Our Capitalist Overlords and the "labor shortage"

It's still a question of whether the ruling class have been pushing this phony labor shortage by a long-term plan, or if they simply reacted to an opportunity. Either way, the capitalist class has been pushing this propaganda since long before there were any numbers to back it up.

But in fact this campaign against unemployment benefits can be traced at least as far back as last July, when the Chamber wrote a letter to then-President Trump urging what it called a "middle-ground approach" to federal assistance — which effectively amounted to a drastic reduction in benefits. "The additional $600 [in weekly benefits] is also causing significant distortions in the labor market and hurting the economic recovery," the group wrote at the time. "We routinely hear from our employer members who report that individuals are declining to return to work because they can take home more money on unemployment."

Other conservative or pro-business organizations were also trying to build public sympathy for the struggles of employers. Mere months after the pandemic had forced millions of Americans out of work, groups like the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institute lamented that overly generous unemployment insurance was wreaking havoc on the labor market. As Rachel Greszler, a Heritage research fellow, put it: "Instead of bridging the gap, excessive unemployment payments will only increase the breadth and depth of the economic downturn."

When the capitalist rulers called "fetch", Republican politicians perked up and rushed off to do their master's bidding. Roughly half of U.S. states refused billions of dollars in free money by cutting off unemployment benefits early. Governors in 26 states -- all but one Republican -- opted to terminate at least one of the three pandemic unemployment programs in June or July.

According to a state-by-state data analysis by the Associated Press, workforces in the states that maintained the unemployment payments grew slightly more than the workforces in the states that cut off the payments earlier.

"Policymakers were pinning too many hopes on ending unemployment insurance as a labor market boost. The work disincentive effects were clearly small," said Fiona Greig, managing director of the JPMorgan Chase Institute.

That's right. The problem was that not enough pain was inflicted on poor people. That's why the work disincentives were too small. Despite the federal unemployment programs having been totally cut off, people simply aren't rushing back into the workforce.
So what are the reasons for this? The reasons given by Democratic Labor Secretary Marty Walsh versus Republican Sen. Mitt Romney are good indications about where the parties stand in regards to the working class.
Walsh thinks that the problems are: 1) 'We're living in unprecedented times', 2) Fears over health, and 3) People are rethinking life and work. So blah, blah, and he may have a point. None of which the Democrats can anything about.
Romney thinks the problems are: 1) some workers "are having difficulty finding childcare", 2) generous government assistance had helped many to accumulate savings, and 3) People want more out of work. So political talking point, we made a mistake by giving workers money (not a mistake that we will make again), and the workers have gotten uppity.

The thing is, no one is asking the question: Is this labor shortage real?
Well, no one except for workers.

Joey Holz said he was inspired to apply for two jobs a day the entire month of September by increasing coverage of the so-called labor shortage. After hearing several local business owners complain that they can't find employees for hourly work, Holz set about his experiment, documenting the results in a spreadsheet.

Holz, who has experience in food service and retail, began his experiment by applying for a job at two restaurants that he had seen be pretty vocal about the staff shortages and a supposed laziness among the workforce...
He continued to find jobs tied to owners who publicly complained about a lack of applicants. He said he only received one interview, at which point the business owner attempted to walk back the pay of $10/hour offered in the listing.

"Are they desperate for HELP? Yes, according to their loud lamentations on Facebook, but so far 1 interview (where the advertised hours and pay were misrepresented) after 58 applications says y'all aren't desperate for workers, you just miss your slaves," he concluded in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

On the other hand, there may be a more sinister reason for pushing this "labor shortage" myth.

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Cheap Labor.


Right-Wing Ideology in a Nutshell
When you cut right through it, right-wing ideology is just "dime-store economics" - intended to dress their ideology up and make it look respectable. You don't really need to know much about economics to understand it. They certainly don't. It all gets down to two simple words.

"Cheap labor"

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Every set back is temporary, every disruption an opportunity. Ever since the Great Recession, where Wall Street recovered in a matter of months and the rest of us endured it for the next 7 years, capitalists have vanquished workers.

We are always off balance, and the Great Recession wiped out so many people. Poverty is used as a cudgel to put fear in our hearts, and those that kept working were given their new "welfare queens", watching the unemployed get extra money in benefits. After all, those slackers just went on vacation and watched Netflix on the taxpayer dime. Waddabout ME!!!

