Album of the Week - 5-14-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got a couple of blues albums, a bunch of blues rock and some rock 'n roll for you this week.

There are blues albums by Snooks Eaglin and Roosevelt Sykes, a live album by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, the first two Ten Years After albums and Brownsville Station's first LP.

Have a great weekend!

Snooks Eaglin - Baby You Can Get Your Gun

Ten Years After - Ten Years After

Fleetwood Mac - Jumping At Shadows

Roosevelt Sykes - Feel Like Blowing My Horn

Ten Years After - Undead

Brownsville Station - No BS

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I've stumbled into your Blues Therapy sessions for a few weekends now.

The therapy seem to be working for me; it helps me tone down my analytical side (right hemisphere stuff) and it allows Deep Thoughts to pop through from the left side of the brain.

I learned that the Blues is where music goes to complain about people.

Speaking of Deep Thoughts, I ran across this gem today:


For me, this site has become the Blues Therapy and Deep Thoughts forum — it's cynical, ironic, and painfully real, with weaponized observations and stinging humor — all the things you love.

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joe shikspack's picture

@Pluto's Republic

glad to hear that the therapy is working. Smile

i find the blues to be deeply soothing, even medicinal sometimes. it's the perfect thing to listen to after a week of news like we've had lately.

great quote from the prophet carlin, thanks! i think that he's exactly right.

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Love that early TYA. Leo Lyons was an animal on the bass. It took a player like him to play with Alvin Lee. Alvin was off the charts talented, could write, play, sing, blow the harmonica, amazing vocalise, good as his playing.

Cub Koda never got recognized for how great a player he really was. Brilliant musicologist as well. Dude played in Hound Dog Taylor's band! He was the real deal. Passed young at 51. I think everyone should listen to that "Rumble". It is an awesome version. I saw them once, in '74 as a three-piece, and they were 10 times better than I expected. I was shocked how good, hot, and tight they were.

Thanks for the sounds!

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