Iran v. other state actors on the JCPOA & other FP issues

This is a bit of complicated tome, but for me key to understanding who is in charge of US foreign policy, and who (besides Zionist Israel) really rules the Western Empire. 

It’s often said that dying Empires, rather than cede some power to other multiopolar nations/nation states, are at their most irrational, and engage in loose cannon command and control wherever they believe they can get away with it.

Additionally, will the New Boss (Biden’s still aiming at China and Russia) look much like the Old Boss come Inauguration Day?  Biden’s choice for Secretary of State is Anthony ‘Nice Guy’ Blinken  (h/t Alan Macleod) who never met an Imperial  war he didn’t love, and apparently the sociopathic Michelle Flournoy for SecDef got a thumbs-down from too many ‘progressives, so he’s going with: ‘Secretary of Defense Lloyd ‘Serial War Profiteer’ (h/t Caitlin Johnstone) Austin

First up: ‘We distrust Iran’: Germany wants nuclear deal under Biden expanded to include Iranian ballistic missiles’, 4 Dec, 2020,

“Germany’s foreign minister said on Friday that the country needs to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal with the US, despite Tehran’s vow not to engage in new talks, but to return to the original agreement.

“A return to the previous agreement will not be enough,” Heiko Maas told Spiegel. “There will have to be a kind of ‘nuclear deal plus’, which is also in our interest.” […]

“The decisive factor will be whether the US relaxes economic sanctions against Iran,” Maas said on Friday. “Both sides must come together.”

He explained that Germany needed the deal “precisely because we distrust Iran,” demanding that Tehran ditch both nuclear weapons and its ballistic missile program, which he said “threatens” the Middle East.

But Maas’s Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Thursday that Tehran would not look to restart “two years of negotiations” with the US and other JCPOA signatories.

Zarif reiterated Iran’s previous position, that it would prefer to return to the original nuclear deal, which he claimed had not been upheld by European countries and the Trump administration, which he labeled a “rogue regime.”

Next: ‘Tehran will not renegotiate nuclear deal or ‘compromise on its national security’ – Iranian govt spokesman’,, 7 Dec, 2020

“Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has dispelled any talk of renegotiating the joint nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration after Germany’s foreign minister claimed new, tougher terms were needed.” […]

“All those familiar with the international laws know that Iran will not do renegotiation on something which has been negotiated before and the resolution 2231 will not change by these remarks,” Khatibzadeh told reporters via video conference on Monday.

The spokesman contended that it was not the Iranian side that broke the terms of the deal and insisted it would not be in Tehran’s interest to renegotiate.” […]

“Khatibzadeh also rebuffed any consideration for Saudi Arabia [<Sunni] and Bahrain [< 85% Shi’a riled by 15% Sunni] to be consulted if Iran does return to the negotiating table for a new nuclear deal with the US.

“These countries should know their position and their position is clear in the international relations and regional arrangements, and they should know their limits and speak to that extent,” he said.”

Now in his Dec. 7, 2020 ‘Joe Biden’s JCPOA ‘Plus + Plus’ Deal With Iran Is Not A Realistic Option’ b (Bernhard) at Moon of Alabama has steered readers to Alistair Crooke’s Dec. 7 2020 ‘concise [but longish] summary of the U.S. foreign policy problem with regards to Iran:

Biden’s Iran Deal Faces Iran’s ‘Red Pill’, (CC, a few excerpts):

“The first is that no one – including Israel – believes that nuclear weapons of any sort are a real threat in the Middle East. The Region is just too small – a jostling amalgam of competing sects and interests. It is all too much of a ‘mixing bowl’ that presents no ‘clean’ targets for strategic nukes. Even Israeli ideologues do not believe that Iran would contemplate liquidating 6.5 million Palestinian Muslims to get at Israel.

What frightens Israel is Iran’s conventional missile weaponry. And these were not a part of the deal. (There would have been ‘no deal’ if these were included, given Iran’s memory of recent life under Saddam’s missiles and chemical weapons).

