Big H/T to eyo: Transcript of Laura from Alaska call to Tim Black

When I posted essay recently with a link to the video from Tim Black's call in show featuring a call from a wonderful lady named Laura from Alaska, Mark from Queens asked if anyone could do a transcription of what she had to say. Eyo volunteered to try and posted her transcription in the original essay. The call lasted over 24 minutes and presented a daunting task, but eyo took it on and did an excellent job.

I am posting eyo's transcription here as a stand alone essay so that those who may wish to save it can do so. Please note that Laura from Alaska did make some errors of numbers in her speech. Those are not typos in eyo's transcription, and they do not diminish the power of Laura's words.

Thank you again eyo! Below is eyo's most excellent transcription:

907. 907 you're live, what's your name and where are you calling from?

Good evening young man my name is Laura and I am calling from the great state
of Alaska, can you hear me?

I can hear you just fine Laura, what's on your mind?

Well I was born in 1945, my father was born in 1915. I grew up with a
grandmother who was born in 1892, and I have history(?) beside me. And before
there was technology we didn't know about a lot of things until the mail would
get across the world, ya know? And then this thing came along called the radio,
and they weren't saying... nobody was worrying about whether they were a
Republican or they were a Democrat, they wondered if you were a good neighbor.

I could remember back when I was young there was a man he was very very mean
to people, and hurtful, but at seventy below zero his cabin burned down, and
everybody from the entire community came and we rebuilt his home. We knocked
down trees and we rebuilt his home in two days. We didn't ask if he was a
Democrat, we didn't ask if he was a Republican, we didn't ask what he could do
for us, we already knew he didn't like us. But the fact was he was a child of
the universe, and he wasn't going to freeze because we didn't like him or he
didn't like us. What we've gotten away from is, we've gotten too smart for our
own damn pants.

People look at a computer screen and they don't look at people in the eye
anymore. They don't see each others heart.

50% of us live at or below the poverty level, most of those people, 44% of
those people work for a living, and are(?) homeless... and out of those 50%, 35% of
those are children, and I remember the days when there were... when you hunt
for your food and you garden and you put up your preserves, and you didn't
have but one pair of shoes, maybe two. You took care of one another, you were
brother and sister, it didn't matter what your skin color was.

I've traveled this world and I've lived in 44 out of the 50 states. I was a
protester during the '50s '60s '70s and '80s because I could see where this
world was going to once Nixon took us off the gold standard dollar, and put us
on the oil dollar, the petro dollar. We got in bed with the Saudi Arabians and
we decided between the Saudi Arabians, The United Kingdom, France, that we
were going to divide the African nation up of all of its wealth.

And who came out ahead in the World Wars, it was the United States. Why?
Because the Russians, the Russians lost twenty five million regular people
fighting with nothing more than shovels, and what they could put their hands
on against tanks. And in New York city we turned away the Jewish people
and returned them back to be killed. We had to be drug in to that war, and at
that time the Russians were our allies, and they put their blood on the line
for us, and they put their blood on the line for the world because the Germans
almost won.

Now look at us. We have abdicated our constitution, our Congress has abdicated
its constitutional duty to be the only to ever declare war upon anyone. We're
the only country that has ever dropped an atom bomb, not once but twice on
humanity. And now we pimp ourselves out like whores in to any country, because
ever since 9/11 the Congress has not ever once said we were at war. We have
gone in to each and every one of these countries; Iraq, Iran, Kuwait,
Afghanistan without approval, those are illegal wars.

Right now Syria and Iran are sovereign nations, we may not like how they are
run, but they are sovereign nations and we've got not one thing of proof that
nothing bad has happened by them men. We bought... nobody mentions it, the day
of the so called last chemical bombing, that Israel had two of their own
fighter jets there, and bombed the same area supposedly that had the chemical
attack destroying evidence. And then the people who were supposed to, the
weapons inspectors were supposed to come in, we bombed the day before. Still
no proof. Last year when it happened, even Mattis said three months ago we had
no evidence.

Do you know why we're in Syria young man? We're in Syria because it's the last
spot in a large pipeline that runs all through that area like a triangle, and
Russia and the United States and the UK are fighting over who gets to have the
liquefied gas and the oil. Those so called moderate rebels, they're not
moderate rebels they're ISIS Al Nusra, and we, we the United States pay them
to go in overthrow Assad because twelve years ago, you can look it up online,
when Christine Amanpour went online with him and interviewed him and said "You
know they're coming for regime change on you."

