Democrats rediscover the peace movement

Today's election must be really close, because for the first time since the 2008 election Democrats actually mentioned opposing war.

As Democrats plan for a potential future in which they have control of the U.S. House, lawmakers, candidates and outside groups close to the party are quietly preparing a new push against the overlooked war in Afghanistan.
...So Democrats are considering long-discussed proposals to torpedo the war’s entire legal justification — the sweeping post-9/11 congressional authorization that has been used to support U.S. military action well beyond Afghan borders — and tie funding for the campaign to clearly outlined strategic goals and troop reductions. There’s also talk of using new oversight powers to hold top officials, military commanders, defense contractors and foreign partners accountable for accusations of human rights violations, corruption and political posturing at the cost of human lives. And while party leaders are loath to commit to a particular course, they feel certain this is an issue their colleagues and their political base see as a priority.

Gee, isn't that nice that after TEN F*CKIN YEARS they would consider a "priority of their political base"?
They must be very desperate.

A dramatic but now largely forgotten vote in June 2017 underscored why this is a natural fight for Democrats. House Appropriations Committee lawmakers from both parties voted for the first time for a measure long pushed by war critic Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) that would repeal the authorization. GOP leadership quashed the effort, but it clearly signaled that, after years of worrying about being seen as too dovish, Democrats have reached a moment when even the other party and its voters can seriously consider serious antiwar action.

The only reason I don't just laugh this off is because of Barbara Lee, who along with Gabbard, are the only two Dems that have any credibility at all on this issue.

Meanwhile, there is a serious push for peace in Afghanistan.
It just happens to be coming from Moscow.

The Taliban will send representatives to multilateral talks in Russia on war-torn Afghanistan this month, the militant group said, as the international community ratchets up efforts to end the 17-year conflict.

Moscow announced Saturday it would host the meeting on November 9 to discuss ways to kickstart peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban.

In a statement posted on social media on Tuesday, November 6 the Taliban said it would dispatch “high-ranking” representatives from its political office in Qatar.

“This conference is not about negotiating with any particular side, rather it is a conference about holding comprehensive discussions on finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan quandary and ending the American occupation,” Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said.

Pakistan would “definitely” attend as well.
In fact, everyone of importance will be attending the peace summit in Moscow, except for America.
The U.S. is still trying (and failing) to get peace talks going in Qatar.

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As long as their corporate (finance, "defense," and other imperialist) sugar-daddy/campaign donor sponsors approve.

Not holding my breath.

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in the 14th C. Parliament was less than enamoured with regard to Hundred Years' War spending.

But given the billions spent/invested by the modern 'defense' industry/donors, I very much doubt that our now friendly 'Democrats' will pull the plug.

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from a reasonably stable genius.

But now that Trump & the Rthugs are in charge they are for peace. They know they can't deliver so nobody worries about actually ending anything. Just more BS IMHO.

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chuck utzman

TULSI 2020

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At a strip club then the Democratic Party becoming anti war. (and I'm an athiest...)

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stake here, and it will only lst until a Dem takes the White House. Remember? There was some anti-war feeling when it was GWB's wars, which all vanished when they became Obama's.

I get a kick out of Barbara Lee, D-Oaktown/Berkeley versus Difi, a gift to the state from SF, being so completely opposite in damn near everything, including this.

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@enhydra lutris  
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