Re The Skripal Case — The Death of Dawn Sturgess Was No Accident

Originally published Sep 6, 2018

Take a look at this:

I had been under the misimpression that the perfume bottle of Novichok that ultimately killed Dawn Sturgess (after she sprayed the “perfume” on her wrist) had just been tossed away in a park, presumably to dispose of evidence. And I presumed that it was a horrible accident that it had been found and used.

But in fact, the packaged bottle was deposited in a charity bin. Which is to say, it most probably would have been sold to some unsuspecting customer in a charity shop if Charlie Rowley hadn’t first found it in the bin and given it to his girlfriend.

What this means is that the perpetrator of the Skripals’ poisoning intended to kill a random member of the British public.

If professional GRU assassins had simply intended to do a hit on Skripal, what would have been the point of also sadistically killing some random person? That doesn’t add up.

And it’s not likely that some nutcase loner sadist like the Unibomber had done this, because such people are not likely to have access to Novichok.

However, if the group that attacked the Skripals had the intent of framing Russia for the crime, then throwing in an extra death or two would serve to stoke the outrage against Russia.


Update 3-24-2019. It has just been clarified that the charity bin that where the "perfume" was found is emptied every day. Which means that the British government's preferred patsies Petrov and Boshirov could not have placed it there, as they had left the UK 3 months earlier.

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and apparently supernaturally powerful Russians. There seems to be absolutely no way that this had anything to do with Russia. The "Russian agents" were long gone, and it would make absolutely no sense for Russia to send agents to poison a couple of random drug addicts. Some think that Sturgess died of a opiate (fantanyl) OD and the death was blamed on Russia and Novichok for purely propaganda reasons. This is not a satisfying explanation, because there is no plausible connection to Russia. (That does not stop the pliant news media from making such a connection, admittedly.) If the Novichok was actually in the Nina Ricci perfume bottle as claimed, why would anyone put it in a charity drop box rather than simply dispose of it some other way (e.g. bury it and let it decompose). Deliberate murder on the part of the UK security forces? Not impossible, but the connection to Russia that would be important in a false flag operation is not present. An insane Porton Down employee with access to neurotoxins? Makes more sense than most possibilities. Yulia Skripal has said she would like to return to Russia. The UK should free her to return if she is still alive. Free Yulia!!

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but the innocuous bottle containing fatal nerve agent

Fatal and deadliest nerve agent ever has failed to kill 3 of the people who came in contact with it. And it's my belief that it is supposed to kill people within minutes not hours and just to make them sick.

As we've discussed here in previous essays the Russian hit men returned to their hotel room after they snuck up on the Skripals house in broad daylight to put it on the door handle. They were careless with that deadliest nerve agent ever because British cops found it on the walls and elsewhere. Neither man nor the woman that entertained them became dead from the deadliest nerve agent ever. Nor did the people who cleaned their hotel room become dead.

That anyone can believe this story is mind boggling isn't it? BTW. Did any of the many CCTV cameras catch the men in Salisbury anytime before they put the bottle in the charity bin? I'd sure like to know where the Skripals are now and why it's so important to keep them hidden.

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