The latest smear: Socialists are anti-semites

This 11th hour smear by the New York Democratic Party establishment is exactly what you would expect from the Cuomo campaign.

A political mailing late last week from the state Democratic Committee suggested Cynthia Nixon is an anti-Semite.

There's one issue: She belongs to a synagogue and is raising two of her children Jewish.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who controls and helps fund the committee and will face off against Nixon in Thursday's primary election, denounced the controversial flier on Sunday and denied signing off on it.

But he resisted calls to fire Geoff Berman, the committee's executive director who also denied having knowledge of the mailer before it went out but declined to say who authorized it.

It's easy to just chalk this up to corrupt New York politics, but the trend is far larger than that.
It started with the British media smearing Jeremy Corbyn and UK Labour as being anti-Jew since it turned left.
The right-wing in America noticed and are already accusing progressives of being anti-Semitic if they don't obey the Israeli lobby.
(See here and here)
The accusations are reserved especially for anyone calling themselves a socialist.

Anyone familiar with the history of socialism should find this hilariously ironic.
Up until a couple generations ago, socialism and being Jewish were practically the same thing.
That the right-wing is trying to flip the script shows that they think you are ignorant of history.

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on this sort of thing.

Tony Blair and the Clintons used the same consulting firm.

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"More for Gore or the son of a drug lord--None of the above, fuck it, cut the cord."
--Zack de la Rocha

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defeat DINOs

The eight members of the Independent Democratic Conference, which was founded in 2011 and disbanded in April 2018, are facing primary challenges from opponents who are in some cases touting their own progressive bona fides—while also pledging to stick with mainline Democrats.

Though the challengers might bring upstart energy, they have raised less money than the incumbents.

An analysis of data from the New York State Board of Elections from Jan. 1, 2017, to Sept. 1, 2018, shows that the eight main challengers have raised roughly 35% of what incumbents have brought in. Still, in six of the eight races, the challengers have attracted more individual donors.
Among those facing a primary challenge is Sen. Jeffrey D. Klein, who represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester, and who led the IDC. His challenger, 32-year-old Alessandra Biaggi, has racked up endorsements from a number of labor unions, progressive groups and other public officials, including U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Mr. Klein, 58, has also received endorsements from labor groups and has the support of state Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who represents parts of Westchester County. Ms. Stewart-Cousins is backing all of the breakaway Democrats facing a primary.


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I've linked before to stories about living cooperatives founded in the Bronx in the 1920's.

A Home In Utopia.

But they were incredibly aware of injustices to people around them and jumped into protest and strike. When tenants in the building next door were being evicted, Coops residents joined in the efforts to block the police from pulling the tenants from their apartment with the women acting as human barricades. This scene in the film uses actual footage of this event on Allerton Avenue.

Religion was not important to them.
May Day, International Workers’ Day was very important to them.
Jewish holidays were not.
And for some, neither was marriage.
Coops resident Amy Galstuck Swerdlow said that her parents never married, believing that a marriage certificate was meaningless. [She says this during an interview on the DVD.]

The strongest moments of the film, however, are about race.

The people in the Coops, including the children, were well aware of the injustices toward Black Americans. They knew of the lynchings of black men in the South and were in solidarity with the Scottsboro Boys, nine black boys accused of raping two white women while travelling on a freight train in 1931. In fact, William Patterson, an attorney who represented the boys was a member of the American Communist party and a frequent visitor to the Coops. His daughter, MaryLouise Patterson, is interviewed in the film.

In the 1930s they encouraged a small number of Black families to move into the Coops. This was quite revolutionary at the time, as Blacks and Whites did not live in the same building in New York, nor anywhere else in America in the 30s, 40s nor 50s. (Parkchester, for example, would not become integrated until the 1970s.) And few became very prominent in the Communist party including Angie Dickerson, a new name for me. And Queen Mother Moore, whose name was already familiar to me.