The second occult issue derived from the (real) Sunni fear of a resurgent and energised Shi’a Iran, at a time of long-term decline and the visible exhaustion of the old Ottoman Sunni élites. The power of the Revolution and of subsequent Shi’a renaissance terrified the Gulf monarchies.

This tension is deep, and its’ nature mostly misunderstood in the West: Sunnis for the last millennia have viewed themselves as the natural ‘party of government’ – they were (and still believe they are) ‘the Establishment’, if you like. The Shi’a, on the other hand, always have been disdained (and discriminated against) – they were the ‘deplorables’ (to use the American analogy). And just as the U.S. Establishment loathes Trump and his populist army, similar tensions exist in the Middle East – the Gulf monarchies loathe the ‘deplorables’ and fear them (and fear any inversion of power). “ […]

“This is the ‘protocol paradox’: For two decades, Washington has been absorbed with stopping a largely illusionary ‘Big Threat’, whilst Iran has quietly been assembling thousands of almost invisible tiny deterrents (as small as the smallest drones) right under everyone’s nose. A ‘Biden’ JCPOA++ diplomatic initiative will resolve none of these under-the-table issues – and will not therefore, be accepted by Israel (or by the Gulf).

“A U.S. return to diplomacy – however improbable its successful outcome – simply exacerbates these fears. And the Democrat’s ‘A-Team’ are giving many hostages to fortune: Not content with aiming for a new nuclear accord – limiting enrichment and centrifuges – they want the deal stripped of its present ‘Sunset clauses’; they want restrictions over Iran’s foreign policy; they want Iran’s proxies de-fanged; they want conventional arms control (ballistic missiles); AND they want Israel and the Gulf States’ direct involvement in the process. In short, they have overbid.[…]

“Israel remains the hub around which U.S. foreign policy wholly revolves.

Should negotiation not produce the desired result, the threat of a military option will be back on the table.

Given the logic to both U.S. and the Israeli formulation, military action will inevitably distill into serious consideration. Does Biden’s Team ‘A’ believe that a limited strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is realistic, without triggering wider war? If not, is Team ‘A’ then prepared to contemplate wider war – on Israel’s behalf? One hopes not.”

Back to b at MoA:

“In January 2020 Iran took revenge for the U.S. murder of Major General Qassem Soleimani with a precise missile attack on a U.S. base in Iraq.” (w/ satellite images)

Iran’s precise missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometer can be mass fired from underground silos. Any attacker would have great trouble to destroy those.”

Is that what payback for the US and Israel’s assassination of Iranian top nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrezade might resemble?

“Iran can not only defend its sea, air and ground but it can retaliate against an attack with precision attacks on all U.S. bases in the Middle East and by destroying all Arab oil export facilities. Its Lebanese brothers in arms, Hizbullah, have their own missile capabilities which are sufficient to destroy most of Israel’s industries. If Iran is attacked they will, as they promised, ‘do their duty’.” […]

“Thankfully Iran has given Biden another option. He can take back all sanctions Trump introduced and return to the JCPOA deal. Iran has promised that it will again restrict its nuclear program and will stay within the limits of JCPOA as soon a Biden lifts the sanctions. The Iranian parliament has put a time limit on that option by directing its government to cease adherence to the JCPOA by February.”

Might wise diplomacy (not through the barrel of a gun) work in time as Iran hopes?

Persian Savafid art

@SecPompeo 4h US government account

The U.S. applauds the Consulta Popular, led by
@jguaido and the Venezuelan opposition, which provides a platform for Venezuelans to reject the illegitimate Maduro regime and demand free and fair elections. #VenezuelaAlzaLaVoz contra Maduro.

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Heck, we pay them a consulting fee of 3-4 billion a year in "aid".

Consider from the Times of Israel in 2014:

Congressional candidate Allan Levene is proposing to cut the Gordian Knot of Middle East peace by creating a second State of Israel on the eastern coast of Texas, which he would call New Israel. The idea, briefly, is to take (through eminent domain) roughly 8,000 square miles of sparsely populated land bordering the Gulf of Mexico and give it to Israel as a second, non-contiguous part of the State of Israel. Israel would get the land only if it agrees to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders.

