Mayor Kane

Knox County in Tennessee elected a new mayor in August of last year. Glenn Jacobs is better known as Kane from WWE wrestling.

Kane Jacobs is described as a small government libertarian who wants to "make Knox County what President Reagan referred to as 'the shining city upon a hill.'” Bad
He lists 7 points for major focus on his website:

1. Committed to keeping taxes low (says every republican everywhere)
2. Renewed focus on quality of education (more resource officers in schools?)
3. Continue to attract new jobs to the area (I shudder to think what sort of new jobs)
4. Improve our roads and infrastructure (*excluding areas where the poor live)
5. Full and absolute transparency (just like on WWE, right?)
6. Work to create safer communities (more militarized police on the streets)
7. A fresh outlook on limited government (all we need is love more militarized police)

I know this is about a year too late, but I just learned about this last month when my son sent me a picture of himself with mayor Kane. I am so glad that my husband and I left Knoxville a few years ago. My son, however, still lives and works in Knox County.

I find it funny that he considers himself part of the "unwashed masses" while being not only a famous wrestler, but also in the insurance and real estate business and now the mayor of Tennessee's third largest county. What does that make me then?

WWE was in Knoxville last night (my husband watches it, unfortunately). Mayor Kane was there also.

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with the posturing and the BS. Instead of "draining the swamp", this one's going to "crash the gates".

Right. A real revolutionary.

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@Centaurea He does sound like Trump. They're probably friends or partners in crime.

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And he got elected gov of some state and he did a good job. But yeah this guy gives me the willies because of how he framed his tweet. Any idea how he is doing as mayor?

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@snoopydawg I tried to find out if he's done anything newsworthy since becoming mayor. The only things I saw were that he won some WWE belt the other night and we all know how fake that is and he also won a college football bet and the mayor of another TN county delivered a pallet of moon pies to him.

Sounds like he's getting a lot done, huh?

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