The film tells the story of an incident that occurs when Coops residents take buses up to Peekskill, New York to hear Paul Robeson sing. They are surprised to learn that the outdoor concert is met by the locals shouting anti-semitic and anti-black rants and stone throwing. The footage of the riot that ensues and the retelling by the residents who were there is entirely compelling.

The Oppressed standing with the Oppressed - that's what it's all about.

I can't find it now (looking on but there was a very vivid story about Jewish tenants in Brooklyn around the same time coming together in the protest of a rent strike against a shady landlord highly reputed in the religious community. Fed up they marched into the local synagogue and dragged him out to confront him. Different times. Revolution in the air, all over the country.

Yeah, Cuomo is sleaze and venality personified. His style of fear-based politics is so outmoded. Hope he gets his ass handed to him.

In the bigger picture I think the Communist ancestors of today's wild-eyed Zionist fascists would have despised these fraudulent folks. Far different story then. When folks didn't have social media to hide behind they tended to be both more informed and more reliant on face-to-face meetings to resolve their own problems.

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"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


- Kurt Vonnegut

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calling them 'socialists'; even in your link they are Democratic Socialists of Amerika, as in 'reform capitalists', or 'FDR socialists'. the reason that wsws and some of the tankies on twitter dog their tracks so avidly is that they're ruining the socialist brand/s.

salazar's family had stepped in to rather mightily confront her (ahem) alleged bio; ocasio2018 has backed off far too much of what she'd purported to believe, including on NPR's 'firing line' saying that israel has a right to exist, she supports a two-state solution, and praising the wide ranging great thoughts of bill buckley to the Nth degree. then she tweeted paeans galore to war criminal john mcccain. as did bernie. #dem gatekeepers.

ocasio2018 supports a 'kinder, gentler ICE', but supports Trump's wall.

that is all.

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Andrew Cuomo.

Disregard the corruption of NY politics. Disregard the Gubners numerous friends indicted and sent to jail. Disregard one of the top 3 highest taxed states. Ignore. Disregard.

A man of the "people".

When did Andrew go to a dance party with socialists?

Who me says he?

I've known NYrs all my life. Aside from fanactial adherence to the most vile teams in multiple sports, I can't believe they are so dumb.

It's just an NY state of mind, I guess.

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Firesign Theater

Stop the War!

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@EdMass for a generation or more.

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"Obama promised transparency, but Assange is the one who brought it."

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is andrew cumo jewish, or is his 'base' thus the incentive for the Nixon as anti-semite smears?

or is simply expressing soldarity with palestinians, or criticizing Likud Israel enough to get painted?

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Wendy, who are "them?" Do you live in New York/New York City, or have you spent any time there/here? (You seem to be making a lot of generalizations.)

I live in Westchester, and I know a LOT of honest-to-goodness Communists, Socialists, and Democratic Socialists*, as well; both here in Westchester and down in The City. And, I can honestly say that virtually ALL of them dislike both Andy Cuomo's politics and the current geopolitical sentiments of the "Likud mentality."

(* = I consider myself to be a Democratic Socialist.)

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"Freedom is something that dies unless it's used." --Hunter S. Thompson

...not-so-behind-the-scenes, putting "the hammer down" on many within the real left-side of the Democratic Party around here, this Summer, with regard to virtually all of the races noted by Gjohnsit (and then some), above. I've been witnessing it, firsthand. What I'm sensing (here on the ground) is that at least a few of the challengers to the status quo are going to win.

And, no, I don't think Cuomo's going to come anywhere near actually winning the nomination; and I think he knows it, too.

Folks here should be paying closer attention to the Attorney General's race in NY. Latest polling shows my current congressman (with one of the most pitiful voting records of any Dem in the House of Rep's), Sean Patrick Maloney, running neck-and-neck with Tish James (Cuomo's pick). As for me, I'll be voting for Zephyr Teachout.

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"Freedom is something that dies unless it's used." --Hunter S. Thompson