New Israel in Texas, why that's like hot sauce from New York City, Get a Rope!

Heck one can't get a job with local, county or state agencies in Texas, if you support BDS against Israel. That to me is TREASON! Yes, I view Israel as an enemy of our constitution as well as an enemy of America. It is sickening to me how much influence Israel has on our own government policy, both domestically as well as foreign policy.

How do we poison oil and render it useless?


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C99, my refuge from an insane world. #ForceTheVote

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and its sub-projects Rulison, Rio Blanco, and Gasbuggy certainly showed us one way.

The yobbos that wanted to demonstrate the peaceful use of nuclear explosives set off a few bombs within the continental US, but outside of the Nevada test site. Rulison and Rio Blanco were two of them, located on Colorado's Grand Mesa (Gasbuggy was in New Mexico). They were intended to demonstrate the use of nuclear explosives for fracking. Really, really *big* fracking. This consisted of setting off one or more bombs in a single drillhole: Rio Blanco used 3 33kt devices in a vertical stack, and Rulison used a single 45kt device, all down in the 6000-8000 foot depth range.

These shots apparently worked a treat: the fracturing of the rock and the large cavities left afterwards formed a couple of pretty nice artificial gas domes. Unfortunately, the gas itself that collected in the domes was deemed to be too contaminated with various leftover radionuclides to sell into the commercial fuel stream, so the oil company involved (Continental Oil) washed its hands of the whole affair.

Long story short- in an ultimate act of military pragmatism, the ~455 million cubic feet of gas produced at Rulison was then simply flared off at the surface, right upwind of Denver. Gotta get rid of it somehow, right? After all, we all know that burning it removes all of the residual radioactivity, right?

Hmm. Yeah. Well, anyway, the project was ruled a success of sorts, since they got to play with their toys. And as we all know, nobody was ever harmed in any way by this (or any other) release of radiation from peaceful uses of mumble mumble mumble. Right?

We actually looked at a property south and east of Rifle at one point, but decided to pass on it for several reasons- not the least of which was that its well water was significantly contaminated with dissolved natural gas that needed to be separated and flared off before the water could be used. Instead, the owners trucked their water in from Rifle (so much for agricultural uses, no wonder the land was so cheap...). It was about 20mi as the crow flies from Rulison...

So, there you go. Just turn them loose with nukes for fracking. Win-win!

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Twice bitten, permanently shy.

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The Onion candidate? 'everybody wins, even the palestinians: they get the west bank!'

and yes to the publicly stated 3.8 billion per year, but the hidden aid is far larger.

can't imagine how agencies in texas now whether or not one supports BDS, but it's current theme for amerika as well.

poison oil and render it useless? a hella lot of the planet runs on oil, remember? but i've had this discussion with others on the boards, but no avail.

in fact, i'd considered entering a final mystery (false flag?) concerning fuel, iran, and VZ all in one gift-wrapped package for posterity at the bottom, but given the interest level, it might be a sily endeavor.

international observers, of course, monitoring the VZ parliamentary elections gave them thumbs up all the way. even elijah magnier was there. ; ) sorry, pompeo: chavistas won.

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my self-appointed mission, not that any of us can actually change what's going on in this part of the world. it's largely a sunni/shi'a divide, and actually Pompeo, it's the KSA/israeli alliance killing yemenis, not just 'iran's support', but Bearing Witness is also key, methinks.

in syria, it's all a proxy war involving the Evil Bear, mossad, and amerika.

'hell' used to be Kashmir between two nuclear powers India and Pakistan, and even now modi could hold the long-promised self-determination plebiscite for kashmir and jammu province. but instead, the rhetoric and bombs flare and subside, then flare again.

so germany, joe biden: what will it be? original text or let the iranian hardliners in parliament decide 'what's next'?

at least 4 now, i won't bring the mysterious 'insiders report' from bloomberg; fuck, even tasnim news had linked to it.

for now, i'll go tend to kitchen duty: a big pot of brazilian black bean and orange soup. (loads of onions to chop & cumin to comb...)

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