Now this is twelve years ago, the next step was, what was supposed to happen
with those two Israeli jets is they was expecting the Syrians or the Russians
to shoot one of them down and they didn't do it. 'Cause had they shot them
down then we'd have the legal right under Article 5 of the United Nations to
go in 'cause Article 5 states if you attack one of our people of the United
Nations then you attack all of us. Right now we are committing war crimes
again and have been since 9/11. No one has ever brought that up.

Obama, he extended wars. Obama is a gentlemen whom is very smart, well spoken,
but CitiBank was handed his entire cabinet. And this has always been about
who's got the minerals and who's got the oil and who's got the gas. Has
anybody ever asked why has our country supplying information, ground support
air support to Saudi Arabian jets that are bombing Yemen, and have been for
five years. Because Yemen has... and we even have a naval blockade there that
doesn't allow for any aid to come in to help the most. These people are
starving to death and they got the worst cholera outbreak because Yemen
happens to have the only port for both of those pipelines to come out, and
that's where the liquefied natural gas will then be taken to the UK and the
United States and we're trying to keep it out of the hands of China.

So, you've got in the United Nations only five countries that will not ever be
brought up on charges for war crimes, and that is number one the United
States, number two the UK, France, and Israel, and Saudi Arabia. What doesn't
look funny there? Saudi Arabia happens to be one of the worst offenders of
humanity, crimes against humanity besides the United States.

The United States has over one thousand military bases across the world, and
that's not even including lily pads(?). We have had illegal wars ever since, even
before Vietnam that were lied to. And when Nixon took us off the gold standard
we were the only country that had done so at the time. We made a deal with the
OPEC, then created the OPEC nations out of Saudi Arabia. And what the petro
dollar means is this: In order to have the oil they have to change their money
in to American dollars because our... uh it's an illegal bank by the way, the
uh... oh I'm sorry. I'm old honey and I'm tired.

The Federal Reserve is an illegal bank, look it up it's not even allowed. It
was created in 1914, and then in 1915 the IRS was created. Before then you
didn't need permits for your land to build, you didn't need permission to get
married, all the bullshit that they do now. But the fact of the matter is is
we're broke, we're broke. We owe China well over 800 thousand dollars because
of Nixon. That's why they flooded our entire... WalMarts, everything is from
China. Now the fact of the matter is we're still in Afghanistan, there aren't
any terrorists there, there haven't been any terrorists there and we're never
getting out of any of these places.

I want to ask America this: If the Democrats thought, and still stay, that
Trump is so crazy and so unstable and saber rattling and war hawkish, which he
is, why in the hell did they go ahead and vote to give him 700 thousand, 700
trillion dollars, and another 80 trillion dollars extra for war? Why did they
go ahead and help expand his powers to spy on his own people? Edward Snowden
told us that this was going on, well now it's even worse. It's beyond worse,
they actually make televisions through Toshiba and a few others that use your
own... those smart TVs where you can plug your phone in and and all that, that
listens in on you. My own phone listens in on me.

And when Obama took the linchpin out of the um, it's called the um, not the
constitution, the Bill of Rights, of suspending Habeas Corpus which means that
they can throw you in prison without any charges, indefinitely without any
kind of representation through your lawyer. There's no lawyers they just grab
your ass and you're gone and they don't know where you're at, okay? Black
sites. This isn't conspiracy theory bullshit, this is real. So if they can do
this to American citizens then right now in Seattle Washington they are
writing it in to law, that if you happen to be protesting, which happens to be
your First Amendment right to do so, peacefully protest. Let's say Wells Fargo
did its umpteenth bullshit thing to us, and we decide we're going to go down
there and we're going to go downtown here and I'm going to picket that they
took my money and they opened up credit cards in my name, ruined me, well
that's now called being an economic terrorist. Use the word terrorist and you
are now in a site where nobody finds you. We got private prisons built for
this stuff now here in the U.S..

