Tulsi to Appear on Joe Rogan Show: Monday, May 13

It is now official--Tulsi Gabbard will appear on Joe Rogan's show this upcoming Monday. Less than a week ago, Rogan mentioned he decided he would vote for Tulsi in the primary, which was a pretty large endorsement considering the size of Rogan's following. It's not quite Oprah, but in terms of today's internet world, it's not far behind that.

It'll be at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.

The hope there is that Rogan will spend his whole show endorsing her. The previous 20 second mention was nice, but an entire show should do much more to turn heads and make people think.

This Thursday, May 9, Tulsi will be on Fox and Friends at 8:20 AM Eastern Time. What's worthy of note there is that Tulsi says she will have a special message for President Trump on that show.

Not only will Tulsi be in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday, she will be in southern California on Sunday and Monday (Malibu and Santa Monica, respectively). If you're in those areas, it might be worth going to see her!

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Thanks for the heads up.

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