Faked Tape Released by Ukrainian Intelligence Within Hours of MH17 Shoot Down Shows that the Attack was Premeditated and Committed by Ukrainian Forces

Within hours of the shoot down of MH17, Ukrainian intelligence released a video purporting to show that pro-Russian rebels had shot down the plane.


Subsequent analysis demonstrated that the video was a concocted fraud. Watch this:


Note this comment by "Valerie1" below - the kill shot:

I too am a studio engineer who has worked with DAWs since their inception for digital recording. The splicing is obvious...and the splicing alone is enough to prove that Kiev turned in fake audio files. Real conversations do not have overlapping samples/soundbytes and splices people. This video proves it hands down. Kiev faked the files. They turned them in 25 minutes after the plane went down therefore they were prepared in advance. In other words, it was premeditated intentional murder. It was not the rebels and it was not an accident. It was Kiev.

I have read that the video was made public 5 hours later - not 25 minutes. Regardless, this strongly suggests that the doctored tape had been in preparation BEFORE the incident. In any case, if Ukraine were blameless in the incident, why would their security services have immediately attempted to bamboozle the world with a doctored tape?

Here's an excerpt from an unpublished essay I wrote about 4 years ago (unpublished because I presumed it would be met with mockery or indifference at DKos) that is pertinent:

Also curious is the fact that Ukrainian air traffic control directed MH-17 out of its usual path, so that it passed over rebel-controlled area near Donetz. This is not known to have happened before. Immediately after the shoot-down, the Ukrainian secret police (SBU) seized the air traffic control records for the flight, and have never released them. The new flight path took the plane directly over the base of noted rebel commander Igor Bezler ("Bes"). Within five hours after the crash, SBU released a video tape in which Bes appeared to be confirming that his forces had just shot down a plane; comments by other rebels on the tape seem to imply that this plane was MH-17. Subsequent analysis indicated that Bes' comments had been taped the day previous to the crash, and that he was referring to shoot down of a Ukrainian military plane; this was then spliced to tape taken after the shoot down of MH-17, in which rebels referred to the crash site.



The Ukrainian secret police are said to have a particular animosity toward Commander Bes. How curious that, a day after SBU obtains a tape of Bes referring to a plane shoot down, MH-17 is mysteriously routed right over Bes' base - and then SBU tries to frame Bes within hours of the tragedy by releasing the misleading tape. Czech analyst Vladimir Suchan states that "this almost could be a smoking gun" of a false flag attack.

With respect to deception by the Ukrainian government, the investigation by BND [German intelligence] indicated that photos supplied by Kiev “have been manipulated”; however, they did not indicate what photos they were referring to. In any case, if Ukraine was blameless in this affair, why wouldn’t scrupulous honesty be their best policy? At this point, the balance of evidence seems to point to the Ukrainian military – likely a rogue element controlled by neo-Nazis or an oligarch such as Kolomoisky (who when interviewed referred to the MH-17 shoot down as “a trifle”) — acting without knowledge of the central government, as the culprit. Parry cites several speculations regarding the motives of those involved. One theory is that the perpetrators thought that they were shooting at Putin’s plane returning from a recent trip to South America (he just had, but via a different route). Another possibility is that they thought they were shooting at a Russian intruder returning to Russia. But the theory that, according to Parry, is taken most seriously by elements of our intelligence community, is that the shoot-down was intended as a false flag operation which could be blamed on the rebels or Russians. (These intelligence sources believe that the Ukrainian central government was unaware of this plot.) If this is the case, then the ploy worked admirably, as the MH-17 shoot-down was used to justify turning up the intensity of sanctions imposed on Russia – and most Americans still assume as a matter of course that Russia or its rebel allies were responsible.

The most significant development since I wrote this is that the Russian-manufactured BUK whose fragments were found among the wreckage and is presumed to have shot down MH17, was shown to have been transferred to the Ukrainian SSR prior to the dissolution of the USSR, and hence must have been in the possession Ukraine when it became independent. This of course markedly strengthens the case that Ukrainian forces were responsible for the shoot down.


There is however continued speculation that Ukrainian fighter jets also attacked MH17, as maintained by retired pilot Peter Haisenko.