So much of what we read and hear is manufactured to confuse us. I think the checks and benefits legislated during the pandemic was just chum in the water for the powerful business interests. Also, while supply chains are disrupted, there is incentives for these interests to let shortages linger. The republicans, and a significant number of democrats have been boogeymanning inflation for decades. To justify austerity measures, why not help create inflation? After all, what better way to jam it to the left.

Mid terms the dems become irrelevant, Biden goes all foreign policy on us and the neolibs go back to wokey wokeism. Banks and corporations sit on huge reserves of cash, the republicans roll back Bidens "socialist" policies and we go back to worrying if poverty and ruin is just around the corner.

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They have already ageed to open up our labor market to firms that bid the lowest for dozens if service sectors, public jobs. And also temp firms that will replace the current workers in private firms. "Three workers for the price of one". This will mean that perhaps 50% or more of US jobs, generally the better ones will go to overseas firms. This has been planned since the Uruguay Round negotiations to create the World Trade Organization in the early 1990s. It will decimate affordable housing in cities too, as natural gas using buildings are declared blight and torn down.

Its likely that Build Back Better means tear down old housing, and on that ground build using redevelopment funds togut the old and build the new, means making a killing, real estate developers perform economic cleansing of the poor, who rely on rent control. As long as the old apartments exist they will stay there. more modern, pricey and more profitable. Too expensive for many urban residents who are (still) Democrats.

Promising the jobs to the lowest income nations as they did, put the negotiations back on track and more than anything else, created the oligarchy of today with its high profits for IP in particular. US companies would not be able to sell drugs for the high prices we do, without that promise. This scheme likely as set up as part of a global crime network that began in the 80s as part of a deal betwen oligarchs in rich and poor countries to funnel jobs to a belt of authoritarian bargain countries around the world. The jobs prop upoligarchs with patronage jobs and prop up the corrupt nations whose natural resources and labor are vital to the high yield businesses that US investors crave. and an environment of shameless profiteering that dates back to the fall of the British Empire and colonialism and banking and corruption that still exists today.

I saw a video yesterday that explained the Anglophilic nature of this silent coup.

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To pay for the farce.

Bipartisan Senate Infrastructure Plan Is a Stalking Horse for Privatization
The scheme would fund new infrastructure by selling off old infrastructure. Trump proposed the same thing.

Additionally we pawns will be taxed to help offset costs...

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Build back better comes with destroying things first which includes jobs because millions are being fired for not getting jabbed and that is being cheered on because people have been made afraid. Or manufacturing consent for letting foreign workers take American jobs. As you’ve said it’s all by design.

Look at what employers are doing to the striking workers. Screwing them every which way they can. Tenant hospitals are keeping the scab workers because they can pay them less and thousands of high skilled nurses will be unemployed and good luck finding a new job. This couldn’t happen during Trump because dem voters would scream about it just like they did when Bush 1 wanted to crush welfare, pass NAFTA and Biden’s crime bill and whatever else democrats did to the working class back then. Imagine if Trump had mandated the vaccines. But yippee that Biden is doing it. Cuz democrats are their team.

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In a free country civil liberties are not only for certain groups.
So this is how liberty dies . . . with thunderous applause.
The donor class doesn’t want it, and Americans elect the bribed. So suck it up.

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Both jobs and energy have been traded away and thies deal means that subsidies they gave America's middle class because they were "essential workers" in the past are vanishing. They gave many people rent control and cheap housing in the 1950s and 1960s so they could remain in cities and provide affordable labor force to companies. In the 50s and 60s they built what seems like thousands of multiunit buildings. In the 90s that was ended, GATS ended public housing programs in most of the world. Making it an illegal government subsidy. It is framed as an illegal trade barrier that devalues investments. Governments cannot undermine the value of the rich's investments in any way. It cant get in between the oligarchs and their property. The money they deserve.

For lots of housing to exist there has to be cheap energy to heat it. Otherwise it has to be replaced.

When I ride through the boroughs of New York on the subway I see hundreds iof old apartment buildings which were built uimmediately after World War II. They have all been bought up by investors in the anticipation of emptying them out and selling the land. To build new market rate housing. The government cannot buy the land because it couldnt pay full price to its new owners. Thats is hat the market would bear.

Just like in California, hoousing is desperately needed but GATS wont allow it. Politicians keep pretening they are doing something but do they? Do they even tell people the truth?

