The Elements of Spygate

Originally published Nov 9, 2018

The McResistance is currently in major meltdown mode, owing to their fear that the firing of Sessions is chiefly intended to cripple the Mueller probe. They are, of course, entirely wrong. If Mueller fails to report his findings expeditiously and instead pursues leads wholly unrelated to the stated intent of the probe — to examine “Russian election interference” and Trump campaign collusion in such alleged interference — it is conceivable that Whitaker could jerk Mueller’s chain a bit and refuse funding for these off-target efforts; but Whitaker and Trump would be utter fools to prevent Mueller from completing his assigned mission — and they know it. Mueller has come up dry on “Russian collusion” — and only the most deluded partisans can’t see that already. Interfering with his efforts would only serve to muddy the ultimate public acknowledgement of this.

No, the real purpose of firing Sessions is to install a new Attorney General who will at last pursue indictments of the Obama administration officials who concocted the meritless and malicious Spygate vendetta, the purpose of which was to dig up dirt that could either block Trump’s path to the presidency, or cripple his administration if he nevertheless won. From what we know now, these appear to be the chief elements of Spygate:

Take opposition research, much of which is inherently ludicrous, and dress it up as an “intelligence product” by laundering the slanderous fantasies through a former British intelligence agent; spread the document throughout the intelligence community; leak it to the media to insure that its key conclusions are made public prior to the election — not presented as opposition research, but as an “intelligence dossier”; use it as the chief basis for a FISA warrant targeting a Trump campaign staffer, while feloniously attesting to the judge that it is credible, failing to clarify the document’s provenance as unvetted oppo research commissioned by Trump’s opponent, and illegally omitting exculpatory evidence; and use the FISA warrant obtained against Page to surveil virtually the whole Trump campaign via the “two hop rule”.

FISA's License to Hop - Tablet Magazine

Collaborate with British and Australian intelligence to employ agent provocateurs against minor associates of the Trump campaign (Page, Papadopoulos, Stone) in an attempt to entrap them into a semblance of “Russian collusion” that could be used as the basis for FISA warrants against them. In the process, subject the hapless targets to unfavorable publicity, tremendous hassle, and crushing debt. Still to be learned: Did the Deep State use Papadopoulos’ alleged statements to Downer as the pretext for a FISA warrant targeting Papadopoulos? If so, was the warrant granted or not? Also, was Rob Goldstone recruited (wittingly or unwittingly) as such an agent provocateur when he arranged for the Trump Tower meeting, promising “dirt on Hillary” that didn’t exist?

AGENTS PROVOCATEUR: Did Comey's Informants Fabricate Russian Collusion Evidence?

Encourage British intelligence to spy on Trump officials, and then share their findings with the U.S. Deep State –thereby doing an end run around our Fourth Amendment forbidding warrantless surveillance of fellow Americans. Still to be learned: Was the Trump Tower meeting an elaborate pretext for giving British intelligence a credible excuse for spying on the Trump associates attending that meeting, as was alleged last year?:

EXCLUSIVE: Six U.S Agencies Conspired to Illegally Wiretap Trump; British Intel Used as NSA Front…

(Veselnitskaya was already a target of British surveillance; the claim is that, by meeting with her, Trump Jr. and associates gave the Brits a legal excuse to spy on them as well. The Brits could then pass along this intel to the U.S. This might explain why Veselnitskaya, considered a Russian agent, was granted a special visa by Lynch’s DOJ right before her meeting with Trump Jr.)

Employ unmaskings of communications between foreigners and Americans, at an unprecedented rate, likely with the intent of spying on Trump associates.

Use illegal, strategically timed leaks of Deep State info to the media to tarnish the public reputation of the Trump campaign and presidency, and to provide a pretext for the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel.

Give the Mueller investigation the broadest possible latitude to effectively function as a witch hunt — an investigation in search of a crime — so that Trump associates can be targeted for malfeasances wholly unrelated to “Russian collusion” — or for minor perjuries (not intended to hide an actual crime) during their FBI interrogation — with the intent of squeezing these targets to provide “dirt” on Trump, and also to give Mueller “scalps on the wall” to justify his inquiry in the public’s eye.

And that’s only what we know so far.

Is that any way for the Deep State apparatchiks of the political party in party to treat the campaign of the political opposition, and a subsequent opposition presidency? What sort of horrendous precedent does this set for the future? Regardless of how you feel about Trump — I’m certainly no fan — such behavior is a grievous corruption of our Democracy. And my own favorite Bernie Sanders could prove to be the next target of Deep State treachery if the perpetrators of Spygate are given a pass; goodness knows that Sanders poses a much more principled threat to their pro-war/pro-militarist/pro-globalist agenda than Trump ever could.

If the replacement of Sessions finally enables justice to be served on these perpetrators, it will prove to be a very good thing indeed. But the politicians and so-called journalists who have been banging the Russiagate drum ceaselessly for two years and rooting on their hero Mueller will end up with more than a little egg on their faces. And the Mueller investigation they have put such stock in will have proved to be motivated by an elaborate hoax. Which is why they will do everything conceivable to change the topic.

Nonetheless, the negative ramifications of Spygate for relations with Russia will persist. I frankly haven’t paid a lot of attention to the goings on in Spygate over the last two years because, in my considered judgment, after evaluating much pertinent evidence, I long ago concluded that the Russian government in fact had NO plan to interfere in the 2016 election — at least, there is no credible public evidence supporting this, and a mound of evidence contradicting the Deep State narrative of “Russia interference”.

Every Aspect of Russiagate is an Outright HOAX, Crafted by Paid Associates of the DNC, and Abetted…

And it would have to be a very neat trick for the Trump campaign to collude in non-interference. Which is why I have been laughing up my sleeve ever since the Mueller investigation began.

As I and others have been at pains to point out, Mueller’s indictments of Russians for “interference” are in fact hilarious farces intended to impress a credulous public.

HILARITY ALERT: Moon of Alabama Explains What the Indicted Russian Trolls Were Really Doing

Mueller’s New Indictment — Do the Feds Take Us for Idiots?!

Nonetheless, don’t look for an exoneration of Russia, because the Republicans are every bit as invested in the demonization of Russia as the Democrats now are — indeed, the Republicans traditionally are the more enthusiastic Cold Warriors, as they will spare no effort to further feather the nest of the military-industrial complex, to the decided detriment of the real needs of the American people. Hence, whether the whole truth on the Russiagate fiasco will ever become clear to the general public is very much in doubt.

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