Bloomberg Offering $6k for Field Organisers

I'm sure if any of you have participated in campaigns other than comments on the net you've met paid Field Organisers before. Obama had a gazillion of them here in 08, Bennett had quite a few in 10, and Obama to a lesser extent in 12 as our state was a more sure bet. They are always in the offices, organize group canvasses, generate lists for people and maps, do trainings, etc.

Used to be they'd go to a couple weeks of training, then get on the payroll for three thousand, this election it's $3500 for Warren or Sanders. Probably experienced folks get hired right away.

I don't think I need to go into what I don't like about Bloomberg, it's a lot, and I don't want to piss anyone off, maybe you like some parts of his schtick, I don't.

Just goes to show what money will buy. I'd bet even if he gets less than enthusiastic workers he is denying them to other candidates.

Sucks big time.

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to sabotage the primaries by buying the field organizers and making it hard for others to organize their campaigns, especially Sanders.

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that by the DNC-Obama-VA combined campaign in '08. And, I sure as hell didn't do it for the money. He's trying to buy leverage, and additional insurance to stop Bernie at the Convention, not the nomination. The White House would be a step down for the likes of Michael Bloomberg.

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is actually our dimension?

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"Scab of a nation, driven insane" -- Frank Zappa

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@Cassiodorus This past Sunday the tv was on and some political show (I think it was Face the Nation) started to come on. I saw the opening part where it showed everyone they would be talking about. They showed almost every one of the candidates - even drop-out KH. Guess who they did not show? So, before turning the channel, I yelled at the tv, "Y'all would rather eat your own sh*t than to admit Bernie Sanders exists." Then I thought for a moment and amended my statement, "Y'all would rather US eat OUR own sh*t than to risk having Bernie Sanders for president!" My husband (not a political bone in his body) nodded in agreement at the second statement.

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Is it great yet?

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Love it. We're talking sabotage on this Chapo Trap House thread:

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“I’m a Michael Bloomberg campaign volunteer who would like to talk to you about how Bernie Sanders is the candidate you should support.”


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Ahem. Clearly, sir, you should not vote for Bernie Sanders, because Mr. Sanders is going to make M4A the law of the land, and real Americans like yourself simply love big insurance companies too much to allow that to happen.


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Great idea.

I have a master's degree. I worked for the Obama campaign in 2008 as part of the Organizing Fellows program, I can name names of contacts from that experience who aren't even fake for my application, and considering I currently pump gas for a living I would consider being called "mediocre broke leftist' a compliment. I sent my application and will do my duty to help get America a president far better than Obama turned out to be.

If anyone needs a reference, just PM me your age and first name and ask for my personal phone number and real name. I will PM back the details you need for a reference along with where I remember working with you. FYI I am fat, ugly, and old, please don't abuse my phone number if I give it to you.


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Thank you for your service


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If anybody actually has the courage to do this and gets the job, 100% HMU and I will help you make pitch decks, persona maps of imaginary Bloomberg voters, any fucking piece of management consultancy griftwork, you name it.

Bloomberg's NYC's been scammed before:

CityTime Payroll Scandal a Cautionary Tale

A billionaire "savior," endorsed by the DNC and having kissed the hand of Queen $hills, deserves to be riddled with all kinds of hijinx and subterfuge.

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