That they need to make much more or kiss urban life good bye?
that had been built by or for the government, l and they restricted the movement of people who would have been happy to work for a lot less. That was a subsidy to the people who live here now. But its ending.;.

The reasion why workers expect $9 hour wages or more is this restriction on the free flow of labor. But now that is ending. The same thing with natural gas. Millions of buildings depend on natural gas to be heated. They could be heated with oil for less but thats not green. So many people will lose their rented homes and have to rent new. We are ruled by oligarchs and people voted for them.

in the postwar years after the oil crisis they reserved the natural gas - So Americans got a chance to live a warm and happy life with ultra cheap heat and electricity. Many Europeans didnt and so were buried in energy debt. But they got free healthcare and free education.

The US restricted the export of natural gas for decades so all of us grew up on a country with artificially cheap energy. But now we prioritize free trade. Those subsidies are against what we stand for. Also the subsidies are preventing people from mmoving on with the life they can actually afford. Many people really cant afford to live in cities, they dont make enough. Other people will do their job for cheaper. They cant afford a place to live. They really should not have had children. And so on.

They have been living on borrowed time. Politicians led them to think they were in better shaope than they really were. Anmd led them to think that changes they really needed were right around the corner, when they had actually been making sure that could never in a million years happen.

Noww they are ending the subsidies. The obsoleted energy inefficient buildings are being torn down and built back more expensive. If they are better that means more expensive, right. This being the USA. Where nothing is ever free.

I am sorry to spell this all out. Ive been warning people though, and you didnt listen. You thought the bullshitters were telling you the truth. Of course the Republicans didnt tell you, because they are in on the scam too. Both parties are corrupt and run by the ultra rich.

Read up on State Capture and what it means. We've been the victims of it. People here are lacking the skills and means they need to stay here in the US under neoliberalism. We have all been outsmarted and there is a price to that. Lots of workers are moving here and they will need housing. Their employers are going to have to figure out how to house their essential workers. This is the way it happens in America. Did you notice the people living along the railroad tracks and under freeways. The favelas growing in size. Those people are living in the areas where there is a sort of ambiguity. The rootless will have no right to live anywhere without money. Voting depends on having an address. So political people, if your voters have noplace to live they are going to run into barriers to voting.

Now they will learn what its like to be indigenous people in America.

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>They'd rather legalize child labor rather than raise the minimum wage

This is true because thats the wage that will apply to engineers, doctors and nurse, teachers, etc.

Look it up.. Their employers are angry - Because dirt cheap labor is their main competitive advantage and if they want to make people work for a dollar a day just so they can be in America for six years and apply for a green card as their employers its their right to pay them as little as they want. We made the deal in 1995 and it wasnt they argued, legal for us to suddenly say they had to pay their highly skilled professionals" a "US legal" wage when it was okay in the past to pay them much less, into their accounts overseas.

$9 an hour is a lot of money when the usual wage for an engineer is around $3000-5000per YEAR we made a deal formally in a treaty which is international law, which locks it in as an entitlement they own in perpetuity, nomatter who wins elections, or what any court allows.. Thats what trade deals are for, to give investors certainty they never in all of human history had like this before. and it supersedes any other law.. so we cant now many years later say the deal has changed. But thats the future under "free trade" we agree that rules of any kind are trade barriers.

There is no expiration date, so tell me, why vote? What is that going to possibly accomplish, do you vote for the candidate who lies the most or the one who promises the least? Or neither. Nobody actually seemed they were going to fix anything. Nobody's perfect...

This is a huge loophole in wage laws if they can import as many workers as they want, pay them a dollar a day or less, and charge them money for the job, just so after six years they can get permanent residency, and a reference saying they worked in the US for six years. neoliberal ideology. During that time they can buy a home or maybe two, to put down some roots here, and protect their assets from the angy mobs back at home..and learn more about America. The lifeboat for the oligarchs of the world. Airstrip One.

Restricting what workers are paid or other labor rules are trade barriers. The entire 20th centuries gains are now being rolled back. REALLY.

What I just said is true, people, take it literally, its true. and the temping companies want the right to abuse workers if they still want to work for nothing, they insist that we let them.; They don't want to pay more. The wage they pay is only a tiny fraction of the profits they make (this was admitted oin Indian TV, and is a matter of record.) So what if employers demand unspeakable things of workers. (Pretty female workers say its common) They can take it or leave it in America under neoliberalism. After all people have to eat. So how do US workers compete with money under the table to hire somebody else who cant quit or has to leave the country immediately?

