Album of the Week 6-24-23

Afternoon folks!

Surprise! There are more albums. Smile

Starting out, there's an acoustic blues album from one-man band Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller, followed by another blues album by Little Junior Parker. After that there's the third album by Osibisa (a band from Ghana). Then it's blues-rock time with albums from the J. Geils Band, some members of Foghat between the time that they left Savoy Brown and when they founded Foghat and an album from The Blasters. Then we move on to country rock with a live album from The Flying Burrito Brothers and we finish up with a classical-rock album from Renaissance.


Here 'tis:

Jesse Fuller - The Lone Cat

Little Junior Parker - Driving Wheel

Osibisa - Heads

The J. Geils Band - Ladies Invited

Roger Earl, Lonesome Dave Peverett, Tone Stevens - Before Foghat Days

The Blasters - Non Fiction

Flying Burrito Brothers - Live From Europe

Renaissance - Prologue

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Hey Joe,

GREAT sheet mon! Osibisa and Renaissance were both very interesting... I heard the later, about 50 years ago. Neat stuff.

The real gem is that Fogvoy Savhat album though. It shows what a tight fit those Savoy boys were, and what a phenomenal singer Lonesome Dave was. And he could really play guitar too. He was a Steve Marriot level frontman, A grade.

grazi mille

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