It Could Have Been Worse

President Trump was in need of positive headlines as his ratings and poll numbers droop. So, today we had a pageant called "The Middle East Peace Deal." Four nations representatives spoke and signed on the White House Lawn. Very pretty for TV.

Now, a deal Was signed. Between the USA, Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. The NY Times calls it less a Peace deal than a business deal and for once, they got it right.

This is a weapons and heavy armament arrangement and a solidifying of the already standing armies we maintain in those ME countries. Plus other ME countries not at the table today.

Consider where we are in the Middle East: The US Navy's Fifth Fleet has been anchored off the coast of Bahrain for a long time. The US has 2 giant carriers, 20 ships and 103 strike aircraft. More than 20,000 troops.

US Military has more than 5,000 troops in the UAR mostly air. In Abu Dabi and Dubai.

Not to mention our largest air base---Al Udeid---11,000 troops in Qatar. More in a Jordan installation called Muwaffaq and another in the Negev in Israel.

Our Oil alliances are with the countries represented today and against Iran, Qatar, Russia, Turkey and China. All subject to change, I guess.

I'm glad that the President chose a feel-good pageant rather than an outright attack on Syria, Iran, Yemen or any middle Eastern area that hasn't signed on to the good ship usa.

Gaza the West Bank are burning flags and photos tonight.

Nothing on the ground has improved.

Pretty day in DC for a lawn do, however.

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