What about young American grads who have to keep working at their skills or swiftly forget what they learned? Better get a job or risk forgetting what your family just paid $200000 for you to learn, kiddo.. Its the free market. What about the self taught experts, how are they going to get and stay employed competing against free labor?

Its quite possible they wont, no matter how good they are.

What about people from historically mitreated groups.

They are being rewarded by access to the most important job market in the world, preferentially. Why Africa is the future. The hot business destnation of the 21st century. Skill up, kiddos.

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American companies have always perverted labor markets to ensure cheaper labor. In Aspen high end resorts were having to pay extra in a tight labor market so they imported season labor to keep wages low. The H1B visa went from a work permit to allow expert engineers to bringing in low and mid level engineers to drive down labor costs (there is no STEM shortage).

Interesting story about how guy applied for jobs and literally no takers. A guest on Jimmy Dore said he knew people who cannot find work supposedly in this tight labor market.

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According to the Trade in Services division of the WTO their hope is to have the default kind of labor be trade in services across borders, because it saves so much money on wages. An engineer in South Asia averages around $4000 a year, the plan is to allow corporations to use their cheapest employees where they can be the most efficient, which is where they would otherwise make he most.

The deal is a defacto freeze on wages and benefits of all kind. If the US allowed minimum wages or benefits to rise the dozens of low wage countries that are banking on those workers incomes, would go nuts.

Dont people realize, the DemoGOPS are lying, they created the WTO which freezes measures that cost corporate investors anything. This is important because the cost to foreign corporations of paying their employees for an extra month of time at US wages (if they apply, they may not apply - in that case they may only have top pay few dollars a day.. they cannot improve benefits because the money would be paid by employers and. El Salvador proposed (briefly) to raise their minimum wage for textile workers, in (around 1999) and the WTO nippled that in the bud immediately.;. would come our of the profits promised them in a TREATY.

An international agreement.

Foreign country would of course claim we were aiming this costly burden at them, any raise in minimum wages here dramatically reduces the profits they book. In potentially tens or more likely hundreds of millions of jobs (thats the plan, according to the Servis division of the WTO. IS there a way to post images here, I would be happy to show you this in black and white.

People dont get what this means. Giving millions of foreign guest workers these benefits would cost the corporations of our trading partners a similar sum to what it cost the remaining US employers, even more proportionately because their wages are low. The workers would lso want to be able to do other jobs in the time they had off. So how would they manage that?

Social Security is also a big issue. Our trade partnrs dont give workers any extra opay for retirement. DONT PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT "RACE TO THE BOTTOM" means? It means harmonization of regulation (labor laws like benefits are regulation in the upward direction, which the US is strongly against ON PRINCIPLE). We are trying very hard to push wages to the lowest common denominator. So that regulations wont be a trade barrier to the most profitable nations. to the lowest common denominator.

While here in the US the guest workers pay into the fund but then when they leave if their visa is extended (keeping them virtual slaves for six years) then and only then can they take the money they have to pay in out. This is going to lead to the end of the Social Security program because its already forbidden if conditions apply which already may apply.

Standstill is something the US is really into, it means a freeze in any measures that results in additional costs to corporations. According to USTR there is no expiration date, Treaties can be changed if all 164 WTO Members vote to do so.

WTO is the entity thats in charge of all this. Why are people in Washington. They should be in Geneva? WTO: Centre WIlliam Rappard.. Geneve, Switzerland.

Why are people here silent, are you all dead?

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Maybe seeing this all in black and white will impress upon you whats being done.

"Biggest theft in the world' Thats a strongest claim that demands proof. I have it. its public knowledge and its supposed to be known by the labor consuming nations as well as the labor supplying nations.

Otherwise people will go berserk when this happens and blame everybody who is connected to all this. They may not be happy to lose their homes and careers. It will be obvious who lied. They are going to look to them for compensation. This is why they are all so concerned.


Look at the State Capture situation in South Africa where a whole nation is now realizing their entire government had grown just totally corrupt, and they likely are only scratching the surface of it now. Like here its probably an almost unbelievably sordid situation. But believe it!!!

