Tennova is a Hospital Killer

Tennova is a hospital killer. They first came to Knoxville about 20 years ago. Since then they have closed two hospitals in Knoxville (I think just 2, there may have been more that I don't know about).

I had my daughter at Baptist hospital in Knoxville. Baptist was right on the Tennessee river. The maternity ward had a huge balcony overlooking the river. Not long after I had her Baptist was named one of the top 100 hospitals in the country. Then Tennova took over Baptist. It wasn't long before they closed it and sold it. Then it was demolished. Now there are expensive (and ugly) apartments or condominiums where the hospital once stood.

Another hospital that Knoxville used to have is Saint Mary's. After Tennova successfully killed Baptist they went after St. Mary's. It seems like St. Mary's stayed open a little longer than Baptist after Tennova took over. But in the end it was killed too.

I watch a show on tv called, "The Resident". There's a company called "Red Rock" that took over the hospital in that show. I always think of Baptist and Tennova when I watch it. I assume that if they've made a show about it then there must be companies like Tennova all over the country.

Fast forward to today. Tennessee is expecting that lots of people will need hospitalization by the middle of this month from Corona. They have prepared the parking garage and the second and third floors of the CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL for overflow of Corona patients. There are none there now but they're saying there will be by the end of this month.

Oh shit! Looks like Knoxville could use a couple more hospitals about right now. Baptist and St. Mary's would sure be useful if they were still around. How about we move those patients into those apartments where Baptist used to be?!

If my daughter or my granddaughter get the virus from the hospital because they had to use the Children's hospital for overflow, I will place the blame right on Tennova. But that's all I can do - blame them for lack of hospital beds. I really thought they would be safe while they were in the hospital. Mainly because it is a hospital just for children and not the general public. Looks like Corona is going to change that.

Tennova is a hospital killer which makes them responsible for spread and deaths. Words cannot convey the anger and hate I feel towards them.

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here in the San Francisco Bay Area too. In one case the fact that the population being served were overwhelmingly Medicaid and Medicare recipients was the justification. Gone.

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@Linda Wood

In one case the fact that the population being served were overwhelmingly Medicaid and Medicare recipients was the justification.

I think that may have been the reason for closing St. Mary's. Or at least one of the reasons.

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Is it great yet?

about the hospital I commented on. I believe it has been totally demolished.


... Doctors Medical Center was operating on a deficit. The latest loss figure was $18 million a year. 

The hospital was losing that much money because 90 percent of its patients are on Medicare or Medi-Cal. The hospital found it impossible to survive on those reimbursements which run as low as 60 cents on the dollar. 

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Atlanta a veterans care facility was looked into to provide space for Covid19 patients. Although they decided against it, the person doing the investigating gave Covid19 to at least one of the elderly residents. She is furious. I am furious for her and for your grandchildren, Jen.

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American hospitals cannot survive getting only 60% of what they charge. How many single payer systems pay more than 60% of what American hospitals charge? If you guessed none you're probably wrong, but close. Asking people who know (usually only part of the answer, and that's part of the answer) one gets dozens of reasons, but they all boil down to one - terminal capitalist stupidity.

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It's like, hospitals are things people go shopping for and they choose the one offering the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. AS IF! What is the profit motive doing in an environment of scarcity and desperation and forced need? For pete's sake.

Sorry, I'm ranting. You said it so well.

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