Are we getting close to scheduling natural world essays

at certain times? There are plenty of photographs showing up now, but for those of us house-bound, or city-bound, or grey-day depressed, would it be nice to try to set up a cooperative schedule? I am not an organizer, but I put this idea out, knowing it's been discussed here re: some people who we enjoyed elsewhere.

To start off this cold May Day (never got to 50 here), I am lazying out, because I found the Audubon Mag article of the recent expedition to Cuba to search for the Ivory-billed woodpecker. I am linking to the article, I found it fascinating and written in a style that might grate on some, but I liked much. BTW, for some reason, this was the first time I had realized where Guantanamo Bay was, on the island. I prided myself two years ago, standing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Cancun to know that the closest below-horizon land was Cuba.

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But I don't know that c99 is busy enough to need scheduling. I'm not seeing it. When things get busier, you just make the topics more specific.

I'm not saying people shouldn't organize timing of publication, just that it's not everybody's thing, and right now there aren't enough essays to get lost in. I do know some people like to know to look for things at certain times, though, and I respect that.

Just my two cents.

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