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>"American companies have always perverted labor markets to ensure cheaper labor. In Aspen high end resorts were having to pay extra in a tight labor market so they imported season labor to keep wages low".

I disagree. I have never heard of any US employers who did the things Ive heard that foreign employers do.

Its not as you imply. Employers in many other countries are worse, Much worse. Imagine a boss routinely expecting unpaid labor and even sex from employees. Making them wear sexy outfits or go out to night clubs, or drinking, This is real torture for people in these situations. But according to a friend who had first hand knowledge of this it was common. You just wait to see what is demanded of workers in many other countries will become common here if we stay on the path we are on today. That is for those who can get a job at all. Being as Americans "cost so much". Guest workers come here, their parents often paying money under the table simply to get them placed in US jobs, which are in high demand. They may have to "put out" if they want to keep these jobs. Routinely thats what happens. As jobs get scarcer, wages fall. Bribes are demanded.

You think I am lying, try to rent an affordable apartment in a big city these days without a co-signer.

Thats what those at the top should admit. Of course this being America, money is everything. But its much worse in the developing countries. Bribery to get jobs is already common when trying to rent an apartment. The middlepeople want to get their cut of the deal. The people whose opinion might make the difference between hiring and not hiring want cash. They can only give the job to one person.

This will become the norm in the near future as they start honoring their promises to our trading buddies they made in 1995 to trade the jobs away, To fake alleged worker shortage is just theit disinfo strategy to justify screwing the US workers. This scheme has been planned since the 1990s. Because the developing country workers are so much cheaper.

Who can argue with helping the rich, poor, giving thm the entry level jobs, all of them, if the foreign firms work for cheaper. And they claim to be hiring locals but they only hire the minimum to avoid the sanctions against them. Otherwise they could not get their work visas, if they hired almost all foreign guest workers. Thats what the expensive looking NASSCOM PR campaign doesnt tell any of us. They sign affadavits detainling how they pursued a search for American employees but didnt hire any of them. Claiming none were qualified. They never intended to hire any of them. They just are wasting their time and money.

The standards we subscribe to are in the middle but nowhere near the worst. People here have no idea how bad it is. Suppose your were a young woman and boss demanded you have sex with him and his friends as a condition of the job. "No complexes" on a job ad means something much like that in several countries in the former Soviet Union. They also specify what pysical atributes they are seeking in a young pretty worker in the ad.. They are sometimes very specific. There are also very very few jobs. Almost no jobs. No wonder people are so desperate to get out. Poor people cannot pretend to be middle class in that situation. Like many have to do here. Being (involuntarily) used as a sex slave is guaranteed to make people feel like shit. Wonder why you never see sexual harassment cases in many countries, its because its not illegal. (as long as they are upfront that the job has this prostitution aspect to it) Well welcome to the free market utopia our leaders want. Everything is for sale, money is everything. They arent going to give people more, they will only allow less, on principle. Learn more about things like the LDC Services Waiver, and what its goals are, and who benefits. The idea is bring areas with the lowest incomes into the economies of the rich countries. These changes are why they can only helpthe poorest countries. The US is one of the richest countries. For example on drugs. We have to pay the highest prices on drugs, on principle.

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They use natural gas so will be obsolete and declared to be blight. YOUR TAX DOLLARS WILL PUT YOU ON THE STREET. The old buildings are energy inefficient. They will be torn down on the 15th.
The natural gas is being sold other countries need it. We are the new Saudi Arabia of natural gas.

No, you and your children and pet are not qualified for any stabilized or affordable rent. You have to move, now. When can you be out by?

Please drop off the keys immediately. And you will receive a check with your last months rent deposit.
No it doesn't matter that you could not find another place. If your belongings remain there on the 2nd we will haul them out to the street.

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I had to go to dozens of fake interviews with foreign firms, and I was told by outgoing workers that the interviews were fake. They had no intentions of hiring Americans. ALl they wanted is to document how they failed at hiring a qualified American. ITS ALL A BIG SHAM. The politicians are in on a huge global sham.

The good politicians arent good, they are just particularly good liars thats all. FACE THE FACTS.

Really. They have just been able to fool the whole country because theis scam has been so complicated and elaborate.. But if one is intelligent, its there to understand. The scammers in charge used to be at the tops in the various organizations and they know how to pull all this off for that reason.

They have nothing but contempt for democracy and the American people. They go around the Third world giving insanely expensive talks where they say all sorts of things that show what their real opinion of all of us is.

