How Trump May Have PREVENTED Russian Election Interference

Originally published Sep 7, 2018

Frankly, I have devoted very little time to wondering whether Trump may have colluded with Russian interference in the 2016 election. That’s because my attention has been directed toward determining whether Russia did in fact interfere. Over the last two years, I’ve judged that all the claims of Russian election interference put forth by our Deep State and our politicians have been deeply flawed if not overtly fraudulent. And I haven’t been shy about presenting my reasoning. For over a year now, I have been convinced that every aspect of the Russian election interference narrative is the sheerest BS, intended to exonerate Hillary from her incompetence and cheating, smear both Russia and Wikileaks, and provide a cudgel with which to attack Trump and force him to enact a Russophobic agenda.

And it would be very difficult to claim that Trump had colluded with Russia’s non-interference in our election. How do you collude with non-interference?

But it has suddenly occurred to me that possibly Trump prevented Russian election interference.

Consider things from Putin’s perspective. Putin had to view Hillary as a menace to world peace and the survival of civilization. Almost alone among Democrats, she backed George Bush when Bush gave Saddam a 24-hour ultimatum to abdicate — even though international inspectors were still at work in Iraq and hadn’t found a shred of evidence for the WMDs we claimed were there. Hillary and her “responsibility to protect” gang were the chief collaborators with the odious Sarkoczy in fomenting the illegal destruction of Gaddafi’s army, his subsequent brutal murder (which Hillary found rather hilarious), and the ensuing breakdown of Libyan society that killed thousands, caused black workers in Libya to be slaughtered and enslaved, empowered jihadi maniacs, and opened the door to many thousands of North Africans fleeing by sea to South Europe, causing a massive refugee crisis.

As if this weren’t enough, Hillary was all on board with the neocons’ brilliant scheme to fund and arm an army of invading jihadi sociopaths bent on destroying Assad’s army and converting Syria into a Wahabiist Islamic state where Shiites, Christians, gays, and women without head scarves would be road kill. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died as a result, and millions have fled, further amplifying Europe’s immigrant crisis — and putting the U.S. and Russia at risk of armed conflict. And it was Hillary’s neocon protege Victoria Nuland who, as Assistant Secretary of State, played a key role in fomenting the neo-Nazi-led coup that ejected Ukraine’s duly elected President — and she made sure the coup succeeded by insuring that the U.S. immediately recognized the coup government (even though the EU had just negotiated a deal with Yanukovich whereby new elections would soon be held in which he would not run — a deal that would have prevented civil war in Ukraine.)

All in all, Hillary’s unbridled hubris and fealty to the neocons has screwed the world over royally. Putin would have had to be almost irresponsible not to take steps to help insure her loss.

But there was one fly in the ointment — the Republicans somehow managed to nominate Trump, the most absurd excuse for a presidential nominee in American history.

Julian Assange has compared the choice between Hillary and Trump to that between cholera and gonnorrhea (sorry, I can’t remember which was which). And Putin likely is smart enough to have agreed.

Aside from the fact that Trump had no experience whatever in politics or foreign affairs, and thus was grossly irresponsible in even considering a run for the presidency, he showed distinctively thuggish tendencies in his political rhetoric, and he seemed at least as much in thrall to Netanyahu and the execrable Sheldon Adelson as Hillary was to her neocon Israel-first sponsors — and he was threatening to tear up the carefully negotiated nuclear deal with Iran which had been a great relief to all those who value international peace. (A deal which Hillary would never have negotiated as Secretary of State, but which she had to at least pretend to support because it was Obama and Kerry’s great achievement.) Despite Trump’s avowed desire “to get along with” Russia, any such commitments had to be viewed in the context of his intellectual incoherence.

So Putin had to view the U.S. election as a lose-lose situation. Why try to tank Hillary when your reward is Trump — or vice-versa? If he had had any predilections to meddle in our election, that probably scotched them.

Moreover, even if Putin tended to slightly favor Trump because of his avowed desire to make nice with Russian, Putin, like most reasonably sane people, must have viewed Trump’s election as a long shot. If he tried to help Trump win, and President-elect Hillary had learned about it, Russia might have had hell to pay.

So yeah, maybe Trump DID prevent Russian election interference.

In any case, it’s fun to write an essay that would honk off about two-thirds of the electorate.

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but I've always said that if someone could prove the Russians actually saved us from Hillary I would erect a statue to Putin.

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