Beating on the transgender woman

Twenty-year-old Bree Holloman admits that she was someplace she shouldn't have been, doing something that she shouldn't have been doing.

Bree was in Silver Springs Park in Springfield, Missouri, on Monday evening, along with a large crowd of other people who showed up to watch a fight...actually, it appears, to watch as many spontaneous fights as they could stir up.

Video of the impromptu Fight Club was posted to Facebook, but seems to no longer be available.

I feel like I shouldn't have even shown up, but at the same time, I didn't want to fight and why would they fight me?

Some anonymous attendee shouted out,

Somebody fight Bree.

A man standing near Bree then punched her in the face. Bree than tried to run away, but another assailant grabs her by the hair and throws her to the ground and drags her across pavement before punching her repeatedly.

They want to beat me up because it's like very hard for them to fathom that I am a woman, but they still think I'm a man.

After Monday's incident, she landed in the hospital with a swollen black eye and scraped knees and an elbow. Aside from her physical injuries, Holloman said she suffered emotional ones as well.

I'm tired of feeling like I can't be who I am and walk around. I really don't feel safe in Springfield. I don't feel safe here. I"m trying to move away.


Police say they are "investigating."

As a former resident of southwest Missouri (Joplin), I can't imagine the investigation is going to reveal much.

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I am posting this here in case you missed it. If you saw it and just aren't interested, that's fine too.

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