How do you spell 'Rat Bastard'? O-R-R-I-N H-A-T-C-H

Fall out from the Tax "Reform" Act of 2017 has already begun. The first mouth piece defending the defunding is a certified Raging Rodent, from the Beehive State (which will soon have to change it name, thanks Monsanto). Let me introduce you to a man dedicated to trickle down morality (a little of his "morality" trickles down his leg after each urinary discharge): O-R-R-I-N H-A-T-C-H

Here he is in all his hypocritical putrescence, O-R-R-I-N "I once was a janitor" H-A-T-C-H

After ramming through the Senate, with the able help of Mitch McConnell, the wonderful Trumpian tax reform bill of 2017, Hatch had this to say:

Less than two days after the Senate passed widely criticized tax reform legislation, one of the tax bill’s key proponents came under fire for claiming there’s “no money” for a children’s health care plan he helped create.

On the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) responded to a question from Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) about the future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a low-cost health insurance plan for children from low-income families that Congress has yet to review since it expired Oct. 1.

The question came during a debate on the Republican tax bill, which Hatch presided over as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

In response, Hatch claimed the health insurance program had not yet been renewed due to a lack of funds.

“The reason CHIP’s having trouble is because we don’t have money anymore,” Hatch said.

Of course, Orrin, the reason we don't have any more money for CHIPs is because you gave it all to the 0.1%.

“I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves, won’t lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything,” Hatch said.

As an investigative reporter, I sought out some interviews with the "parasites who won't help themselves".

The first work-shirker I found was hiding in a nursery:

"But, I don't wanna go to work again today!"

Another work-shirker being closely evaluated by a team of Trump's Work-Suitability-Employment-Agency was deemed unfit to work for two reasons: 1. he was a cat; 2. he was dead. But inspections of the cat's home will be made to find any shirking felines there.

"Mr. Hatch, can I stop washing clothes this morning?"

"Mr. Hatch, may I take 2 days off from my proofreading job?"

Citizens of Amerikkka, do not despair, because I have found a picture of 13 very hard-working individuals, proving that we are not a nation entirely constituted of parasites (note Orrin was not in picture due to potty break).

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I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing — as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies,”

Charles (UpChuck) Grassley
Fuck giving a link. Shit like this highlights itself.
Here's hoping he pushes grass soon.
I'd piss on that.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

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buying a new yacht, jet, 5th house or a million dollar bottle of wine is investing their money. And no they aren't going to hire more people or put their tax cuts into their worker's pockets because 4 CEOs have already said that they wouldn't do that.

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the reason guys are poor is 'cause they spend their money on booze and women.
I am a woman. What happened to me?
Oh! I never made as much as the guy working beside me?
Sorry, no good fuckers.

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Must be talking about his billionaire buddies and corporate welfare again.

*headdesk forever*

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This shit is bananas.

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Orrin starts spouting at 3:00--"and don't lay this bullcrap on me"--who then, Orrin?

Bernie and Wyden call out Repugnants for cutting back the social safety net due to this massively bloated deficit. (14:00 and ~ 20:50).

Bernie challenges Repugnants to accept his challenge that the new tax cut-induced deficit won't lead to cutting social safety net programs.

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Where? Gay Paree? Bone spur exemption?

My father, a chemist, was exempted from military duty during WWII. To make explosives. He
due to go to Hanford WA but struck down with TB. Workplace hazard. I can recall huge amber bottles of pills on the hutch.

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Hey! my dear friends or soon-to-be's, JtC could use the donations to keep this site functioning for those of us who can still see the life preserver or flotsam in the water.

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This worthless slimeball is in his nineties. Please drop dead! Rec'd!!

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Some yahoos make me want to change species!

I thought Senators were supposed to represent the interests of their constituents as their public servants.

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Beware the bullshit factories.

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@Timmethy2.0 approved by the US Gov't.

Instead, for light reading you might try the following books, all available at Alligator University Press:

1. "The Biography of Pocahontas" by Elizabeth "Sorry I'm Late" Warren

2. "The Resurrection of Humpty Dumpty" by H. Rotten Clinton

3. "The Secret Lives of Weasels" by James "W." Comey

4. "Hydrologic Factors in Swamp Drainage" by Prof. D. von Drumpf

5. "Fashion Show in the Hamptons" by K. the Camel Harris, with preface by Willie Brown

For further literary choices, please address the Chief Librarian at A. U.


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@Alligator Ed

I'm not supposed to be laughing.

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