Hahahahaha Florida - Hand Recounts!

Florida orders first ever statewide hand-recounts as legal fights continue

Following a five-day machine recount of the more than 8.3 million votes cast in the Nov. 6 elections, Secretary of State Ken Detzner ordered hand recounts Thursday afternoon in the race between U.S. Sen Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, and also the race for agriculture commissioner between Nicole "Nikki" Fried and Matt Caldwell.

The order gives canvassing boards in the state's 67 counties three days to pore over thousands of ballots that were rejected by machines because of "overvotes" — a voter appears to have chosen more than one candidate in a race — or "undervotes," in which a voter appears to have skipped a race altogether. With the help of state guidelines, the canvassing boards, which are allowed to enlist the help of volunteers, will try to determine how these voters intended to vote.

I defy anyone here or TOP to tell me what my intent was in voting or not voting for a candidate. I have purposely not voted for candidates for a particular office because I believed they were either unqualified or unworthy. I did it on purpose, where's that category? They both Suck. Undervote. Overvote. Bullshit.

You can trust us, we're from Florida.

GO ahead!

Just do it!

An aside, in Arizona 250,00+ people voted for the Repug elect Gov but "not" for the Rebug Senate candidate. Hmmm. Counting? A fervent desire to go for the Dem and do so by not voting (undervote?) which of course is just okay. We elect the Dem by not voting? Huh? I am so confused. Not by the outcome but wtf is going on in these elections.

(Follow the easy Utube instructions. Because all those 80 year old snowbirds are so into the Internet - just like Nancy and Steny and Chuck and Dick and all our octogenarian leadership. Heh!)

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How to cure the floriduh problem permanently.
Hell, they're all going to drown anyways.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

sometimes undervotes are really clear -- like, you can easily tell that the person marked the ballot, but not well enough for the machine to read it. similarly, overvotes can sometimes be clear -- like when a person has tried crossing out the original mark in a very emphatic way, and filled in the second one and circled it and drawn an arrow pointing at it, labeled "This one".

i find your faith in the machines rather curious. they're only machines. they're far more susceptible to a large range of perceptual errors, than are humans, and they're very, very brittle -- anything that doesn't conform to their tightly constrained specifications will break them.

if a ballot is an undervote because it wasn't marked at all (as you describe in your own case), then hand-counting it is not going to miraculously result in it being registered.

thwarting the hand count was precisely how the Brooks Bros, with their violent assault on the public officials charged with carrying out the counting, sealed the deal for W. if i were you, i'd be a little uncomfortable about being in the same camp with those thugs.

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