The Partitioning Of Syria

Reports that the U.S. has effectively partitioned Syria at the Euphrates River are still unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, a member of the SDF-linked Raqqa Civil Council claimed that Major General Robert Jones, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the US-led coalition, said in a meeting that the US-led coalition will not allow the regime forces to bypass the Euphrates River.
Others even claimed that Jones threatened to strike any units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) if it crossed the Euphrates River. However, none of these claims have been confirmed by the US-led coalition so far.

So its just a rumour, right? No reason to be concerned?
There is one little thing.


US-backed forces and Syrian government troops, supported by Russia and Iran, look set to come into contact as they each make separate advances against Isis in Syria.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched an offensive against Isis along the border with Iraq on Saturday, bringing them into a race with government forces marching in the same direction against the extremists.
The duelling battles for Deir Ezzor highlight the importance of the oil-rich eastern province, which has become the latest focus of the international war against Isis, raising concerns of an eventual clash between the two sides.

The only reason for this sudden military offensive is to prevent the Syrian army from advancing.
This would not be the first example of us imposing de facto partitioning.

Israel and the neoconservatives want Syria partitioned.
Syrian Kurds want autonomy.

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he will cede some degree of autonomy to the Kurds, within some of the territory they now control. And if the Kurds are smart they will negotiate with him about where, and how much. The last thing anyone needs is a military clash between the two forces.

Let's hope the USA is smart enough to keep its meddlesome nose mostly out of the process, for a change. Or would that be too much to ask?

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@native Our nose is pretty deep into Syria's business, right now.

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for the most part, from western Syria. Not that we had much choice in the matter, but a promising development just the same.

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@native from the nether regions of others, at least until it has no choice but to do so. I hope that if such a thing happens it's a gradual letdown, rather than a catastrophic failure.

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the Syrian Kurds will not accept a permanent US presence inside the territory they have won. And that once ISIS forces are thoroughly removed, they will prefer to negotiate with Assad, and remain a part of greater Syria, rather than depend on Uncle Sam. Of course I could be wrong about that, but in general the USA is losing its grip on the entire region. To the extent that Israel is now in a state of near panic.

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Who exactly is the US-led coalition?

Sorry, I get confused. Originally, we were in a coalition with ISIS and al-Queda (al-Nursa) forces. We've also had some alignment with the Kurds.

Who is in "our" coalition now?

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but I have no idea exactly who is in it, or to what extent. A quick search of the net yields countless articles about "the coalition", but no specifics as to its composition.

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Looks like Syrian Arab Army with Iranians, Russians, and Hezbollah are now just going step by step to victory. Seems the US and Israels are getting more and more nervous about it and are looking to either interfere or gain and keep territory. At this point Putin seems to have succeeded in his main mission of keeping the Syrian state intact and not let it go the way of Iraq and Libya.

Hopefully some relief to the people of Syria unless Israel starts a major bombing campaign. However, the Russians have upgraded Syrian air defense systems.

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goals and goes back decades. I remember warning people in 2011 that was what was going on.

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brilliant military has gotten us into.

The military is soooo angry I bet. They probably thought they finally had a war they could say they 'won'.

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Russia, Turkey and Iran will work on settling the Syrian conflict in Kazakhstan's capital on September 14-15

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a causus belli? ISIS was never anything more than an excuse, as were the alleged gas attacks and such.

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