The Talking Stick Presents: Favorite Instrumentals Tuesday

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The gym lights gleam like a beacon beam

And a million motors hum

In a good will flight on a Friday night;

For basketball beckons, "Come!"

A sharp-shooting mite is king tonight.

The Madness of March is running.

The winged feet fly, the ball sails high

And field goal hunters are gunning.

The colors clash as silk suits flash

And race on a shimmering floor.

Repressions die, and partisans vie

In a goal acclaiming roar.

On a Championship Trail toward a holy grail,

All fans are birds of a feather.

It's fiesta night and cares lie light

When the air is full of leather.

Since time began, the instincts of man

Prove cave and current men kin.

On tournament night the sage and the wight

Are relatives under the skin.

It's festival time, sans reason or rhyme

But with nation-wide appeal.

In a cyclone of hate, our ship of state

Rides high on an even keel.

With war nerves tense, the final defense

Is the courage, strength and will

In a million lives where freedom thrives

And liberty lingers still.

Now eagles fly and heroes die

Beneath some foreign arch

Let their sons tread where hate is dead

In a happy Madness of March.

"Get ready for March Madness,” touts the NCAA’s website. Peoria, too, is set for madness, as it gears up for the Illinois High School Association’s state basketball tournament at the Peoria Civic Center. While the games have been hosted in Peoria since 1996, the roots of March Madness in Illinois run much deeper. The phrase itself caught on with the IHSA’s start in 1908, and was officially coined in 1939 by IHSA Administrator Henry Van (H.V.) Porter in a magazine article he wrote, and later in his poem “Basketball Ides of March.”


I know, I know. It's only a bread and circuses sideshow, taking our minds off what really matters. But I have a dog in the hunt this round and, until I hand you the stick, it's my blog.

F.Y.I. Lubbock can also lay claim to Buddy Holly and the Sowell Conference

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1852: Uncle Sam cartoon figure made its debut in the New York Lantern weekly

1925: A law makes it illegal to teach the theory of evolution in Tennessee schools ( The Butler Act ). In the next few years teachers who continued teaching evolution were prosecuted under this act. The basis of the Butler act was that by teaching evolution teachers would be denying the literal Biblical account of man’s origin. The law stayed in place until it was repealed in 1967

1948: According to an article dated this date, unregistered firearms were no longer in Bingham Canyon, Utah. This mountain mining camp town was the last town of the “Old West” to make it illegal to carry a firearm without a license.
Bingham, Utah 1912.jpg

1990: This was an event that usually would only happen in a fantasy movie. An off-duty policewoman and her dog was “sucked up” by a tornado and carried 25 feet, along with other debris such as tree branches and mud. She had only suffered minor injuries and aches and pains, and her dog was not hurt. This is one tornado story that is not often heard about-at least not in real life.

1992: FCC rules companies can own 30 AM & 30 FM stations (formerly 12)
net neutrality_0.jpg

1996: In Dunblane, Scotland Thomas Hamilton bursts into the gymnasium of the Dunblane Primary School with four guns and opens fire on a kindergarten class killing Sixteen children and their teacher . Hamilton was known to have a history of drug use. He also had resigned from his position as a Boy Scout leader in the 1980s, due to “improper behavior”. As a result stricter gun laws were passed in Great Britain.
Dunblane shooting.jpg

1996: (March 17th) A backboard wasn't all that came crashing down around North Carolina.

1997: Thousands of people report seeing a huge carpenter's square-shaped UFO including the Arizona Republican governor Fife Symington the phenomena is known as the Phoenix Lights and although many theories have been put forward for what the lights were, many of those that saw them are still convinced they were a V-shaped UFO.

2010: Wolves are suspected of killing a teacher that was jogging from an isolated Alaskan village. An autopsy has revealed that Candice Berner, 32, died of injuries sustained in an animal attack. Her body was dragged off a rural road, leaving a bloody track, and into a nearby bush. It was surrounded by wolf tracks. Police have said that the area's wolves had recently become more aggressive. If confirmed, it is believed to be the first fatal wolf attack in the U.S. in fifty years.

"The saying has it that man is wolf to man.
But rarely do wolves kill other wolves.
Unlike us, wolves do not seek mutual extermination. wolves have a bad reputation, but they are not the ones turning the world into an immense lunatic asylum and an overcrowded cemetery." - Edward Galeano

never cry wolf.jpg

I call today's open thread "Favorite Instrumentals Tuesday" 'cause I'm not focusing on lyrics this time around. If asked to name my personal favorite instrumental group, one group immediately leaps to mind...

"From Memphis, Tennessee, one of the best bassmen in the business."
- Elvis, on stage, 1954.


For someone who played such a large part in the early years of the Elvis legend, helping provide the music and establishing the hillbilly cat, it's more than a little surprising how few and spread about are the details of Bill Black. It is amazing just how important Bill was in the Elvis Presley story ... and beyond it.

The talking stick ...
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is now in your hands now.

Name your favorite instrumental and/or instrument group. Post 'em if ya got 'em!


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Today's yoga color is orange. I love all the instruments, but electric guitar sends me places like nothing else. Thanks.

Love of two is one
Here but now they're gone
Came the last night of sadness
And it was clear she couldn't go on
The door was open and the wind appeared
The candles blew and then disappeared
The curtains flew then he appeared
Saying don't be afraid

Come on baby... And she had no fear
And she ran to him... Then she started to fly
she looked backward and said goodbye
she had become like they are
she had taken his hand
she had become like they are

Come on baby...don't fear the reaper

Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper 1976

Happy Tuesday

Edit: forgot the cowbell link and money quote. Political tools, instruments of destruction.

