two of them are being excluded by these arbitrary rules set by the DNC gatekeepers. What a sad state of affairs for a political party that calls itself "Democratic."

FWIW, if it was up to me, I'd take a set number of candidates (six, eight, whatever) and then base it on who's polling well in each of the first four states (IA, NH, NV and SC) measuring in terms of recent polling averages. That seems a lot fairer than the system they have come up with, which sets higher and higher hurdles to meet without regard for the number of polls likely to count. It also would probably guarantee a different mix of candidates for each debate, rather than the five it looks like we might be stuck with for January.

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