A call for inertia in Los Angeles

This email came in this morning, demonstrating more eloquently than I could why I am not a voter:


The Los Angeles primary this June was a disaster for common sense. Make no bones about it. Sure, more people voted because of a date change in the election, but by and large, common sense voters stayed home.

Frustrated with their city, disenchanted with the quality of candidates, misled by the corrupt press, told that they had to vote for people they didn’t believe in, common sense voters stayed home.

But you know who didn’t stay home? Extreme activists. People who believe we should abolish the police. People who want to support more union power and destroy small businesses. People who believe that every homeless person deserves a free million-dollar apartment while you struggle to make ends meet. And because common sense voters stayed home, there’s an activist in every single runoff race this November. They’re not just in the race, activist candidates are in the lead.

But you have a chance to change the narrative. To save this city. Rise Together stands for common sense and common ground, not extreme activism. We need you to show up. We need your help to spread the truth and spread the word.

Join us with big plans this fall – we have a plan, and we need you.

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In short, get active to stop "activism"

Label versus label Jibberish rules in this loony era.

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Support your class interests! We know you don't give two hoots about anything besides the fact that your 3br 2ba is worth $1.1 mil and rising, and that you just love to step over those dying bodies on the way to work. How dare those Starbucks people demand a living wage for serving you your morning coffee! If you send us your dark money, we will donate it to candidates who make sure those extremist masses know their place!

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"The future is inside us/ It's not somewhere else." -- Radiohead

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Label versus label Jibberish rules in this loony era.

The only common-sense label applicable to this Jibberish mess is that of Rhino/Elektra Records!!

Remember, this is California.......


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"US govt/military = bad. Russian govt/military = bad. Any politician wanting power = bad. Anyone wielding power = bad." --Shahryar

"All power corrupts absolutely!" -- thanatokephaloides

The opposing labels assumed by this email were "common sense" vs. "activists." "Activists" are deemed to favor abolishing the police department --a reference to the bizarre boomlet to "defund the police" of 2020. I contended at that time that it was a false flag poison pill, devised to create this very specific backlash. IT also takes a substance free swipe at unions along with the overwrought assertion that "activists" want to give million dollar housing to the homeless while destroying small businesses -- a preposterous exaggeration of the silliest of proposals actually made by anyone, no matter how woke or crazy. Of course there is nothing new about political bullshit exaggerating the opposition's positions. What got my attention from this bit of old fashioned tub thumping was the nomination of "activist" as an epithet couched in a solcitation for activism on behalf of common sense. Irony never sleeps.

The entire pitch is incoherent. I appreciate the effort to derive a coherent class based message from this babbling nonsense as being accurate, but that aspect of the email is obvious and banal.
What I get in my inbox from the activist "side" in electoral politics is just as cartoonish and incoherent.

That's why I quit voting, not because wingnuts are full of shit. They always were and still are now that they have claimed ownership of "common sense," the latest version of The Silent Majority. Nowadays thieir opponents have Trumpism to Trumpet as The Other.

Politics now is about what sort of person you deem yourself. Label v. label. Jibberish rules electoral politics. Thats why we are trying to "weaken" Russia by destroying our own economy and we will probably see Trump running against whatever clown the Dems put up in 2024.

Count me out of the exercise.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.