Even AIPAC knows that its brand is toxic

About half-way down down this article about how the Israeli Lobby was throwing enormous amounts of money to defeat Cori Bush and Dave Bowman, I saw this:

Meanwhile the Missouri congresswoman Cori Bush and her primary challenger, the St Louis county prosecutor, Wesley Bell, have raised comparable hauls, with Bell reporting about $100,000 more than Bush, who has raised $1.6m. Although Aipac does not appear on Bell’s most recent campaign filings, he raised more than $650,000 in earmarked contributions through the group Democracy Engine Inc Pac – a donation platform that allows unpopular Pacs to obscure their donations and lists Aipac as a client on its LinkedIn page.

In Greece, the main opposition party Syriza, cancelled a planned meeting with AIPAC. According to polls, American's opinion of Israel has dropped to 2 decade lows.
A few weeks ago AIPAC had their yearly conference, but you may have not noticed. There was a reason for it.

In past years, the conference has been a media spectacle, with a widely disseminated lineup of powerful speakers to showcase AIPAC’s enduring political influence. This year, however, it was locked down, with few social media posts and broadcast speeches, largely because of the threat of disruptions from anti-war protests.
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If Russia is so involved with US electoral politics,
why Israel is given a pass? The optics do not hold.
Perhaps it is in the same vein as 'defense spending'.
If they spread it out over 50 states, then there is no
push back. With AIPAC, if they spread it out across
the broad spectrum of pols on the take in both parties
there is nonchalance. Feed the beast to tame it.

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will lower Israel's popularity rating further...

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'French theory is a product of US cultural imperialism." -- Gabriel Rockhill

Anyone wanting to support some real America First, deliver a resounding FU to the likes of AIPAC and shake up the Uni-Party might want to consider supporting Dennis Kucinich's independent candidacy in the race for Ohio CD-7.

Don't know much about his Dem opponent, the Republican opponent is incumbent freshman Max Miller - former Trump aide and possibly the most rabid Israel supporter in the entire House.

District leans R by a good margin, but Kucinich has (I understand) a good rep in Ohio and there are plenty of disaffected D's and R's that might support him.

Worth a shot, anyway - anyone here in or familiar with the district?

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