Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump

Trump committed plenty of war crimes, so I'm sure that there was a dilemma in Iraq deciding which particular crime to issue a warrant for.

Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council again brought up an arrest warrant for former US President Donald Trump on Thursday in connection to the 2020 assassination of the Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani and the leader of the Iraqi militia. 

The council's president, Faiq Zidan, said that Trump is wanted for his “crime” in relation to the assassination of the “leaders of victory" and said an arrest warrant was issued. He made the remarks in front of a picture of Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the former leader of the Iran-backed Kitaib Hezbollah militia in Iraq. 

“The court will not hesitate to take legal action,” said Zidan, as reported by the official Iraqi Media Network.

Let's hope that Trump makes the mistake of going there.
Iran issued an arrest warrant for Trump two years ago for the same crime.

In case anyone needed an example, this should satisfy.

(Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s pardon of four American men convicted of killing Iraqi civilians while working as contractors in 2007 violated U.S. obligations under international law, U.N. human rights experts said on Wednesday.

If this sounds familiar, I'd like to remind you of this.

George W Bush has had to call off a trip to Switzerland next weekend amid planned protests by human rights groups over the treatment of detainees at Guantánamo Bay and the threat of a warrant for his arrest.
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gladly extradite him./S

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@humphrey He is too valuable right where he is, under perpetual investigation.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

As if assassinating that guy was Trump's idea lol. They should all be arrested, if only to send a message. In the words of the dude..."This aggression will not stand, man." Perhaps it would help to "wake up" some Americans? Probably just wishful thinking on my part....

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If it was easy, everyone would do it.

And was actually illegal. I guess those middle easterners never got the instructions.

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On to Biden since 1973

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From NBC

Jan. 5, 2020,
TEHRAN, Iran — A tide of mourners welcomed the body of Gen. Qassem Soleimani home to Iran on Sunday, ahead of a grand funeral for the man whose death in a U.S. drone strike early Friday stoked shock, anger and fears of escalation in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, in Baghdad the Iraqi parliament voted to ask its government to end the U.S. military presence in the country, and Iraq's prime minister has scheduled a meeting with the U.S. ambassador for Monday to discuss the U.S. role in Iraq, according to two officials familiar with the

From CNN, a little different spin:

Baghdad, Iraq

When Iraq’s parliament voted to expel American troops from the country Sunday, it was an apparent bid by the government to extract the country from an escalating US-Iran proxy war.

Fears of Iraq once again turning into a battleground are widespread. Tensions in the Middle East have risen dramatically in the aftermath of the US-targeted killing of Iran’s most powerful military general, Qasem Soleimani, and Iraqi Shia paramilitary leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Baghdad acted quickly. Caretaker Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi held an emergency session in parliament to vote on whether the government should continue allowing the US military and other foreign troops to remain in the country. The resolution was passed overwhelmingly by Shia lawmakers (most members of Iraq’s other factions sat out the vote), dealing potentially yet another blow to President Donald Trump’s Middle East strategy.

“Iraqi priorities and the US are increasingly at odds,” Abdul Mahdi said during his address to parliament.

He said a US troop withdrawal was the only way to “protect all those on Iraqi soil” – especially American forces that require protection from the Iraqis.

Mourners gather to pay homage to top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, after he was killed in a US strike in Baghdad, in the capital Tehran on January 6, 2020.
Huge crowds flood Tehran streets for Soleimani's funeral, calling for revenge and retaliation
“It would be difficult for Iraqi security forces to protect (US) forces after the recent events, given that unilateralism … has won over political decision-making,” the Prime Minister said.

In response, Trump has threatened to sanction Baghdad “like they’ve never seen before ever,” if Iraq were to expel US troops.

“It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame,” he added, a reference to over 1,000 rounds of economic penalties imposed by the US on Tehran after the Trump administration pulled out of the multilateral Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

Two weeks later, Biden became President. Troops are still there three years later. Not much respect for Iraqi law by US Governmnt

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

driving pain to the populations of the sanctioned is not the high road
is it any wonder the world is tired of our form of justice?

blathering here from the high weeds ..

If they don’t play this at my funeral I’m not going.

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