If we take it [a hacked audio conversation] seriously, it casts an interesting light on a once popular theory that Ukrainian SU-25 jets, claimed by Russia to have tailed MH-17 (https://www.rt.com/news/174412-malaysia-plane-russia-ukraine/ - this is disputed by BND), fired upon it. This was supported by the observation that some of the holes in the cockpit of the MH-17 had an appearance suggestive of machine gun fire.


Nonetheless, this theory cannot explain the bulk of the holes in the cockpit, and the conclusion that a BUK missile was mainly responsible for downing the plane appears sound. This hack suggests a scenario in which an SU-25 fired on the jet but was unable to bring it down, in part because, as is well known, it is difficult for such jets to fly at the 33,000 foot altitude at which MH-17 was flying. This might explain a report that the plane veered sharply before it plummeted to earth. As the jet attack had failed in its objective, a BUK missile was required to bring MH-17 down.

An audio communication between deputies of Kolomoisky and of the Ukrainian Defense Minister, allegedly hacked by the Russian Kyber Berkut cybergroup, and cited in my old essay (gosh, this hacked communication is no longer available on-line - wonder why?), lends itself to the view that Ukrainian jets first cannonaded MH17, causing it to swerve, but - because the jets were flying at too high an altitude for their design - the BUK was then employed to complete the destruction of MH17. The fact that the fighter jet theory has received no attention from the Ukraine-organized JIT (Joint Investigation Team) tasked with investigating the shoot down is hardly surprising, since involvement of Ukrainian jets would evidently point the finger at Ukraine as the culprit. Incredibly, this UN-recognized JIT agreed up-front that Ukraine, one of the chief suspects in the tragedy, would have veto rights over the JIT's report.


We are left with a conundrum - was the attack on MH17 a conscious false flag (almost too barbaric to contemplate), or was it a bungled attempt to shoot down a plane carrying Putin back from a trip to South America - the intent being to blame the shoot down on the rebels? The fact that, for unknown reasons, MH17 had been diverted by Ukraine air traffic control to fly right over the war zone near Commander Bes speaks for the former possibility.

The conclusion by the JIT that Russia had been responsible for the shoot down is based on an implausible Rube Goldberg scenario concocted by the "independent investigative group" Bellingcat; it is alleged that a Russian BUK had been trundled into Ukraine (German satellite intelligence has ruled this out, but Germany wasn't invited to join the JIT), fired off one BUK to take down MH17, then returned (by an illogical route) the next day. This narrative is "supported" in the main by photos and audios helpfully provided by Ukrainian intelligence, some of which have been found to be doctored. (Who wudda thunk it?!) The JIT readily accepted Bellingcat's explanation because it is in effect a kangaroo court organized by Ukraine and representing the interests of NATO. (Malaysia does not accept this explanation, as its primary motivation is to determine what actually happened to its plane, as opposed to furthering NATO's geopolitical agenda vilifying Russia.)




Whenever the Western Deep State has a false narrative it wishes to push, Bellingcat can be relied on to concoct "evidence" supporting it. It has been a key perpetrator of the hoax regarding "Assad gassing his own people". In particular, Bellingcat pushed the discredited view that Assad's forces had gassed Douma. It has also been intent on blaming Russian intelligence for the attack on the Skripals.

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The Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, has called the decision by the Dutch-led investigative team to charge three Ukranians and a Russian with murder in the downing of MH17 "ridiculous" and "politically motivated." This, of course, has resulted in vigorous condemnations by the usual US sycophants.

The US, of course, values Russia as a Goldilocks enemy, technically advanced enough to be sold as a threat, thereby helping to justify a ridiculous military budget, but not economically engaged with the US to an extent that maintaining them as an enemy would seriously cut into corporate profits. Every time I look seriously into a main stream media allegation of Russian wrong doing, it turns out to be propaganda unsupported by facts. While I know what is going on, the fact that we are being continuously lied to and the facts that the msm and the "serious" politicians buy into this dreck so readily is a great source of fear and frustration.

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I covered some of this in an earlier essay here:


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@Bob In Portland

Always good to see updates in the essays at any point in time. We're writing a history, here, as objective as we can muster.

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