Netanyahu is strangely confident

Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that he still hopes to regain power, despite losing the last election.
By coincidence, Netanyahu's trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust resumed yesterday.

Normally someone in that position would be worried about going to jail, not becoming president. So why is Netanyahu so confident?
It turns out that on the exact same day his trial started, and shortly after he spoke about regaining the presidency, one of the prosecutor's star witnesses had an "accident".

Greek authorities are investigating the crash of a private plane from Israel that killed a prosecution witness in Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial.

Haim Geron, a former senior official at Israel’s ministry of communications, and his wife Esther were killed when the single-engine Cessna 182 plane crashed late on Monday off the island of Samos.

What an amazing "coincidence".

Netanyahu, now the opposition leader in Israel’s parliament, has denied all accusations and mocked the size of the witness list.

It's easy to mock the size of the witness list when the list is shrinking from unfortunate "accidents".

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default position.

Reality, however, has moved on, not only from Bibi but from his Rabbinic cabal. I have written about several ways the money and power has been removed from Ultra-religious hands previously at c99.

Here's another one that impacts vast amounts of money: Formerly, only 3 Chosen companies were allowed to grant and deny Kosher certification in Israel. It was a monopoly that is enormously powerful for the 3 companies involved. They had life and death powers over many businesses and giant food and distribution companies, not only in Israel, but worldwide. (If you have any kosher product handy, look for the K or a Circle with a K in it on the packaging.)

That power was taken from those 3 companies, and spread more equitably throughout the Jewish universe.

NOTHING has improved in Israel if your issue, like mine, is Gaza, War and Oppression of Palestinian people.

But Changes are coming. Naftali Bennet has a 2 year term. He is the Right Wing Bridge to a better Israel.

After 2 years Yair Lapid will be Prime Minister. Ha'eretz had headlines yesterday from Lapid about how blocades and sanctions and punishment have failed in Gaza. Lapid said it is time for a better way. This would have been unthinkable previously.

Now, let's see if the IMPORTANT changes come with Lapid in charge.

Meanwhile, I expect that the leaching away of right wing power and money to continue bit by bit. The big one for me will be when public transportation is allowed on Saturday. That will be a public statement that Israel belongs to all its people, not just cetrtain favored Jews.

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history has shown that these setups end with the 2nd person never gaining power. Nick Clegg, for example. "I'll go first" means "I'm in charge until I decide to not be. Get used to waiting"

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@Shahryar @Shahryar Benny Gantz was supposed to come after Bibi's 2 years and that did not happen.

But..... and it is a big but, Bibi had 31 Likud Party votes plus the rabbis and their votes out of the 61 Knesset votes necessary to form a majority.

Naftali Bennet has only 7 votes in his Yamina party. He cannot count on any additional votes after his 2 years are up. He may have to cede power, like it or not.

Headline in Ha'eretz today is "Israel Could Accept a US-Iran Deal, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz says." The extreme RW positions are losing ground.

I am cautiously optimistic. And patient.

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And then there’s “(U) PARVE” which I’ve also seen. Is that like “kosher for Passover”?

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@lotlizard @lotlizard is the third agency in that 3 I was referring to. good catch.

Not sure about the other designation. You could be right that it means kosher for Passover.

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Be the least bit evil, and you'll be destroyed even if it means countless more innocents have to be taken down with you.

Be the world's ULTIMATE EVIL, and you're not only beyond punishment - you're the author of right and wrong.

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We live in a society in which "we live in a society" is considered a subversive and vaguely-threatening statement.

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

Jeffrey Epstein in that New York jail.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin