Second Woman Accuses Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia of Sexual Assault

Well, this is what you get now that a person's entire life is open to scrutiny. This guy, if he did assault anyone, deserves his due process and is innocent until proven guilty.

The DNC really backed a couple of real winners, didn’t they.? Oh wait! Would this have happened if they hadn’t tried to cheat The Clinton Creature into the White House? We’ll never know the answer to that.

Second Woman Accuses Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia of Sexual Assault

A second woman came forward Friday with claims that she had been sexually assaulted by Lt. Gov. Justin E. Fairfax of Virginia, intensifying the weeklong political crisis in the state and leading some top fellow Democrats to call for Mr. Fairfax to resign.

The woman, Meredith Watson, accused Mr. Fairfax of raping her while they were students at Duke University in 2000, saying in a statement that his actions were “premeditated and aggressive” and demanding that he resign immediately. Ms. Watson spoke out two days after Vanessa C. Tyson, a political science professor from California, said she was assaulted by Mr. Fairfax in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

By Friday evening, Mr. Fairfax was facing a wave of calls for his resignation. Democrats in the Virginia House and Senate urged him to step down, saying he “could no longer fulfill his duties to the commonwealth.” Patrick Hope, a Democrat in the Virginia House, said he would introduce articles of impeachment against Mr. Fairfax on Monday if the lieutenant governor had not resigned by then.

What’s the deal with our pols?

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Blatantly violating social standards, then demanding that the money they spent covering it up should keep everybody bought forever, and its rude to point out things after you've been properly bribed.

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I do not pretend I know what I do not know.