“They’ve helped a lot of vets carry a heavy and troubling load,” Thompson said. “We have too many vets who need help. We’re letting them down and that should not be the case.”

As for the gun issue, Thompson said “we have a lot of work to do.” At the same time, his congressional colleagues are reducing mental health spending.

“There is absolutely no willingness to do what is needed in regard to gun-violence prevention,” Thompson said.

Says the Blue Dog who never saw a war he didn't like.

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Oh, March Madness and the memories it generates.

I can't believe that it has been 30 years since Rik Smits concluded his collegiate career at Marist College (of Marist poll fame). He was instrumental in bringing March Madness to this small Liberal Arts school nestled along the east bank of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie NY.


When he wasn't tinkering with his early 60's Cadillac in the driveway of his North Road apartment, the 7'4" native of Eidhoven Holland was dominating the hardwood in the ECAC Metro Conference. He lead the Red Foxes to their only two NCAA Tournament appearances and brought national recognition to Marist.

He went on to the slightly bigger venues of the NBA, selected #2 overall behind Danny Manning in the 1988 NBA Draft. He went on to have an impressive career with the Indiana Pacers teamed with sharpshooter Reggie Miller, reaching the NBA finals in 2000. He was an All-Star in 1998.

After his retirement, he took up motocross. Yes, motocross. He made frequent appearances at his alma-mater. He donated funds for a new wooden gym floor soon after he graduated to show his thanks to the greater Marist community. He remains Marist's number one son by a long three-pointer. He has certainly earned that status by his play on the hardwood alone, but anyone who has known him up close will tell you that, beyond his appreciable basketball talents, he is a humble and kind soul, he is extremely intelligent and most importantly, he is a good man.

For the last 30 years, Marist has come up empty in their bid to return to March Madness, this year being no exception, yet Red Foxes of a certain vintage will always have 1986 and 1987. Shamely, McCants, Pecarski, Krasovic, Bourgarel and Drafton Davis will be feeding the post to our big man, #45, the Dunkin Dutchman, Rik Smits.

Rik.Smits_.bicycle.jpg Rik.Smits_.moto_.jpg

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I never heard of Bill Black so this was very interesting to me. I like all kinds of music from classical to rock to country to my latest like, blue grass. I got introduced to blue grass when we moved to western NC. Our first night in town, we went to a Mexican restaurant. It was a Friday night and that was music night at the restaurant. The band playing was a blue grass band and I was hooked. Now, my town is home to Grammy winners in the blue grass category from two separate blue grass bands, The Steep Canyon Rangers (four of the current six members) and this year, The Infamous Stringdusters (one of their five members). Pretty amazing for a small town of less than 9,000 people.

This morning, in the category of shocking, but not so shocking news, Trump fired Rex Tillerson as Sec. of State and will replace him with Mike Pompeo. I am not sure what to think of this one.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~ Dr. Cornel West

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy

@gulfgal98 As performed by the great Jonathan Edwards of Bluegrass Fame.

Still performing. He is as talented and charismatic as ever.

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start, both as erratics and waves. Plenty of the early ones were jazz crossovers. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite instrument or group or even an era. They've always been only a sub-current however, with the bulk of the music having vocals (or jabbering, as the case may be).

Some fun extra sources of instrumental music that I like to dive into now are then are world music, especially flamenco/gypsy, and plain old jazz. Say "instrumental" and you don't think of Miles Davis or Wes Montgomery, but that's what they play.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

@enhydra lutris @enhydra lutris Drives a great instrumental, IMHO.

Here is Eric Clapton's favorite, the late great Duane Allman:

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AZ State tonight. And while I don't expect much from the Orange (as they're called), having barely snuck in the side door to this Dance, there's always hope. A team of talented players, there are only 2 1/2 scorers, and zero bench. If their shots fall they tend to win, if not... not so much. Which one could say speaks for all teams, I s'pose, but is especially true of this one. If they score 64 points that's usually enough, if not... they go home. A coin flip tonight.

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the little things you can do are more valuable than the giant things you can't! - @thanatokephaloides. On Twitter @wink1radio. (-2.1) All about building progressive media.

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The Alan Parsons Project is famous for its classic rock instrumemntals:

I, Robot



In The Lap of the Gods:



Pipeline (fan video):


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"I say enough! If Israel wants to be the only superpower in the Middle East then they can put their own asses on the line and do it themselves. I want to continue to eat."
-- snoopydawg

@thanatokephaloides Thanks for that death head! It's just what I need in this NE blizzard, can't see out the windows so may as well explore the inside Wink

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published recently or coming up soon. One of the composer/performers had a birthday or something.

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

Stevie Ray and Dick Dale:

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The earth is a multibillion-year-old sphere.
The Nazis killed millions of Jews.
On 9/11/01 a Boeing 757 (AA77) flew into the Pentagon.
AGCC is happening.
If you cannot accept these facts, I cannot fake an interest in any of your opinions.

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@UntimelyRippd @UntimelyRippd

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Few are guilty, but all are responsible.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Prophets

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The earth is a multibillion-year-old sphere.
The Nazis killed millions of Jews.
On 9/11/01 a Boeing 757 (AA77) flew into the Pentagon.
AGCC is happening.
If you cannot accept these facts, I cannot fake an interest in any of your opinions.