Huge endorsement for MFA

That people are not on board with this is just mind boggling to me. There is no reason why a third party has to get between us and our doctors for what treatment is right for us. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is written into our constitution. (Isn't it?)

On a side note the young Turks just endorsed Bernie over Warren.

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"When will our conscience's grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?" Eleanor Roosevelt

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates (469-399 BC)

Great job, as always!

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It does NOT change how we provide care."

We need to keep repeating this.

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The current working assumption appears to be that our Shroedinger's Cat system is still alive. But what if we all suspect it's not, and the real problem is we just can't bring ourselves to open the box?

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...but more importantly we need address why we have such poor health. I think it is recommended dietary guidelines.


Trends in age-adjusted prevalence of overweight, obesity, and extreme obesity in US adults, aged 20–74 years, 1960–2012. Trends in prevalence of overweight as BMI 25–, and upward trends in obesity as BMI ≥30 kg/m2 (squares), and extreme obesity as BMI ≥40 kg/m2 (diamonds) in adult males (closed points) and females (open points).

This graph is a little complicated. The bottom two lines represent men (solid) and Women(open dot) obesity. Notice the start point of 1976...When eat healthy grains and vegetable oils became our guidelines.

I've seen a graph of chronic disease that goes back to the 70's that shows this same trend...
growth of chronic disease.png

Guess what has happened to costs?


As we solve infectious disease we are eating our way to chronic disease.


It really is plain to see.

So yes we need medicare for all...duh. But at the same time we need to help people become healthy again. We got sick because we started eating the recommended diet. It needs to be least providing the citizenry with science based recommendations rather than the most profitable foods for the corporate class. The corporations are fighting tooth and nail not to change them. Big pharma and big Ag are making big money.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@Lookout but it is incorrect to place all the stress on poor nutritional habits. Carbohydrates are cheaper than fat or protein. Less income means substituting of cheaper, disease-promoting items for more beneficial ones. But these problems are so complex that it takes multiple forays in to science, sociology, economics, and of course politics to begin to get a grasp on the whole.

Depression is a common problem. At some time in their lives, about 30% of women will get mood disorders, other than PMS. The pace and pressure of modern living engenders stress (which in turn releases many hormones such as cortisol, a weight-gain promoting effect).

Environmental contaminants must be mentioned and are ubiquitous. Another benefit of unfettered capitalistic waste disposal.

P.S. The entire food pyramid is an FDA-approved scam propagated by dairy farmers and grain producers. Fruits and vegetables must be included higher on the pyramid. But I'll not get technical with my personal proffer of pyramidal construction (other than that chocolate be placed on top of the pyramid).

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