Now here's a good one for ya, Mike Pompeo, Mr. 'I believe in the apocalypse',
'cause he believes so much in Christ of course, coming back to god obviously
needs his help, right? So you got Pompeo going to be Secretary of State but
before he was even Secretary of State he was sent over to North Korea. The CIA
went right over to North Korea, not as Secretary of State he went over as a
CIA man, now the woman who's going to take his place is wanted in Germany and
cannot leave this country, why? Because she's a war criminal, she kidnapped a
man from Germany, the wrong man, and took him to Taiwan and that's where they
tortured him. And they couldn't get anything out of him because he didn't do
anything wrong, they dropped his ass back off, alive. I don't understand that
one, but thank goodness. She can't leave but she's going to be the head of the
CIA. He, the head of the CIA is now the head of the Secretary of State, and
they happen to just leak 'oh hey, guess who's running for Democratic seats
here in mid-term, ex-Military ex-CIA and ex-Department of Defense people.
They're running for Congress and running for our Senate, so we're going to
have a Senate full of CIA, we're going to have a Congress full of them, we're
going to have representatives full of them, we're going to have a head full of
them, and we're going to have a guy who believes he's going to help bring in
the rapture along with this crazy nut job, Mr. Mustache I keep wanting to call
him Porter but it's not it's Bolton, he ain't met a war you know, that he
never loved.

Our country's in some deep shit people, we are the terrorists. We're the
terrorists! You don't know that because you ain't young enough or old enough
to remember. You never knew people that were old enough to understand and see
and show you and tell you. Your schools don't teach you nothing. When Hitler
lost we took all of that information and we used it ourselves. Now, we have
over 90% of this earth covered in our own military and the only reason no one
stands up to us is we're the only one crazy enough to blow everybody up. Now
we're for sale, our military's for sale, and if you don't believe me John
Kerry got in front of the Senate, it was on Jimmy Dore's show and he showed
it, where he stated Saudi Arabia put the money on the table and said, hey you
take out Syria and Iran for us and we'll pay for the whole thing. The
congresswoman who asked him in return was "well what kind of money are we
talking about?" The man started to giggle he says "Well ma'am it's quite a
bit." So our military is for sale.

You want to talk on your cell phones, every six months they make them new
ones, it needs lithium. Who's rich in lithium? Oh I don't know, Afghanistan?
How come we're in a country in war and we don't know about it until a young
beautiful black man is killed and his life is smeared all over the media and
nobody knows that we've been there for five years. We've whored ourselves to
the highest bidders, and every country fears us because we drone their
children, who don't even go out... don't even know what blue sunshine looks
like. Why? Because drones can't come out when it's cloudy they can't see you.

So we better get our shit together, we better get it together real real fast
because our day's coming up. We're only 250 years old, there are dynasties
older than us waiting on us, they got nothing but time. And someone's going to
turn around and bloody our nose, and knock our dick in the dirt. So we better
stop worrying about things we can't control and we better start getting some
math together. Everyone talks about this 1% versus 99%, well y'all been
brainwashed to think that 99% of you are just nothing, that you have no power,
that you should be afraid. Well guess what? If 99% of us showed up on our
Washington, they work for us, we rolled up in our wheelchairs us old dying
fuckers, you put us up first. You take us up in our wheelchairs four or five
deep and you put it online, and you put it up there to watch it. You watch the
country, let the world see what our country does to its own people. They'll
say to shoot us down, tase us, throw us in jail, do whatever to our old bones
because honey we ain't nothing but dirt anyways. And the rest of you 99% get
up off of your asses, quit fighting with each other, you take back your
country because they sure as hell ain't gonna give it to ya.

The three top highest richest men in America, Jeff Bezos alone could take one
third of his income, the richest man in the world and end world hunger. What
does he do? He grinds his people to the ground to the point where they wear
little wrist thingies that vibrate and make them go faster. They're making
them pee in places... he has ambulances waiting outside of his thing, making
sure that... hey they passed out? Take 'em to the hospital, 'why should I spend
money on air conditioning?'

I want to leave you with this, the 28th Amendment: Congress shall make no law
that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally
to the senators and representatives in Congress, and they shall make no law
that applies to senators and representatives that does not apply equally to the
citizens of the United States. So that's your key people, if they're going to
spy on you, you turn around and say okay fine, then it's okay for me to spy on
you. You want to make laws where you can put me in jail without any cause and
without any charges? Well I charge you.... officer, take him to jail. Start
getting smart before they change our constitution to the point where it's not
even worth wiping your ass with.

