Khan Sheikhoun Has Just Been Liberated by the Syrian Army - Now Perhaps the Truth about the "Sarin Gassing" Can Emerge

The alleged sarin gassing of Khan Sheikhoun by the Syrian army in 2017 was the trigger for Trump's first cruise missile attack on Syria. The MSM uniformly and immediately blamed the episode on Assad. But independent journalists - including Sy Hersh and Robert Parry, arguably the greatest of our time - as well as MIT expert Dr. Ted Postol, were extremely skeptical.

After surveying the evidence myself, I offered my own grim guess as to what had actually happened:

Just today, it has been announced that, after the jihadis still occupying Khan Sheikhoun had been cut off from re-supply, this city has fallen to the Syrian army.

It may now be possible to reconstruct what ACTUALLY happened at Khan Sheikhoun during the so-called sarin attack.

The only reason that the truth about the Douma "chlorine gassing" was revealed was that Syrian and Russian troops were able to secure the city soon after the incident. All the so-called evidence available to the outside world regarding the Khan Sheikhoun incident came by way of the jihadis and their White Helmet affiliates. Now perhaps some truth can emerge.

If Khan Sheikhoun proves to be a false flag hoax, as I and many more expert than I believe, then we should give serious consideration to the possibility that ALL of the claims about "Assad gassing his own people" have been false flag hoaxes - just as ALL of the many claims that Saddam had an arsenal of WMDs were proved to be frauds. If you have truth on your side, you don't need to sustain your position with a barrage of lies.

And it has never made any logical sense at all for Assad to have employed chemical weapons (particularly the militarily useless chlorine) in the conflict; he would have had to be self-destructively sociopathic to have done so.

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