"like taking candy from a baby"

Democracy is in danger but not the way our DemoGOPS are claiming. They are the ones pulling the strings, and they want to take peoples jobs, homes, and futures.. and give them to the world s filty rich. To stash away in the global tax shelters they have created in such profusion. "Methinks they doth protest too much" Follow the money. The schemers who various corporations and despots pay so much to give speeches are the experts whose "services" are in high demand by the crooks..

Look at the situation with Zumagupta cartel in South Afrika.. Thats just a secondary scam not even the core one.. Its a copycat scam.. Its an overflow of filth from a sewer of effluence. Effuenza. and unimportant, because South Africa, although developed for AFrica is not the big time. Also it was already corrupt as one could imagine by all accounts.. Thats why it was a low hanging fruit..

30 million died from AIDS afeter it would have cost pennie each to cure it. That is murder. We will be next once they have stripped the country of all its assets.. Like the Mob, they are.

It happened - 30 million, mostly Children died. Many more may have died of corona in rural areas, "where there is no doctor".

It sure looks like resveratrol might suppress 2019-CoV-2 qs it suppresses it in the test tube as well as its two other close relatives.

BUT it is not patent-able. So we lose money. So, no research is done. Welcome to Corporate rule

I wish Jennifer Zhang of Little Rock , Ark. high school and Intel Science Fair winner would have come forward. She might have had a world-saving idea, that was ignored.. because it was too good. To live.. Money talks.. Maybe even the literal scourge of british gardeners, the pestilence plant people pay to remove, might have saved so many. Might. But maybe might have not, with so many cartels against them. Did we all fall for a trick by means of Trumps toxifying talents.. toxifying subjects people should have discussed.. he did it so many times. Who cooked this up, its a brillian propaganda scheme.. HuZhang helps, we know that from CGTV's panel on Chinese medicine and COVID, from March 26. 2000, might have saved some if even not all, of them in a decoction, It grows all around the UK. HuZhang which has been used against illness for more than two thousand years. Also, a beautiful, very ancient tree that bears its key ingredient is the offiisl tree of wuhan, the water fir. The phylogenetic parent of the California sequoia is in my use icon. . Its bark is a medicine. It clears the airway and restores the integrity of the pulmonary epithelium. When its destroyed by LPS. Sepsis, that right. So its relevant.

Well, the millions who died, like the children with HIV who died like flies like Bill Clinton said, didnt have any money or lost incomes so no economic loss thats how neoliberalism thinks.. Harsh, its a harsh doctrine. Its so burdened by lies, again and again claiming it helps this or that, the mother of lies.

Like Smeagol in the LOTR trilogy, always making uyp stories to justifyhis crime. Protesth too much. Like the Hillarians also. But its not Hillarious. not at all, its quite unfunny.

"Law and economics" the false cult of efficiency. Job losses are efficiency gains, our Americans will be told. Its good for you to lose your jobs because profits rise, so your loss is gain to the rich. And thats what matters. run along now. Be out by the 15th!. bernie lied to us all. Not about single payer, no he lied that he could have legally made it a reality. Because it ws taken off the table by the WTO services agrement, which privatizes everything, just about. Ending democracy for the oligarchs.;
Thats what Bernie hid and is hiding. He owes the country an apology, and so do other who have been playing this game. Truth is called for and bullshit is presented. Leading to massive job losses and gains by third world con artists. of the jobs. Thats what you'll find.

Because greed is such an epidemic now, thanks to our Anglophile friends, continuing and expanding their global worldwide epidemic of corruption. "everybody else is doing it" they whine. Its their entitlement. Really thats what they claim. Is it? It may be . You snooze, you lose. This country has to smarten up.

A lot, or we will lose so much. They wont fool anybody with the Trump stuff when the shit really hits the fan.

They are slicker than slick but this time they may have out-slicked themselves. Or not. Will Americans wise up/ Its all so obvious and sordid when you see it all laid out.

They will be the cons who cried Wolf more than one too many times. Nomatter how stupidly or corruptly he has been the actual scam is elsewhere. Trump is and always was small potatoes.

I dont see anybody paying him a half million dollars to give a half hour speech, do you?

Maybe this ability to annoy and make people turn off is why he was (possibly) hired to do his acting job. Reality TV show actor.. A real pro.

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