I'm sorry I got uppity with my mouth, but I got grandbabies and children that
deserve as much as everybody elses worlds grandbabies do. Peace. We all, the
whole world deserves peace. We deserve clean water, we all deserve to be
treated like decent human beings and not like cattle. And they're not going to
take another penny from any of us. Stop paying your taxes, stop doing whatever
it takes to make that machine run. You don't have to be violent, you just have
to make the world see that we are not what we say we are. We are the biggest
hypocrites around, and if you're going to sit and fight with your neighbor
about being Republican, or you're going to fight over them being a Democrat?
They're both the same wings of the same greedy bird. So how about we fly it
the way we want to, not the way they say we're supposed to. Either that or we
clip the wings of that bird and we put it in a cage.

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And that bird is capitalism. Either it dies, or we do. We can't go around pretending capitalism can be controlled or regulated. Even if it were to be regulated, such regulation would be fleeting and the cappies would just put a stop to it in a few decades at best anyway.

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Modern education is little more than toeing the line for the capitalist pigs.

Good morning c99ers! You all were busy while I was sleeping. I hope the english majors in the crowd can read along and correct any mistakes they see in the transcription. It should be copyright Laura in Alaska I think. Her name should go along with every part. Cheers gulfgal98!

I never even looked at the Closed Captions because the Auto-CC usually sucks. Thanks Snoopydawg for reminding me, but I don't capture the CC data when I download to my hard drive. The video can be remixed with proper Closed Captioning if the robot one is too silly. That would be cool. And i10n why not? Internationalization is the word in Free Software for multilingual transcribers. Worldwide epiphany.

This is the one part that stands out and pisses me off bigly. We are the terrorists!:

When Hitler lost we took all of that information and we used it ourselves. Now, we have
over 90% of this earth covered in our own military and the only reason no one
stands up to us is we're the only one crazy enough to blow everybody up.

everything is a rich mans trick

Have a nice day.

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we are the terrorists.

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I very much appreciate getting your transcription. And thanks again to to gulfgal for bringing Laura to our attention.

That is the part that creeps me out the most too . . . "we are the terrorists." True that.

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"Make dirt, not war." eyo

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@eyo This was a major undertaking on your part and you did a fantastic job of it! Good

If I had tried to transcribe it, it would have taken me forever due to my horrendous typing skills. What you did is to allow us to save this to our own files in case the video gets lost or taken down. YouTube has messed with Tim Black in the past.

I am sorry missed your post last night. I am on the east coast and go to bed early because I get up very early to walk. This morning I saw a pm from snoopydawg letting me know about your transcript. I felt it would be easier for folks who wished to save it if it were posted as a stand alone. I hope you do not mind my doing so.

Thank you again for all your hard work in preparing this transcript. Dirol

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~Dr. Cornel West

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." Sun Tzu

@gulfgal98 at least I can contribute something here instead of petro dollar money. Heh. I am no pro, but did transcribe quite a few Bernie videos at the other place in the BNR. That's how I learned the difference between Auto-captions and real Closed Captions on the youtube. It's good keyboard exercise, but what happens is the words get all up inside me and then they live there. It's worth it.

C99 Transcribers group of one just formed, so go on. It looks like it took me about four hours to do twenty-four minutes haha! I need the practice. Also, I was hoping someone could tell me where to put the commas and ellipses and stuff. I am not very confident in the english skills department. Thanks for the praise, it is encouraging.


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@eyo I'm not an English major but it looks and sounds great to me. The essence of Laura's words comes through and that's the important part.

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@eyo I truly appreciate your work doing this.

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per my editing experience, as this was never published in print form.
And to add full formal typographic details would be out of place with Laura's way of speaking.
So, in a sense, after Tim Black's presentation (add a link?) you are the second "publisher"; all we'd need to look for might be spelling errors.
Other changes could be made, but if so should be in square brackets [like this], the convention used to show that the text there was not in the original. Your "inaudible" comments would be best shown like that -- though perhaps others may be able to hear and fill in the wording.
Is there any way (if it's not presumptuous) to let Laura know she's welcome to write here?
Heartfelt thanks for your work!

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for you hard work.

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I've done some transcribing myself, and it isn't an easy task without the right equipment. Luckily, Laua from Alaska didn't speak really really fast.

Laura from Alaska sounds like a woman who has been doing her homework. Kudos to Tim Black for letting her have her say.

