Police have never been safer. You and me? Not so much

The chance of a cop being killed on the job last year, once you subtract traffic accidents, was roughly the same as working construction.

The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty dropped sharply in 2017, marking the second-lowest toll in more than 50 years.
As of Thursday, 128 officers have died in the line of duty this year, with 44 shot and killed. That's down 10% from 2016, when 143 officers died, with 66 gunned down, according to data released by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a nonprofit aimed at honoring officers and improving safety.
The only other year with fewer deaths in the past five decades was 2013, when 116 officers were killed.

As you can see, this is part of a long-term trend.
So cops are safer than ever before.
You and me, OTOH, are in as much danger from cops as we ever were.

For the third year in a row, police nationwide shot and killed nearly 1,000 people, a grim annual tally that has persisted despite widespread public scrutiny of officers’ use of fatal force.
Police fatally shot 987 people last year, or two dozen more than they killed in 2016, according to an ongoing Washington Post database project that tracks the fatal shootings. Since 2015, The Post has logged the details of 2,945 shooting deaths, culled from local news coverage, public records and social-media reports.



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More civilians indiscriminately killed causes fewer police deaths. Or something like that.

Actually, I'd give credit to improved and pervasive body armor on police and their relatively new tactic of swarm and overwhelm. Even a minor traffic ticket arrest can now involve a dozen heavily armed and armored cops.

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did you adjust out suicide?

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Ive worked on many of the newer strip propertys in my career as a union electrician here in Las Vegas,I worked on the VENETIAN,BELLIGEO,MANDALAY BAY,PARIS,CITY CENTER ARIA,NEW YORK NEW YORK,MONTE CARLO,TREASURE ISLAND, etc.Ive seen over 30 men die on these construction sites over the last 20 years and in that same time frame I can only recall about 5 police officers killed here in Las Vegas while on duty.Police work is dangerous,but by no means is it even close to the dangers construction workers face everyday when they report to work.Police officers get grand funerals with motorcades,construction workers get a ride to the morgue in the back of a ambulance for which the workers spouse gets a bill for the ride.Then the Casino GIANTS make sure not a dime goes to the families of the fallen worker,they use every dirty trick to make sure the Casinos have no liability over broken OSHA rules.Ive seen young families left bankrupt due to the lost incomes of the dead workers and zero compensation from the Casinos.

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