The L.A. helicopter military extraction operation -- what's the reason?

In the late night hours between Feb. 6 and early Feb. 7, five military helicopters, including 2 large transport helicopters and several Blackhawks were observed in what has been a purported "practice exercise". Why in downtown where a training mishap would be a total disaster?

First view 3 videos here. Look from 2:45 to 7:00 for all 3 videos. The host of the channel doesn't seem to have a lot of oars in the water but never mind that--the only reason for the reference is the video.

I first discovered this yesterday while watching my favorite (because most enetertaing Q analyst) who also investigates other things political. Disregard the political orientation regarding this whole event. Watch this interesting if you will, question-inducing video from In Pursuit of Progress (IPOT)

The host clearly presents what few facts are known, such as the location of the operation, which was probably a search and seizure mission. It occurred near the intersection of Wilshire and Lucas in downtown LA. Multiple agents wearing either military gear or hazmat suits exited two adjacent buildings carry several containers--each requiring two men to carry.

What appeared in the MSM, considering what scarce coverage it garnered, was about a practice drill. Really? In the middle of the night? Other objections are listed in a (8 chan?) comment by a "helicopter anon":

Return to the IPOT narration, well-researched so far, showing conjunction of several businesses whose owners have financial interests in: medical instruments, cold storage, trucking, childcare organizations. Conclusions may be easy, but perhaps incorrectly made, about the types of business conjunctions involved. I leave this to the reader.

In this age of horrors, I was so blind at first to the notion that the vile things I have been reading and seeing could exist except in minuscule amounts. Now I believe NOTHING (no, I am not a Democrat, who seem to be incapable of rational thought).

Pizzagate, as opposed to Pedogate which a geographically dispersed, involves horrible crimes against children. Details vary depending upon which version you prefer. But a pedogate raid in central LA could be quite likely.

Information on this event will certainly be long in coming, if ever.

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Yeah..just a drill with fully armed troops in a large city in the middle of the night. Sure I believe this. I've read a few of the things that you have and I'm appalled by it. Think things like that can't be happening? Think again. And remember that Jeffrey Epstein got away with statutory rape of 14 girls. But it's the reason why he might have gotten such a sweet deal. Because of his connections to big time players like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Prince Andrew. Many congress members and gawd only knows who else.

Then there's all the rumors about what the Clinton's foundation actually is and what it's involved in. If only half of the rumors are true then if people are prosecuted for it, it would possibly bring down the world's governments. A global child trafficking ring with all that's involved in it. The Clintons have already gotten one child trafficker off from kidnapping 33 children from Haiti. This is true.

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Aren't there rules against the military doing things in the country? Posse comitatus has pretty much been nullified anyway since cops are trained and outfitted by the military. Okay. We arm them. Israel's military trains them.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

If there are children, definitely suspicious. If there are no children, then maybe they picked up heroin to sell or a nuke. Do I believe training? Unlikely, and our military and gov't officials have forfeited all right to be taken at their word.

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... dancing dog in the intro is awesome.
Not much information, 99% speculation. Still, if we are spinning stories ... I would guess that the Army was securing biohazards or bioweapons.

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@WoodsDweller would be way riskier for transport of bioweapons or biohazards than ground transport.
I can't think of anything requiring extraction that would require the military. Seems the police would take on that job.
I agree this was not a training exercise.
Hope one day we will learn the truth.

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just happened to read this article in the German Spiegel Magazine.
Rattenplage im Rathaus von L.A. - Sie knabbern Teppiche an und nisten in Topfpflanzen: Das Rathaus von Los Angeles wird von einer Rattenplage heimgesucht - und Schuld daran könnte ausgerechnet die Polizei sein.
unprofessionally translated to:
"Plague of rats in the townhall of L.A. - They nibble on the carpets, make their home in planting pots: The townhall of Los Angeles is cursed by hordes of rats - and the blame goes - of all things - probably to the police itself."

The article mentioned that one lawyer is infected with typhus or spotted fever and those insects (body lices) who sit in clothings could have bitten the good lawyer and laid their eggs in his/her blood or dumped their fecal matters on them and they prefer to do this at night ... so it became necessary for the police raid to chase the lice during night time hours ...

typus fever:
Transmission. The disease is transmitted by the human body louse, which becomes infected by feeding on the blood of patients with acute typhus fever. Infected lice excrete rickettsia onto the skin while feeding on a second host, who becomes infected by rubbing louse faecal matter or crushed lice into the bite wound.

Oh, yeah, imaginations can go places ... who said that technology can change everything within a day, just not how people think and feel? Quod erat demonstrandum by yours truly mini-mimi.

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First, IPOT is by far the most listenable of the Q commenters. He does a lot of background research and adds some humor to his videos. It took me a while to find him, but now he is the only one I regularly follow.

Second, when I first saw this video, I found it very frightening that there were helicopters flying through and landing in downtown LA. The video seemed to have been shot from a nearby residential building which meant there were residents in the area despite it taking place at night. If this was an exercise, it had no business taking place in an area in which one mistake could have taken a large number of lives of innocent by standers.

I shudder to think what this raid entailed because my first thought was much the same as that of our Alligator friend. One thing for sure, we will never hear about this from our mainstream media.

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