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If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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She said put old sick people, including wheelchair bound, in front and stream it live. They are quite capable of beating and tasing, even shooting us old ones. But seems like it would inspire many of the rest of the 99%. If I could get there, I'm willing to be one of those front line oldsters.

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@Granma And the Good 'Muricans will go along with it like they always do.

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Modern education is little more than toeing the line for the capitalist pigs.

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@The Aspie Corner

For example, in the American South during the Civil Rights movement.

"When official oppression and unofficial brutalities against disciplined and courageous became especially severe Southern white communities and even the pro-segregationist leadership sometimes split, and significant sections among them counseled moderation, concession to the Negries and a halt to the brutalities. Sometimes these defection began to operate behind the scenes before they became public.

MLK perhaps dramatized this to the fullest when he agrred to have young schoolchildren, who wanted to be part of the movement, be on the front line of a march. When they were treated so roughly by the police the people watching it began to side forcefully with the protesters.

The book is loaded with examples of this kind of stuff. Check it out, "The Politics of Nonviolent Action: (Part Three) The Dynamics of NonViolent Action." The excerpt is from a passage of great examples on pg's 667-671.

I love that idea. Thanks for highlighting it, grandma.

Wish I had could more time to transcribe or copy passages; I'd do entire books like these. They're so full of amazing info and not readily available online. (Maybe I should ask eyo again...heh) Our resident transcriber - how kick-ass is that!

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"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:


- Kurt Vonnegut

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@Mark from Queens it was the elderly and the clergy who volunteered to be arrested. Those of us in our later years have nothing to lose. Our local Peace vigil when it was operational, consisted of people who were all in their 70's and 80's, except me.

Many people would be surprised at how many older people would gladly be a part of something like this.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~Dr. Cornel West

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." Sun Tzu

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I went looking for this on The Tim Black Show site and could not find it.
I couldn't find it on youtube either.
I'm going to try to post this at Breitbart where I think it will be well received.
And thank you Gulfgal for finding this and posting it here.

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@earthling1 to the video on YouTube in case you wish for it. I am not going to embed it, but instead just post the link.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~Dr. Cornel West

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." Sun Tzu

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And I read it again in this wonderful transcript that our generous eyo produced for the community. (The paragraphs fall perfectly. Her pacing came across just right.)

My first reaction on listening to her narrative was great relief. She didn't veer off into any cul-de-sacs. She bore witness to realities she talked about, and suffered the consequences of our rogue state, with a measure of political awareness. But mostly I was impressed at how very informed she was. It's hard to maintain some faith that there are regular people outside the DC Beltway who know the score, and can explain it coherently.

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A big thanks to gulfgal98 and eyo for providing the video and text. Very much appreciated!

I am serious about this. Laura mentions laws for citizens and congress. I realize they aren't applying for food stamps or cash assistance, but they are on the government dole. If they want citizens to be drug tested to receive assistance, then they should, also, for receiving their paychecks.

I read an article this morning on WotB or KossacksforSanders re: Credico and the WHCD. He talked about meeting different senators and others that were there. He said Nancy Pelosi was "out of it." Like, is she never not "out of it?" You can't tell me that these assholes aren't doing drugs. What should happen if the test is positive? I don't know, but I'm so sick of this shit. Apparently, it's only marijuana they're worried about, since most other drugs are out of the system in days.

I am serious about trying to create this bill.

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In life, as in dance, grace glides on blistered feet. ~Alice Abrams

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I had to make an account just so I could thank you for transcribing this, eyo. I am deaf and I watched the video and tried to make do with the auto-generated captions. A lot of it was right, but it was hard to follow. So, I am really grateful that you took the time to transcribe.

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glad to have you with us. Make yourself at home.

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@Jen thanks for making an account just to mention your appreciation. I read your comment last night but was too tired to log in, usually I hang around here really early PST, 2am or so. By the time Evening Blues posts I'm a goner. too early girl

Anyway, now I feel that's the best four hours of typing I've done in quite a while. Thanks a lot, and I hope you feel like staying around and chatting. Feel free to ask if you see a video that doesn't communicate properly without sound, I usually block youtube (lol!) so I miss out too. I am happy to help.


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I enjoyed listening the other day and reading today. The transcription is great for emailing to like minded friends....they rarely watch or listen to a 20 something minute piece.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”